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Gay Stories

Gay erotic stories explore the homosexual attraction between men. These include males who are gay, bisexual or those who have want to settle a long term curiosity.

Planned gay meets or spontaneous encounters; homosexual adventures can start in a variety of casual situations or even unexpectedly during an MMF threesome. Delve into the erotic gay tales and explore the testosterone attraction.

New to gay sex or experienced it before? Share your own behind closed doors confessions with other readers.

My first Gay Interaction

How i was sucked and fucked

Hello, I’m going to tell you a story about the night I sucked another man’s cock. It happened quite a few years ago when we were on holiday with a few couples and after our wives had gone to bed I’ve been talking into the night with a guy I accused of bei...

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On the way back home I decided to pay a visit to a sauna that I had heard about but never tried. I showered and wrapped a towel around my waist and took a look around, The cinema was occupied by two guys who were wanking each other off and the sauna and s...


Brad sank back on the couch next to me, stretching his big arm over the back of the cushion behind me. "I think you'll enjoy this."

In the 70s I was working in the PR department of a record company and part of my job involved running the company's private VIP room at gigs. Some of our VIPs were company executives and some of them were actual pop stars so we always had a security man o...

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Returning to Steven with extras

Great to be back but complicated

After baling out on Steven I had started seeing a married guy called garry I'd met him on a night out and as luck had it his wife was away , so back to mine I was . He was typical married guy a bit over weight usual story wife wasn't giving him what he de...

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I was 18, very fit, 5ft10' tall, virtually hairless save my sparse fair pubes and a good shoulder length of fair hair. I was quite good looking, if I say so myself. Today, I'd be called a twink. It was the early 90's. I had a girlfriend but knew I wanted...

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First time in gay sauna

Sucked and fingered by two old men

Hi this is a true experience recently had. I wanted to experience everything life brings. I am happy with my body average in all ways. I enjoy shaving my balls and trimming my cock hair and making sure it’s well oiled so that it looks silky and smooth bei...

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The Only Gay in Town

You find really good fun in the most unlikely places

THE ONLY GAY IN TOWN I’d worked for seven days continuously on a job in the end of nowhere in Scotland and was looking forward to getting back to base & civilisation so I could enjoy some action at my usual haunts. The firm asked if I could first do two d...

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Toilet cubicle surprise

You never know who's on the other side

This happened a few years ago now, but still makes me smile..... The company I work for used the services of a contractor to provide support when needed. It was the same two guys normally, one of them being a little bit full of himself, and a lot to say....

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Covered in Cum 1

Hot afternoon ....... hot sex

Parked near the woods ..... very hot afternoon yesterday ..... 5 or 6 cars already there, all empty ..... switched off the engine, looked around, couldn't see anyone .... wearing baggy sweat shorts and zip top for the drive ..... now parked slipped off th...

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Love hurts

total submission,

My Friends on here will have noticed that i haven't contributed for a while, Well in truth not much has happened that i think would be worthy of reporting, That was until yesterday Wednesday the 16th August, I still ventured on my weekly cruising outings...

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Singapore Surprise

Forced Public Wank

A work trip to Singapore and had the day off to do as I pleased. Last time there I had found a sauna online and decided to revisit. Around about 2pm on a Sunday and as I pulled up in the taxi I could see a few people entering. So in, paid, locker key, tow...

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A couple of years back 2019 i was 19 , i had been invited and attended a mates 21 st birthday in one of our locals , now ive never been a big drinker but this night i joined in and was downing shots one after another like a boss until about 1030 when my b...

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Mr Bennet's house was 15 mins out of town and as I drove there I wondered if I'd get a tip. His house was huge, dark stone, detached, down a long driveway, massive gardens, more like grounds. He must have heard or seen me coming, he was at the front door...

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I started work the following week, just two days, using their small van to pick up parcels, make deliveries and help out in the shop. Late one afternoon I was alone in the shop with Norman and as 6pm approached he said he was feeling very horny and sugges...

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Tailor Shop Gentlemen Used the 19 yr old

I was happy to let them use me

After the 3 visits to the Tailor's shop to get my suit ..... and the sex I had with the two elderly gentlemen who owned the place I didn't see them again for a few months, no real reason to go back to the shop but I began to miss the sex. I called in one...

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