High Rise Exhibitionism Masturbation

Playing with myself in the hotel window.…

I travel around the country through work quite a lot and often get bored staying in various hotels on my own during the week. To get around the boredom I have started to take a collection of sex toys and my tablet with me wherever I go.

The fun actually starts on the train on the way to my destination, I pack the toys on the top of my suitcase so that whenever it's opened the toys are there for all to see. Of course the suitcase is opened whe… Read more

Giving wife to John 3 Masturbation

Wife seduced over time and made pregnant…

Following on from our story of 23rd &28th Jan.
Both me and Pam are in just our dressing gowns when John entered. He wished Pam a happy belated birthday, got up to get him a drink and he quickly sat down next to her and handed her one of the presents saying thats for a wonderful time. Pam opened it and found it to be a black dress and we were both really surprised, John said try it on please, Pam left the room to do so, the penny dropped with me … Read more

Wank Buddies Masturbation


All started about a year ago for me, i've been married twice and had never thought of doing anything about my secret fascination ive had ever since i can remember, i really get off watching men wanking. I don't think i'm Bi or gay, even though now that i've wanked and been wanked off by a few men and even had my first oral experience at the weekend. My first experience last summer was somewhat by chance id stopped to have a pee and while i was s… Read more

A little bit of me time Masturbation

A busy lady enjoying some r and r…

Busy lady. Full time full on job. Husband. Teenagers at home. Dog. Varied social life. Frequent good sex.
All of this combined makes for a busy and contented lady.
One of my greatest pleasures now is some simple time out. Time to refresh myself mentally and physically. A little me time. Precious and rare but oh so satisfyimg.
Following a shower perhaps, after I've cleansed my body under the hot water. Enjoyed the feeling of the jets cascadin… Read more

My wife masturbates while sunbathing Masturbation

My name is Nick, I am 26 years of age and, as with many guys of my age group, I manage to stay fairly fit playing a bit of amateur football. I’ve been married to Eva for just over 3 years, she is 29 years of age, slim with 34C boobs. We live in an ex-local authority semi-detached house close to the edge of the town where we both work. Eva works in retail, so she gets two days off each week, but she has to work some weekends, which is a bit of a… Read more

letting wife catch me masturbating Masturbation

I decided I would spark up the relationship a little and see what would happen. What did I have to lose.
We have a lot of glass doors in the property, so I noticed it was possible to see from one room into another if the doors where positioned right.

I positioned a glass door so if you were on the telephone, you could then see around into the hall, where I would be.
I set the door, running back and fourth just to check and waited for the tel… Read more

Caught Wife Masturbating Masturbation

I had gone off to bed earlier but could not sleep without my wife next to me. I looked at the clock at the side of the bed, 2.00am. That is late I thought and I can not here the TV, she must have fallen asleep..
I got up out of bed as quietly as I could and went to the lounge door. It was partially open, so I looked in and saw my wife rubbing her knickers, quite slowly. Obviously my cock went as hard as a rock and I started playing with it, this… Read more