Down by the Tyne Gay

We I like playing in a bush…

Well it was Sunday night and I had to do some running around, this meant heading up to Newcastle. I got into Newcastle at around 6:30ish a good hour and a half early, so decided I would have a look under the redheugh bridge see if anyone was kicking around for a bit of fun. No one about I thought am not giving up this quick am going to have a look along the end carpark.
So off I went down by the Tyne dark night and into this dark carpark. There… Read more

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Car park down by the river Gay

Newcastle what fun…

Well it was Sunday night and I was off to meet with some friends in Newcastle.
It's late winter and it's dark early so I wonder if there will be anybody around under the redchiff bridge this early.
So I drive down the side road pull up and have a quick look around before heading into the waist ground ( if you have been round you know where) all clear off I go.
Off through the gap in the bushs and a walk around. Nothing nobody around, it's been… Read more

Top to thinking about dom play Gay

My first time to play as a top, leads me to find I quite like being a littel bossy !…

I should have been working, but well the “work from home” self--discipline slipped! I started browsing online on a few hook up sites, I guess like many of you, there are always lots of waste of timers. Then my wife said she was away earlier that I had thought, boom suddenly Friday could be a full on “not work from home, but play from home “. So that afternoon/evening was looking for some fun.
So I started trying to line up a play. (My pr… Read more

Trapped in the head lights Gay

Working away from home…

It always seems to the be same old same old I should have known better or maybe a case of I should have known more. The bar seemed fine I was just a guy working away from home having a few beers, when a guy starts chatting to in a bar no big deal I suppose. I am just normal sort of guy over 50 balding a little out of condition no catch for guy never mind a lady. After the getting the pleasantries out of the way conversation turns to wives boy did… Read more

Dominant Guys with thick cocks Gay

Bi sucking and fucking…

I had a very horny experience yesterday, took the opportunity to drive to Tockholes and parked up in car park off the main road. Weather was great for Feb and there were 6 cars there 3 of them occupied.
I could tell that the guys were all there for one thing so I decided to drive off left and up the hill slowly to see if anyone followed. Sure enough one car did so I pulled up in a car park further up and was not surprised that the other car als… Read more

My first bi experience Gay

I was working as a carer for a 78 year old who wanted me to touch his cock.…

I had just started a new career as a carer ,my boss had told me that some of the people that we look after can sometimes take advantage of you , and some can be rude some can be very nice, anyway there was this old chap Ron of 78 who needs help in and out of the bath so when I go to his place he lets me in and he goes to his bederoom and get ready for his bath , I have to help him into the bath and the he washes himself while I make him a cup of … Read more

In The Car Cock 2 Gay

Stripped and Tossed by older pervs…

So I went back to the car park a couple of days later when it was really hot and sunny. Soon as I drove in I recognised the car of the older guy and as I passed him he nodded. I parked close by but there was another car between us, switched off the engine and stroked my cock. I was wearing the same baggy sweat shorts and loose zipper top, naked chest, some tight black pants I'd cut a hole in to hang my cock and balls through, and my work boots. A… Read more

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A Lucky Threesome Gay

A lucky encounter in London…

I had to go up to London for a couple of days to deal with some family business so I booked a room overnight with a gay homestay. The place was a flat in Earl's Court. The details gave the host as a retired guy of 65 but when I got there about 7pm I found they were a couple John & Frank, both early 60's. John was fairly tall and slim whilst Frank was shorter and well rounded but not fat.
They greeted me like a long-lost brother and showed me up… Read more

Salesmans Night stay Pt2 Gay


So following on, the salesman had just settled into the bedroom in the B+B after having a few quite drinks with the B+B owner. He turned the light off and stripped off and got on the bed, thinking he have a nice wank before going to sleep. What he hadn't noticed was the B+B owner had quietly followed him to his room and had quietly opened the room door and was peering in.

Mmmmm that looks good the B+B owner blurted out, do you need any assista… Read more

Sales man's night stay Pt 1 Gay


A salesman on the road, had been at a meeting in a town far from home and the meeting went on longer than he expected, so instead of a long dreary drive back home he decides to look for somewhere to stay. After ringing a few local hotels and finding out that they are fully booked, he decides to drive back and see if he can find a b+b somewhere.
He finds a B+B and checks in, the owner a mature old man greets him, shows him to his room, and says i… Read more

The bi side Gay

My first time over to the dar side…

This happened a few years ago before marriage and kids!

When I had my own place I’d always thought what it would be like to be with another guy, so one night on my pc I found a chat site and started to chat with some guys.
This one guy called Mark started to chat with me. He said he lived near by and from there we got on very well.
We chatted for a good few weeks before he asked if I wanted to meet up! I be honest always wanted too but … Read more

Delivery Guy Cums Gay

Nice package at my door…

During the hot summer last year I was ordering things online almost weekly and when they were delivered it was usually the same guy in his white van. I'd watch him come down the drive, and although he was always in a hurry we'd chat every time he dropped something off and I could definitely see a twinkle in his sexy eyes. He was mid twenties, obviously a gym bunny, stubble and short blonde hair and as the summer got hotter so did he, turning up a… Read more

Gay anal spunky creampie Gay

More the merrier…

I love group sex , i love being the bottom , i arranged with a friend to be the taker at a private party for like minded givers .
Im not bothered if their cocks are coloured , thin , fat , big , small all i want is their loads , i wont kiss or suck just fuck my hole and use me as a cum dump.
Dont judge me just fuck me .
I got a call back but the party host wanted me to come as a crossdresser , no problem .
The night before the party i trained… Read more

Blow and Go Gay

Being used…

I was on a well known site chatting looking for someone to meet up with and to have my cock sucked when i came across James, a rather large bloke who looked like he could handle himself. He told me to come round for some fun and lived 5 minutes away. When i got there he told me to follow him into the bedroom no hello no nothing, he took off his trousers and lay on the bed and told me to suck his cock hard, i licked the slit his shaft and balls b… Read more

3 into 1 does go. Gay

I've never been this lucky before…

I don't work Mondays. This particular Monday my wife was going to be out all day. Although married for 30 years, I'm gay in my mid 50's. My wife doesn't know and we've not been intimate for many years. I've met many guys over the years, always a
'At theirs' or at gay saunas. I'm tall, smooth and fairly slim and athletic build. As I've got older I've become an almost total bottom. This particular day I woke horny and sat on my computer on various… Read more

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One off adventure Gay

Bi experience…

Background is I have always fantasied about gay sex even though I have been married for many years. Once during sex in our earlier more adventurous years my wife slid 2 fingers in my arse while she was sucking my cock and I found the sensation amazing so much so that my wife my response a little a little worrying. 2 things since then she had made a few gay references and secondly she has steered clear of my arse though she still enjoys when I sti… Read more

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Not What You’d Expect Gay

Fun at night in the long grass…

When I divorced I became very active on the web searching for guys to meet for fun, usually after work for an hour or so at a location close by. One particular lad agreed to meet me behind the sight screens at a cricket club about five miles away, around eleven o’clock at night.
It took some time to find him as he’d sat in the long grass(out of season)and I had to adjust my eyesight to eventually see his outline against the blackness of the … Read more

2 more bi experiences Gay

Bi experiences leading me to want more…

I mhave st follow up on my previous experiences to tell you of my latest bi experiences.

The first was some months ago at Maidenhead Thicket on a sunny Friday afternoon. I had managed to get away and thought I would go chance my luck and find some fun. I was originally hoping to find some couple that wanted to perform for others and perhaps invite others to join in but was out of luck.

As I was leaving this Asian guy asked me what I was aft… Read more

Sissy Chrissie 2 Gay

Sissy Chrissie entertains his wife’s bull…

......Chrissie held out his little girly purse with trembling hands and as he did so, he heard a cheer from the others in the shop and looking around, felt his face burning with shame and his cock harden as he saw his own lovely wife, openly french kissing XXXX and rubbing his cock through his trousers.
“Do you want a bag?” Said the shop assistant, momentarily distracting him
“He’ll wear it now” he heard XXXX say and again his cock t… Read more

A naked walk with Sir Gay

Led naked along a public byway…

This a short but true recollection of a very recent event.
I have a dominant suck buddy who I love to serve to completion.
To put a little background to this story:
I often travel across Salisbury Plain along the B390 and I found a lovely area for a walk when I stopped for a wee one day. It is actually a public byway which goes North from the B390 and is located between Chitterne and Knook. It starts from a sort of parking area and goes throug… Read more

Workman's Mate Visit's Trainman Gay

He wanted more…

Yesterday I was expecting my young workman to turn up ........ I keep finding extra work for him to do just to have him around but when I was making coffee I noticed another guy in the garden coming to the back door. He said he was J and told me Steve couldn't come by but that he'd try to help me out. I told him what I needed doing, more electrics ..... and showed him down to the basement. Downstairs as we passed my 'studio' he paused and looked … Read more

Busted Gay

First time gay action…

If you have read my stories before u pretty much know what I'm about
Now I'm in my 40s and the action is littke and far between which I'm cool with as my gay sex has always been about having a dark side and I don't need it it in my life but when the opportunity arrives ,,,,

I joined a few gay dating sites back in the day and tbh has not used them for ages and didn't check anymore and the pic I used was not a clear pic of me but rather me hol… Read more

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Three young studs!! Gay


Hi all
my last encounter went down well so thought I would tell you what happened next. If you did not read my last post it is under 'Young Stud has me'.

I was looking forward to to getting a message from Steve and a couple of days later the message came through. He asked me if I was available on Wednesday, which is easy for me as I work from home. I was expecting him to say he would come round but he asked me to meet him and his two mates in… Read more

He wanted to suck me , so i said yes Gay

wife pic…

This is a very true account of something that happened to me about 10 years ago that I have never told or shared with anyone . I had been very single for a while so I decided to join a very well known singles dating site . after a couple of months of pointless go know where meets with variours different women I went online to see if I had any messages and yes I did but this time it was from a man in his 60s , very local to me , his message was st… Read more

1st time sauna fun Gay

My sauna visit…

I've been curious since I was a teen ,but apart from porn have never acted on it .recently I split with my wife and just thought i would try a sauna and find out once and for all .so I plucked up the courage to visit a sauna .I was nervous as hell but in i went .after showering i entered a steam room there were about 4 guys in there chatting i looked around and I saw a mixed race guy with a nice body and I caught his eye .I left there and went to… Read more

Young Stud has me Gay

Sub bottom…

Hi all
I have been reading the stories on here for some time so thought I would share one of my own, which happened to me three weeks ago. Just to be clear this is 100% genuine!!

As background I am 52 and have been married for 20 years. I have always had a bi side but never started exploring it until about 10 years ago when I started meeting tgirls. As this progressed I started realising I liked the feel of cock and even though I am top with … Read more

The cyclist´s helmet Gay

Suprised by older guy…

When Jordi dropped his message into my inbox he peaked my interest. Although older than me he offered me a cock like a good cigar and a gym fit body to boot. His second message attached two photographs backing up his claim, and it was then that we then agreed a meeting on an an afternoon for the following week.

He cycled down the mountain a distance of about 12 miles to my house, and he was so fit he was fresh as a daisy on arrival. Parki… Read more

Workman Cock Gay

Workman Cock…

Couple of weeks ago I got a Company round to discuss an updated Security System. The guy who came to do the quote was the boss, very attractive, strawberry blonde hair, clean shaven, late 20's, obviously worked out. He called round one evening and as we talked about the work that was needed he noticed a room I use as my gym full of equipment and we chatted about that comparing workouts.

When it came to the actual job he turned up last week and… Read more

Used by a man Gay

I was surfing a chat room when I was private messaged by a guy. He was in his late 40’s and there wasn’t much information on his profile. He started asking who I was looking for and we got chatting, and in hindsight I was probably doing all the talking. What got me hot, what I thought I was looking for.

He introduced himself as John and explained that he worked nights at a hotel and was both bored and horny. He suggested that I come over a… Read more

BearPit 2 Gay

So continuing my adventure into the sauna world of bears.
There I was in the bar washed clean towel and being thirsty I asked for a sparkling water when the guy I was stood next to at the bar says " ill get this" and pats the stool next to him for me to sit, I smiled and perched next to him " thanks I said " we chatted about when I came how often , he'd not seen me before nice ass etc , and what he likes to do.
Next thing another large ha… Read more

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