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Cold-handed Florence

This took place in my mid to late 20s.

I’d recently moved back to Yorkshire after a spell in London. I was a bit directionless and trying to find a way forward in life. After coming back to the homeland, I decided to become a mature student and study for a degree. I’d been at Uni for about 6 m...


For our young couple the cruise gets more interesting and more dangerous

Here we are again with another sprawling sex-story, this time inspired by the words of someone on this very site who discussed going on a swinging holiday on a cruise. I don’t know who it was who mentioned that but whoever it was…Thank you. THE SHIP’S OPE...


Another step

and how it became a bareback orgy

Irina and I had met Carol and Jeff, and fucked. We eccepted their return invitation. "Are you sure you don't mind Jeff and me?" Irina asked. "Irina, I would be a hypocrite if I minded after what I have been up to." "What have you done?" Irina asked incred...


Holiday fling

Joan was on her back sucking one cock while another fucked her and where was my wife.

I had decided, because we hadn’t managed to get away for the previous two year I would drop my caravan down on the south coast, and my wife and her best friend, Joan, could have a month on the site. Joan drives so once the van was there, they could go dow...

Amanda's hubby.

Holiday romance

A one off unexpected swap.

I’ve noticed that a lot of stories are based on events that happen with strangers whilst on holiday which is what happened to us and why I feel I have to share ours. Our adventure started completely out of the blue. Amanda and I have been married for 15 y...

Another swing with James and Ali

More fun with our friends. Comments always welcome

Our last swing with James and Ali was memorable. We had arranged to meet at a swish hotel a short distance e away, close enough for easy access, but far enough to provide some anonymity. My wife Louise and I arrived early and settled into the luxury two b...

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Wasn't expecting that!

Hotel pool and sauna experience

Couldn't believe what has happened during our staycation. At a nice hotel with pool and sauna. We had been out walking for the day and returned to the hotel and decided to use the pool. We got in the pool and they only other people in there was a couple w...

The secret slut

The secret slut

From a naïve wife to a sex addict slut.

Thanks for sharing some of your stories, it encouraged me to share mine. I’m not going to give my name because no one who knows me knows my secret. My first foray into extramarital sex came about in the most ridiculous way you can imagine. And when I tell...

Kelly T

A married women’s secret life 1

women can fuck for fun as well

I’m a married 36 year old woman who likes sex. I read your stories now and again and am frustrated at how often they are about men and what they get up to. I wrote a short story a while ago and had comments about what a slut I was. This annoyed me, men ar...


What started us swinging?

How a day trip with the wife's sister and her husband changed our life

What started us swapping partners and well swinging, was a trip to Blackpool almost 20 years ago I was 29 at the time and my wife Dianne was just 24. We’d been married for just over 3 years and we had an 18 month old daughter, who took up most of our time...

My First Time

Invited to have fun with a woman in front of her hubby

Ok – here’s my first and I hope you enjoy reading it…. This is a true story… It was a good few years ago and whilst at work I had got into the habit of chatting online with a few friends on msn at lunchtime. My work is highly technical and most of the day...


A New Life. Part 4.

Foreign parts

We were due a holiday. The last one was a disaster. A package tour to what turned out to be an unfinished hotel in a not very nice resort. We were glad to be home. Rather than repeat the mistake, we decided to book just the outward ferry and to drive to t...