In the Woods Gay

Meeting guys…

I went some months ago to what I thought was a dogging site. I'm married but things at home meant there isn't any sex going on, so I thought why not.
There seemed to be a few guys ambling about but no sign of women. I came across a guy completely naked who beckoned me over. I dropped my shorts, the guy fell to his knees and began sucking me off I thought who cares and shot my lot into his mouth, he was fine with this.
On future visits similar s… Read more

Truckers Tart Gay

My best Bi Fuck…

This is a true story that happened a couple of days ago

I had been corresponding with the guy for a few months but we had never been able to meet until now.

I contacted him and found out that he was going to be close to where I was working a few more messages and it was agreed that I would meet him at his truck on a nearby industrial estate.

My heart was in my throat as I pulled up next to the truck this had to be the right one as it wa… Read more

Suck slut i know my place Gay

Big , small , fat , thin , any colour i want their load…

I love sucking cock , facial or swallowing i love it , my friend arranged for me to get my oral fix , we were meeting up in a friends seaside holiday flat not far from brighton.
My normal attire was a gimp mask , bare chested and shorts with my arms tied to the chair i was sitting on .
I got ready in a adjoining room them my clients came in , through my gimp mask there was about 6 maybe 7 guys there.
Lots of verbal abuse which turns me on call… Read more

A very special friend Gay

An unexpected moment that was so wonderful and special…

This experience happened to me when I was quite a bit younger than what I am now. I used to spend a lot of time hanging out with my friends at their houses. We would chill out and play on the games console, perhaps watch a film or the footy before calling it a night and crashing on the sofa.

However when I did this at one particular friends house, instead of going to their room and leaving me on the sofa, they would instead decide to stay wit… Read more

The Wedding part 3 Gay

the party was almost over........…

I wobbled my way back through the gardens feeling more pissed than I thought I was. The party had pretty much finished, the disco had stopped and most people had gone. I couldn’t see Mike or Bill and the staff were starting to clear away. the function room. I needed a piss so weaved down a deserted corridor and went into the Gents. I stood swaying at the urinal for a bit, unable to piss and feeling my cock thicken in my hand as I thought back o… Read more

The Wedding part 2 Gay

I left her in bed and went back to the party......…

When I got back down to the bar the party was still in full swing. I found myself a drink then wandered outside. I saw the two old guys chatting with their wives at a table and wondered if their other halves knew what they got up to. I rolled one of my occasional ‘special’ cigarettes, and wandered down further into the gardens. I'd just got to a more secluded part of the garden to light up when the shorter of the two old men came over and sta… Read more

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My first with a more dominant man Gay

I wanted more than a fumble.....!…

I had met a few guys off various chat sites as I started to finally explore my bi side. Most of them were married guys like me. Those sessions were over all too soon, nothing more than fumbles and the occasional suck which usually ended when I made the other man cum. I was looking for more, a fuller experience, one that would include getting naked with a man, maybe a man that was a bit more dominant than the nervous, tentative guys I had met pr… Read more

Another young stud Gay

Young stud uses me…

Hi all
If you have not read my last 2 postings please take a look as this is a follow on.
Quick bit of background, I am 53 and bi but am very sub with young dom guys. My wife knows nothing of my bi side and our sex life no longer exists.

Anyway, after my encounter with Steve and his mates I started to meet Steve on a regular basis, mostly at our house daytime during the week as I work from home. Occasionally he would bring one of his mates a… Read more

Venturing into a new world Gay

I never thought I would do this.....…

All my life an obvious heterosexual. Played rugby for years, rode motor bikes, weight trained, rock climbed, all obvious macho pursuits, added to which I was married with kids. My wife was not at all faithful and the marriage failed, despite my best efforts. I had a series of girlfriends and one particularly racy woman (who regretfully I didn't really appreciate or understand, if only I knew then........). When this relationship ended my life cha… Read more

This is true, 6 Gay

Read the others…

It was Mid-Eighties and I’d been serving Andy for around 3-4 years. I was living the life. I was running an escort agency, and also making serious money from 0898 numbers, which were in their infancy still. I was living with (get on this ) two girls. My wife, twenty two years younger than me, and OUR girlfriend, all of us in the same bed. I remember one Saturday evening we were at Walthamstow dogs, and I had them both with me. I looked across… Read more

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At work Gay

Delivery guy makes a connection…

First time storyteller. Here we go.

It went a little something like this…

I used to work for a small company in the Midlands. Just me, the boss and the admin.

Later, the admin person would resign and not be replaced, leaving just me and the boss.
You probably think you know where this is heading. It isn't.
More's the pity as given the chance, I wouldn't have minded a bit of fun with the boss.
He was your tall, daddy type. Pretty… Read more

Woodland Walk Gay

those familiar urges led me into the woods....…

It was the warm weather, and a comment made to me by someone on here, that made me slip off this afternoon to some woods near me. I’d had a couple of encounters there in the past, but hadn’t been there for ages.

I walked along the river and over the bridge, and made my way down the path that leads to the woods. The sky was very grey and the threat of rain had put most of the dog walkers off so it was quiet and I walked along seeing noone. … Read more

This is true 5 Gay

Part five…

If you’ve not read This is true 1, 2, 3 and 4 this won’t make sense.
Anyway, after a couple of calls during the week from Andy letting me know that I needed to be prepared to be controlled on Sunday, I decided to arrange the Saturday evening off and invited OMLY (name changed to protect the innocent) over to the mine for the evening. My thinking was that if I was to work till 0300, then continue drinking in the restaurant till around 0900 t… Read more

This is true 4 Gay

Part 4…

As things progressed, I became more and more addicted to that lovely knob and he made full use of the fact.

He had me jumping through all sorts of hoops and I was so fucking willing! Sometimes, he'd get out of the bath and allow me just to "pig out" on his cock. I'd kiss it, lick it, suck it, play with it, as he pointed out many times, "You're fucking addicted to it wanker, aren't you?"
My marriage had broken up by then, but I still had four … Read more

First time I went with a man Gay

I sought him out knowing what would happen......…

I used to work in a theatre, selling programmes, drinks, ice creams and helping out with whatever needed doing around the place. After every the final show of every run there was a ‘last night party’, the bar stayed open and the drinks flowed. In one particular show there was an older gay man in one of the roles. He was in his early sixties I guess and rather portly with a large belly and double chin. He was good fun and I'd got to know him a… Read more

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My first bicurious experience Gay

My first time…

This is as true a storie as they come and I just wanted to share it. Iv always has a fantasy about doing things with another man mainly having a wank buddy someone who I could get naked and wank with.

So one day a few years ago I was sat one afternoon bored and started thinking about holding another mans cock in my hand and I started to get really turned on, I decided to look online to see if I could make this fantasy a reality so started loo… Read more

This is True Gay

This is true Part 3…

If you've not read This is true and This is true part 2, you need to or none of this will make sense.

Here was I, a superfit, ex-forces, club/pub doorman, fitness instructor, intimidated by no-one, a totally submissive, totally obedient cock sucking wanker. There was nothing that he wanted me to do that I wouldn't do.

We slipped in to a routine of me visiting Andy once a week for a few weeks, and I'll admit, on the week he didn't call me, I… Read more

This is true PT 2 Gay

Trained bi…

If you've read the first bit "This is True" you'll know what this is about. If not, best you read it first to understand. It's all fact, none of it made up. (can't see the point, to be honest)
You have to remember, prior to Andy, I was totally straight? (Well, I thought I was, anyway)
He knew he had picked a winner. He'd call, and say "You free?" I could have been about to receive a knighthood, but for him, I was free. I was minding a club in … Read more

This is true Gay

First time bi…

This happened years ago. I was 38 and a devout womaniser, at the time of this event I was involved with 4 ladies on a regular basis.

I used to teach exercise and ran an ad in Time Out, offering one to one instruction at people's homes. Being honest, my mindset at the time was that I'd get a few ladies who wanted "one to one and a little extra".

Anyway, received a call from a guy about 15-20 minutes from me and he booked me for that evening … Read more

Hotel with former colleague Gay

Hotel Fun…

I have always been a closet dresser and cock lover. I had to go to a meeting near where an openly gay former colleague worked. After the work and dinner I called him and asked to meet in the hotel bar. I put on hold up stockings and a gstring but left my worksheet and tie on. he turned up and as I was not there he called me to find out where I was. I said I would be a minute or 2 and to be patient. Then I went to the bathroom and took a few self… Read more

Sub Top, Dom Bottom Gay

A Cum n Go meet with a fit hard red headed lad that lasted a bit longer…

I'd had a long day at work but was feeling horny. I had been down in Cornwall and was driving back home to Devon. I updated my status on another site Saying "cock needs sucking cum n go."
I got 3 messages pretty much straight away but one was asking for a lift, one was definitely not my type, but the third was from a 30 year old lad with red hair, fit body and what looked like a fair old cock hiding behind his hands in his naked pic.

I was c… Read more

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Fly past blow job Gay

Waiting for the planes to go over…

This happened last Wednesday while waiting for the WW2 D Day fly past. The time for the planes to fly over was 2.29pm but 30 minutes later no planes arrived and I heard someone say they were delayed and would be here soon. As I waited I began to look around at the people who had gathered to see the fly past, there were quite a few guys there but one particular guy aged about mid 40's caught my eye, or rather the bulge in his suit trousers did. H… Read more

My new Chaps Gay

Sex in Leather…

I have been gay cruising for quite a few years now. I love the thrill of walking through woods or down dark alleys

Up until now, I have always worn a long drovers coat over jeans but this always risks getting caught with ones trousers down while I’m being fucked

I was browsing online and I came across a website selling leather chaparreras (chaps) they were made of soft leather so totally useless for there original purpose but having no … Read more

A fantasy come true Gay

First gay fuck…

Let me introduce myself. Name not relevant age 48 male and consider myself to be straight. I’ve never been with a man before, but for years I have always fantasied about what it would be like to fuck & be fucked by another man and it has always made me super horny and I’ve come bucket loads when I have a good old fashioned wank thinking about it. I have a girlfriend and we have the most amazing fuck session which last ages, but she won’t le… Read more

CXR Pick up Gay

Young guys with two sexy black men…

This happened to me when I was 22 years old, so a few years ago! I was a fit, athletic guy, six pack worked out and loved sex with men and women, still do! I am reasonably well hung at 8" cut. I went one Friday after noon to a bar in Leicester Square called CXR, closed now, but then a well know gay cruising bar, with much sex going on in the toilets.

Anyway I was dressed in tightish cream jeans, desk shoes and a t shirt; I order a pint and wh… Read more

Unexpected blowjob. Gay

Sucked by a Welshman.…

This little story happened last week, I was driving home to Wiltshire after working all week in mid Wales,the job finished much later than I had expected but I still wanted to get home even thought it would probably be the early hours of the morning before I would eventually finish my drive. Anybody who knows the roads in that part of Britain will know that it would not be quick. About an hour into the drive I was desperate for a piss, I saw… Read more

My friend Gay

I have a lovely friend there is a huge age difference…

I met Barry in a bar we both knew it was a pick up joint but Barry didn't seem the run of the mill sort of guy you tend to fine in places like that, okay he approached me and yes I did use the chat up lines but his approach was different none of what are you into or things on them line when he saw I could be interested it went to a normal conversation

I did think Barry was younger than sixty two making him something like forty five years old… Read more

It's a start Gay

Away from home…

Hi what you can say when your working away from home, the lows and the highs just wanting to be back at home with your loved one. I am just normal married guy over 50 nothing special really, just another boring Hotel room I just go to another bar on my travels. Its just Bar so I thought it doesn't look any different tables and chairs, just having a quiet beer a guy starts chatting to me no big deal I suppose.
The scene is set so to speak just … Read more

A lesson in punctuality... Gay

He wanted me to make him cum...…

My phone buzzed twice. "New message," read the alert.

'Come over now boy, and be quick about it...'

"I better not keep him waiting," I thought as I made my way to take a quick shower.

I looked at the time, it was almost 9 o'clock and starting to get dark out. We'd been meeting for several months. I wondered what he had in store for me tonight. Sometimes he ordered me to slowly stroke his big, thick cock whilst he watched porn. Other… Read more

Another Bi experience Gay

more cock fun…

Just wanted to share another bi experience I had recently.
I was working away and horny as hell, sat in my hotel room. Unfortunately, there were work colleagues staing there so knew I would struggle to accommodate for some sexy fun. We had all agreed to eat together, but a few had work to do so I knew I would be able to be free later in the evening. So, I shaved my cock and balls (I do love them smooth), and decided I would wear my black 6 strap… Read more

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