A birthday present Gay

How I helped a stranger celebrate his birthday in style.…

More about my wild years when I was 18. I had been introduced to gay sex by a lecturer at college, and thereafter to his circle of same sex swingers.

There was usually a party every couple of weeks and although there was a core of regulars who I got to know there were always a few new faces. Occasionally I used to get approached at these parties by guys looking to meet up separately and, if I liked them or it sounded interesting, usually agree… Read more

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Morning wood Gay

A wank first thing…

I’m 45 recently divorced and having fun. I’ve started football and squash again and in quite good shape. I play football 3 evenings a week and last weekend went on a night out with some of the lads. We are all over 40 and moat are single/divorced. I was set to share a room with a chap called Pete, a couple of years younger than me but a fairly good player. The night out came and went without incident and as we were in Manchester ended with … Read more

my 1st spitroasting Gay

what a meet i had…

What a day it was I turned up at my usual cruising spot and sat there waiting thinking about may be getting a nice cock to suck or better still getting fucked. A couple of cars turned up but showed no signs they wanted fun or were put off because others were there, 1 driver moved on down the road I decided to follow knowing that if he didn't stop at another parking spot I could in the hope some one else would come. He did stop so drove pass and … Read more

Hairdresser/Barber fun Gay

fun with last client…

I'm a hairdresser/barber, I cut quite a few gents hair, most I'm very professional with although do have a look at their bulges,

The other day that changed, I had an attractive married guy in his early forties come in for a trim as my last client of the day, he sat in the chair giving me a good look at his bulge before I put his gown on, I was very turned on by this guy as his bulge was quite substantional, I cut his hair, while I was cuttin… Read more

A Night with Henry & Edward Gay

Army cock was a surprise…

I’m Simon. This happened to me a few years ago when I had just turned 23.

I was a good looking young guy, gym fit and reasonably handsome, newly gay but not fully out. I had connected with two older guys on a hook-up site. Henry and Edward were in their forties and were both tops, which apparently is not unusual in a gay couple, I have found. Anyway, they invited me to their place in Hampshire for the night and after a bit of back and fo… Read more

One of the best! Gay

Lots of oral!…

Went to the only place I go to looking for fun with men. A46 Coopers Hill car park on left going towards Stroud. Got there 6-30. Quite a few cars. Got out and looked for some action. Couple of time wasters as usual. Saw a tranny I've been with before and went up his car. Very quickly having a good feel around. He pulled his tights down and I started sucking his cock. Couple of minutes and he said he had to go. I think he just didn't want to cum s… Read more

ST8 Guys in a Van Gay

Out Dogging Again…

Last night I was restless at hope and made an excuss to head out for an hour or two to my tennis club. I had no intension of playing tennis but had my tracksuit on with no shorts just some nice jockey shorts

I headed for my regular dogging spot, parked up and waited.

After 10 mins a Van arrived and stopped next to my car "What goes on here m8?" I replied that it can be a dogging layby. "Get any women up here?" no I reply just Bi and Gay guy… Read more

Its not for everyone Gay

My mouth was a cum dump i wanted it bad…

Before i start this story isnt for everyone but when you want something different - you have to scratch that itch -

Over the years Ive got a few fuck buddies on line , a few months a go after a hot sesh with terry a old flame with a big dick and up for anything.

I fancied something different he gave me one of his mates numbers, we chatted on line and after check and double checking he was legit , my plan was i had keys to a caravan that ne… Read more

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More steamy fun Gay

Sauna tales…

Well I thought I’d just tell you my latest adventure at the local sauna in Leeds.

I went on Thursday as was feeling horny for cock , I knew that chances are that it wouldn’t well attended but thought Chance it anyway.
Paid me entrance fee an was soon naked an wandering around as I thought very few guys in but one had a nice body , I smiled at him but he appeared a little shy , so I followed him into the dark room there was only him … Read more

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Missing fun, after my visit to the tyne Gay

Gay fun…

Well I was back in Newcastle for a night seeing friends, I know what's cuming. So said goodbye to my friends and head down to the carpark for fun. It's getting on for about 12ish couple of cars parked up but nothing really going on, so I sit for 2 to adjust my eyes them get out the car and walk over towards the bush's and the river walk then wait.
A minute later hear a car door open the close then the alright voice comes from behind. Yer you and… Read more

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New Furniture (5) Gay

Another fun day at work…

Its nothing about furniture but keeping the title lets me find them quickly.

So after a crazy busy summer I finally get some down time so thought I would treat myself.
So after calling a couple of friends to see if any are available, thankfully one was, i booked a last minute deal online and forwarded the information to him.
a few days later we were in a hotel near Heathrow, due to an early flight out, and finally resting in the room. As pe… Read more

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Post Party Fun Gay

lovely blow job fun…

I only just made it to my platform, a bit drunk and wet thanks to the sudden downpour. Despite not being the last train of the night it was still busy and I found myself standing outside of the main carriage by the luggage. I had forgotten what I was wearing until a voice next to me said, “Christmas party?”
I looked myself up and down, wet through in my red Rudolph jumper and way too over the top but funny matching trousers. I nodded and he … Read more

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My First time at a party, providing the entertainment for a group of older men Gay

True story of my late teens.…

This was many years ago when I was still 18. I have been writing about my time with my Lecturer from college Mr West. He was part of a very active swinging scene of older men who liked younger guys. I had previously met one or two of them as already recounted, but one night that sticks in my mind was the first time I was invited to one of their parties.

We had a lift to the party from a non-drinker, so had had a couple of vodkas at Mr West’s… Read more

French Sauna Gay

A field of Legs…

I was in France earlier this year and popped into my favorite sauna, I particularly like the dark room they have.

I went down the the bottom of the sauna to the dark room and felt my way around, rubbing against other guys and eventually finding myself infront of a line of "Glory Holes"

I stood in front of one of the Glory Holes, allowed my towel to drop and just waited. Next to me was a guy sucking someone through another hole and behind me… Read more

My latest threesome with two guys Gay

Back in the game... with a bang, bang bang…

My last year has been so busy with work, I have hardly had time to have some M2M fun. One or two meets but mostly relying on my large vibrating butt-plug.

Anyway, as things have settled down recently, last week I had one of those rare days when I was available, horny and looking for some fun.

I had been chatting with Steve for quite a while and had always said I would get in touch if I had a free day - well today was that day.

I messaged… Read more

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Cinema Surpise Gay

Unexpected hook up in the day time…

The cinema was deserted which I like, really just to get some time with no people around, it helps me to really chill out. The staff were all busy bustling around doing other things while it was quiet and it was almost a surprise that someone was in. I had some small talk with the lad on the the counter, but took my ticket and went on it.
There was man already in and I sat a couple of rows back from which int his small screen put me right at the… Read more

Return visit Gay

Highs and lows…

I wrote a little while ago about a visit with a friend to a local gay/bi club and the adventures we had. At the time I asked myself whether I would return there. Of course we did!
As before, we met up and drove to the nearby car park and made our way to the club. It was early, maybe 11.00 when we walked in to pay our fee.
We stripped naked, it was ‘naked day’ after all, and made our way into the jacuzzi area for a shower then a dip.
There … Read more

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The Hot Landlord Gay

My Landlord sorts out an issue…

Living in Hillingdon on my own and trying to make ends meet isnt that easy . I was working at a wood yard and all though the lifting and manual work was keeping me fit it wasnt paying well . I had to budget every month for work, rent, food and very rarely socialising so it was about now i chose to stay at home more
I had recently returned from Israel and had a wild time with both sexes but I wasn't quite sure how that hot, hedonistic life style… Read more

Israel Gay

Dutch boys x…

As a younger man, I went travelling around the world. I saw many different countries and had lots of different experiences.

The clearest memory of my travelling experiences came from the time I spent in Israel. I worked in a timber yard with a few guys. It was hard work, but we had a laugh. One of the other blokes, Marco, was about my age and we got on really well. He was a good looking bloke, Danish, slim and blond, and when we sat eati… Read more

Try it Gay

First time anal lovemaking…

Thought it'd be a good idea to share my experience as it may help others, and what's wrong with that?
I've been actively bi since I hit early middle age ( 5 years or so ago), why?, why not really's more like it - always enjoyed looking at other men's penis's in the showers etc, and fantasising when masturbating- so I thought I'd give it a go. I'm self employed, reasonably well off , and because I travel around the NW could easily keep it from my… Read more

A very submissive sub & his partner Gay

A new variation on Turn up, Fuck & Go!…

I mentioned this experience in a comment on someone’s story about fuck and go sex, and was then contacted by a couple of people asking if I would write up my experience, so here it is!

This would have been about 7-8 years ago. At the time I was in my 40s and enjoying quite an active period. Work meant I was travelling all over the UK and abroad, setting my own schedules and dictating my own workpace so it was very easy to arrange to meet wit… Read more

My Lecturer and his friends Part 2 Gay

True story. 2nd part of a night with 3 older men…

This is the second part of an experience I had back in the 80s when I was 18. A lecturer I was sleeping with had taken me to the flat of a gay couple.

We all had a drink and a rest as a couple more short films played. I was sat on the sofa with Mark, and Mr. West on the other sofa with Mal. As we sat there, hard core fucking on the screen, three naked men surrounding me and the delicious smell of sex and cum in the air my cock, which had softe… Read more

Sunday fun Gay

Brief but fulfilling…

I am sitting at home, somewhat gingerly, now. I have just returned from a session with a regular playmate.
We have been looking for some time for a safer place to play but with little success and often resort to our favorite layby where we enjoy a leisurely wank and suck session as often as possible and when the layby is as quiet as we feel is safe.
Today we met up, had a smoke and a chat about general goings on and finding out if either of us… Read more

My lecturer and his friends part I (true story) Gay

A continuation of my true recollections, this time when I eventually got to meet with him and the couple in their pub.…

This a the continuation of my earliest experiences, back at the start of the 80’s when I was 18 and in college.

I had been invited by my lecturer/lover/fuck partner Mr West to go to see a gay couple he was good friends with. They were very much into photography and film, and had quite a collection of hardcore stuff from Europe that was not legal in the UK. The idea was that we could have a night in and watch a few of their best ones together… Read more

My times with my older lecturer 4 Gay

Finding out that I had a bit of a fan club...…

More true tales of what I got up to as a horny 18 year old in college.

I managed to visit Mr. West a couple more times at his flat without arousing any suspicion. The sex was amazing and he was true to his word, carefully instructing me on how to give a blowjob, rimming, take the top and bottom position of a 69. He taught me about erogenous zones and how much pleasure a little pain could be, especially when applied to the nipples. He explained… Read more

My second surprise encounter with my best friend Gay

An aside from what I got up to with Mr West but part of the same time period…

I have been writing up some of my experiences from my distant past in the 80s, back when I was 18. I have already explained how I had received several handjobs from my best mate Ian and ended up getting my first blow job from a lecturer whilst Ian was sitting next to me. If this is the first time reading one of my posts it might help to check those first. You can find them under the story tab on my profile.

For my part, being 18 and horny, I w… Read more

My experiences with an older man 3 Gay

A return to my lecturers flat for more education!…

The next instalment of my affair with my lecturer Mr West. This was back in the early 80s when I was an 18 year old college student. Mr West was in his 40s and had seduced me and a friend, and I had returned the compliment by hunting him down at college on night.

Mr West and I managed to keep our hands off each other during the day, although this was not difficult as, in a busy college, there is never a time or place where when you are on your… Read more

My 2nd Meet with an Older Man Gay

True story…

This is the 3rd part of my experiences hooking up with an older man back in 1980. It took place when I was 18 and at college, and Mr West was one of my lecturers. Ian was my 18 year old best mate and fellow rugby and gym devotee.

After having an amazing night with Mr. West and Ian we did exchanged glances when I had his classes, and I was almost trembling with lust throughout each lecture. With other students or lecturers around though, plus t… Read more

A slut used and abused (true story) Gay

The second visit from my mystery asian gentleman caller…

As I pottered around the house arranging things as my gentleman caller had specified I couldn’t help rubbing my 7inch cock through my jeans. I’d met him once previously, but still hadn’t seen his face and had no idea of his name.
I opened up the sofa bed in the lounge, turned on the fire. I nipped upstairs and fished out the box of sex aids that I share with Mrs. Back in the lounge I laid out the required kit in a neat row:
*1 bottle of … Read more

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Hooking up with College Lecturer Gay

True Story 1st Time with and older man…

I have already written about my first experience with another man, back in the 80’s when I was 18 at college. This was with my then best mate Ian (also 18) whilst we were in his room on our own. Nothing too full on but as a joke he had touched my cock and this had led to him wanking me off that night and on several occasions since.

I had always had a thing for older women but now my masturbatory fantasies became almost always about gay sex,… Read more

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