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Family Stories


Helping my sister-in-law

My sister in law comes to stay after a break up and things soon get out of hand!

So, my wife’s sister has finally dumped her loser of a boyfriend after two years of the family trying to convince her that he is no good. The guy was a complete moron who treated her so badly and we had all said to her that she is no longer the person she...

Jack T

Wife's Australian Cousin

A surprising turn of events from a visit down under

I’d only met my wife’s cousin Vicky a few times over the 20+ years we’ve been married. I can’t say I warmed to her much. She was a mouthy Aussie, with unkept hair, an out of shape body and dreadful dress sense! But she was family, so when she was back in...


Not into bald pussies

It was a good job Brenda didn't know I was fucking her mother and sister.

I had been going out with Brenda for just a few weeks. At twenty three I was just a few years older than Brenda and I thought she was perfect. She had a great body and a gorgeous face that needed lots of kissing. That along with a big pair of tits I thoug...

Bob M.

Family friend

Monica was stood there in just panties holding the bra that matched.

One of my grandmother's (Nan) friends was a lady called Monica. She was a small lady at five feet two inches tall and several years younger than Nan. She ran her own ladies clothing shop that did all sizes from skinny to way out sized stuff and all types...


Keeping it in the family

Sofie brought Harry as her replacement and Harry brought Brenda

At forty three I had been banging my secretary for a good five years when she came to me and told me that she was leaving. At first I thought that perhaps she had found a better job and perhaps a raise might sort it out. Then she told me, "I'm twenty six...


What started us swinging?

How a day trip with the wife's sister and her husband changed our life

What started us swapping partners and well swinging, was a trip to Blackpool almost 20 years ago I was 29 at the time and my wife Dianne was just 24. We’d been married for just over 3 years and we had an 18 month old daughter, who took up most of our time...

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