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Gay Stories

Gay erotic stories explore the homosexual attraction between men. These include males who are gay, bisexual or those who have want to settle a long term curiosity.

Planned gay meets or spontaneous encounters; homosexual adventures can start in a variety of casual situations or even unexpectedly during an MMF threesome. Delve into the erotic gay tales and explore the testosterone attraction.

New to gay sex or experienced it before? Share your own behind closed doors confessions with other readers.

Camping at Sandwood Loch

A pleasant interlude camping in the highlands

At the end of my last year at university I’d finished my last exam at the beginning of June then had an anxious three weeks to wait for the results. I’d nothing to do and very little money. I did not want to hang about college, although there were some pa...

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Hotel Spa Erotica (continuing)

Man to man fun with an older gay guy

Simon was panting and moaning with pleasure as his hot cum spurted onto my chest, while avidly licking and kissing my cock and balls. I was mighty close to cumming myself but was loving the sensation of being edged and of looking down at this horny older...

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Hotel Spa Erotica (continued)

Man to man fun with an older gay guy

At this point, the 'sauna moment' having passed, I started to feel much less bold. Simon seemed to sense that, leaned over to me and quietly said ' it's ok, dear boy, we can just keep chatting and see how we feel'. I nodded and he added, 'I'm in room 10,...

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"Uncle" Tommy

When someone you know so well suddenly sees you in a different light.

An experience I had from long ago. Tommy was some not related to me, but as we called relatives and close family friends Uncle or Aunty, even if they were not. Uncle Tommy was therefore a presence as I was growing up, as my mother was a great favourite of...


My wife refuses to give me a blowjob even though she did before we got married. Just after Covid curiosity got the better of me so I thought I needed to try sucking a cock to see why she did and no longer does. Through a friend of a friend I met a guy in...

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Hotel Spa Erotica

Man to man fun with an older gay guy

As a long married guy now in his sixties, have found myself increasingly desirous of a certain type of older man. Find urbane, well-spoken, polite gay older men very attractive. Am a regular gym user at a local hotel spa and sometimes use the sauna and st...

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East meets West!

Big "Ivan" takes me.

Sometimes nothing happens when you feel horny, you want to suck or fuck and trying to arrange a meet leaves you very frustrated! I have had in the past month 3 amazing experiences, whilst I'm very aware of my wife and her lover Ian she cannot know some of...

Steamy sauna fun

Sexy sauna fun

On a recent business trip to a German city, I made time to visit one of the local gay saunas, which I love to do. The bar was quite busy but I wasn’t there to drink so moved to explore further. Both steam rooms were sadly empty and I found my way to the p...

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A quick fumble

A friend of a friend reveals his true urges

Yesterday I bumped into a friend of a friend who I had no idea was into "Fun" Got chatting, went for a pint, chatted about our mutual mate, still neither of us giving anything away, ( our mutual mate has no idea I must add) We chatted about everything and...

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A Midsummer's Nights Cream

A happy memory of alfresco frolics of horny fun with cocks and bollocks.

Its gone midnight on a warm June night and after a few drinks in town I find my footsteps leading me from the bustling well lit boulevards down a side street then into an all too familiar alley and I feel the usual tight knot of excitement and anticipatio...

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Gay sauna visit in Mansfield

Lots of fun in the sauna!

I had been to the Sauna before in Mansfield a few years back but was too nervous as it was my first time being fully naked in front of other men. It had been an off putting 1st experience, I was eager to try again, and so it proved I had a lot more fun se...

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The Local Lido

A memory of a once busy meeting place, hidden away in plain sight. Now long gone.

Driving past the location where the last public Lido in Notts used to be reminded me of all the summers I used to spend there growing up. However, later on in life I switched allegiance to another location when I discovered a new word: Cottaging. For any...

Friday Night Fun

Oral pleasure

Friday night, works fiished for the werk and it's pub time. Four of us head to our usual bar and we are soon three pints in and its looking like it's going to get messy. Last orders are called and my colleagues call it a night and head off. Now I have a c...

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