Unexpected blowjob. Gay

Sucked by a Welshman.…

This little story happened last week, I was driving home to Wiltshire after working all week in mid Wales,the job finished much later than I had expected but I still wanted to get home even thought it would probably be the early hours of the morning before I would eventually finish my drive. Anybody who knows the roads in that part of Britain will know that it would not be quick. About an hour into the drive I was desperate for a piss, I saw… Read more

My friend Gay

I have a lovely friend there is a huge age difference…

I met Barry in a bar we both knew it was a pick up joint but Barry didn't seem the run of the mill sort of guy you tend to fine in places like that, okay he approached me and yes I did use the chat up lines but his approach was different none of what are you into or things on them line when he saw I could be interested it went to a normal conversation

I did think Barry was younger than sixty two making him something like forty five years old… Read more

It's a start Gay

Away from home…

Hi what you can say when your working away from home, the lows and the highs just wanting to be back at home with your loved one. I am just normal married guy over 50 nothing special really, just another boring Hotel room I just go to another bar on my travels. Its just Bar so I thought it doesn't look any different tables and chairs, just having a quiet beer a guy starts chatting to me no big deal I suppose.
The scene is set so to speak just … Read more

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A lesson in punctuality... Gay

He wanted me to make him cum...…

My phone buzzed twice. "New message," read the alert.

'Come over now boy, and be quick about it...'

"I better not keep him waiting," I thought as I made my way to take a quick shower.

I looked at the time, it was almost 9 o'clock and starting to get dark out. We'd been meeting for several months. I wondered what he had in store for me tonight. Sometimes he ordered me to slowly stroke his big, thick cock whilst he watched porn. Other… Read more

Another Bi experience Gay

more cock fun…

Just wanted to share another bi experience I had recently.
I was working away and horny as hell, sat in my hotel room. Unfortunately, there were work colleagues staing there so knew I would struggle to accommodate for some sexy fun. We had all agreed to eat together, but a few had work to do so I knew I would be able to be free later in the evening. So, I shaved my cock and balls (I do love them smooth), and decided I would wear my black 6 strap… Read more

Can't believe that Gay

Workman at house…

I can't believe what just happened, I am a crossdresser, nobody knows, so I can only dress when alone but when not I usually wear panties or a thong.
Had a plumber round to do a repair, nice slim guy, good looking and pleasant. He got on with the work. I was feeling horny but would never do or risk anything. I had a thong on plus an unpadded bra which was not obvious under my top. When he was done I paid him and thanked him for the work and comi… Read more

Sliding down the Pole Gay

When wives blow out…

A few years back me and a grilfriend dabbled in the swinging scene of meeting other couples. Our rukes were quite clear , couples only, female bi male straight etc etc so we started to look around on sites .Went thru the usual palava of arranging meets then nothing happening and it was getting a bit frustrating
Finally we started chatting with this Polish couple Tomaz and Maz . They were real responsive and after the women checked each other o… Read more

Just come in, the door's open ... Gay

A genuine encounter…

I met Steve on the site. We chatted in the Bi married room for a while before I finally persuaded him to call over to mine. I remember our first meeting quite clearly: It was late, shortly before midnight after a hot summer's day. I'd been feeling horny all evening and wanted to throat a stiff knob when he asked for my address and told me he'd be about 20 minutes. Finally!

He had a couple of pics on his profile of his erect knob: a shade unde… Read more

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Hung bi Copper pays a visit! Gay

Another genuine encounter ...…

Well, my last account of my str8 mate Rob proved quite popular with readers, so I thought I'd treat you to another ... a hung copper called Lee whom I had a LOT of fun with a few years ago.

I'd been chatting to Lee for a couple of months on the site. A married bi fella, hung 9" by 6" who enjoyed fucking ass. Anyway, let me explain...

Lee's a straight guy, he was in his late 30s; he had a good physique, thick muscular thighs, strong arms and… Read more

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Straight ... to my knees! Gay

Genuine encounter…

A few years ago now, a straight friend of mine had an accident while motorcycling in Oz, breaking his right arm and hand. As a result, he returned to England and I offered him a bed at my place for his 12 week long stay.

My mate's called Rob and is as straight as they come. He likes to play football, drink with the lads and fucks girls like they're going out of fashion. He's handsome in a rugged, manly sort of way and whenever I found myself i… Read more

Discovered the real me Gay

I discover my bi side at the seaside…

I was 22 and not long out of uni with a degree in geology when I landed a job with an American oil firm based in Great Yarmouth in Norfolk and working in the North Sea offshore fields. I rented a small flat in Gorleston, a small dormitory suburb of the town. I was still a little confused about my sexuality – I had girlfriends at uni but I knew I got horny thinking about gay sex. My initiation wasn’t exactly comfortable but it helped me make u… Read more

Couldn’t resist Gay

Knew I needed to experience more…

After my experience previously no circumstances unfolded where I could really explore my true desires. How many men would like to experience man on man fun for a one off if there was no chance of any repercussions I bet quite a lot. Well after my experience previously I couldn’t get the thought of repeating out of my mind. I was nervous about internet adds but had an idea. Through my circle of friends i was aquatinted with a number of gay guys … Read more

Taken by Suprise Gay

My first cock came as a suprise…

Last summer was hot and so were the nights. One particular night at about 2am, I could not sleep so I decided to go for a walk in my local park. I put my tunes on and began to stroll around savouring the cool night air. I sat down on a bench in a secluded spot. As I sat there a shadow walked over to me, it was a large man, well I mean fat. as he got closer I could tell he was no spring chicken, I would guess in his 60's.

He stood in front of … Read more

Return to the Tyne Gay

11 o'clock here I cum…

So I had been to catch up with my friends and it was time to head home, well that's what they all thought lol.
So I jumped in the car and drove the short drive back to the carpark down by the Tyne.
I pulled in parked and looked around, there was three cars parked with people in them.
I don't see any point in sitting around so I just hopped out and walked over to the path next to the Tyne but better still the bushes to nip in. ( down by the Ty… Read more

More Oral! Gay

Been a long time.…

For the first time in about five months I managed to get to my meeting place for sex with men. Few cars there when I pulled in. Got out and looked in a couple of them. Two men got out of two of them while went to another and talked to the other man there. He was wearing nice knickers and already wanking. I leant in and fondled him. The other two came over to watch. I'd been with one of them before. We had a quick fondle and I went down and sucke… Read more

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Trapped in the head lights Gay

Working away from home…

It always seems to the be same old same old I should have known better or maybe a case of I should have known more. The bar seemed fine I was just a guy working away from home having a few beers, when a guy starts chatting to in a bar no big deal I suppose. I am just normal sort of guy over 50 balding a little out of condition no catch for guy never mind a lady. After the getting the pleasantries out of the way conversation turns to wives boy did… Read more

Dominant Guys with thick cocks Gay

Bi sucking and fucking…

I had a very horny experience yesterday, took the opportunity to drive to Tockholes and parked up in car park off the main road. Weather was great for Feb and there were 6 cars there 3 of them occupied.
I could tell that the guys were all there for one thing so I decided to drive off left and up the hill slowly to see if anyone followed. Sure enough one car did so I pulled up in a car park further up and was not surprised that the other car als… Read more

My first bi experience Gay

I was working as a carer for a 78 year old who wanted me to touch his cock.…

I had just started a new career as a carer ,my boss had told me that some of the people that we look after can sometimes take advantage of you , and some can be rude some can be very nice, anyway there was this old chap Ron of 78 who needs help in and out of the bath so when I go to his place he lets me in and he goes to his bederoom and get ready for his bath , I have to help him into the bath and the he washes himself while I make him a cup of … Read more

A Lucky Threesome Gay

A lucky encounter in London…

I had to go up to London for a couple of days to deal with some family business so I booked a room overnight with a gay homestay. The place was a flat in Earl's Court. The details gave the host as a retired guy of 65 but when I got there about 7pm I found they were a couple John & Frank, both early 60's. John was fairly tall and slim whilst Frank was shorter and well rounded but not fat.
They greeted me like a long-lost brother and showed me up… Read more

Salesmans Night stay Pt2 Gay


So following on, the salesman had just settled into the bedroom in the B+B after having a few quite drinks with the B+B owner. He turned the light off and stripped off and got on the bed, thinking he have a nice wank before going to sleep. What he hadn't noticed was the B+B owner had quietly followed him to his room and had quietly opened the room door and was peering in.

Mmmmm that looks good the B+B owner blurted out, do you need any assista… Read more

Sales man's night stay Pt 1 Gay


A salesman on the road, had been at a meeting in a town far from home and the meeting went on longer than he expected, so instead of a long dreary drive back home he decides to look for somewhere to stay. After ringing a few local hotels and finding out that they are fully booked, he decides to drive back and see if he can find a b+b somewhere.
He finds a B+B and checks in, the owner a mature old man greets him, shows him to his room, and says i… Read more

The bi side Gay

My first time over to the dar side…

This happened a few years ago before marriage and kids!

When I had my own place I’d always thought what it would be like to be with another guy, so one night on my pc I found a chat site and started to chat with some guys.
This one guy called Mark started to chat with me. He said he lived near by and from there we got on very well.
We chatted for a good few weeks before he asked if I wanted to meet up! I be honest always wanted too but … Read more

Delivery Guy Cums Gay

Nice package at my door…

During the hot summer last year I was ordering things online almost weekly and when they were delivered it was usually the same guy in his white van. I'd watch him come down the drive, and although he was always in a hurry we'd chat every time he dropped something off and I could definitely see a twinkle in his sexy eyes. He was mid twenties, obviously a gym bunny, stubble and short blonde hair and as the summer got hotter so did he, turning up a… Read more

Gay anal spunky creampie Gay

More the merrier…

I love group sex , i love being the bottom , i arranged with a friend to be the taker at a private party for like minded givers .
Im not bothered if their cocks are coloured , thin , fat , big , small all i want is their loads , i wont kiss or suck just fuck my hole and use me as a cum dump.
Dont judge me just fuck me .
I got a call back but the party host wanted me to come as a crossdresser , no problem .
The night before the party i trained… Read more

Blow and Go Gay

Being used…

I was on a well known site chatting looking for someone to meet up with and to have my cock sucked when i came across James, a rather large bloke who looked like he could handle himself. He told me to come round for some fun and lived 5 minutes away. When i got there he told me to follow him into the bedroom no hello no nothing, he took off his trousers and lay on the bed and told me to suck his cock hard, i licked the slit his shaft and balls b… Read more

3 into 1 does go. Gay

I've never been this lucky before…

I don't work Mondays. This particular Monday my wife was going to be out all day. Although married for 30 years, I'm gay in my mid 50's. My wife doesn't know and we've not been intimate for many years. I've met many guys over the years, always a
'At theirs' or at gay saunas. I'm tall, smooth and fairly slim and athletic build. As I've got older I've become an almost total bottom. This particular day I woke horny and sat on my computer on various… Read more

One off adventure Gay

Bi experience…

Background is I have always fantasied about gay sex even though I have been married for many years. Once during sex in our earlier more adventurous years my wife slid 2 fingers in my arse while she was sucking my cock and I found the sensation amazing so much so that my wife my response a little a little worrying. 2 things since then she had made a few gay references and secondly she has steered clear of my arse though she still enjoys when I sti… Read more

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Not What You’d Expect Gay

Fun at night in the long grass…

When I divorced I became very active on the web searching for guys to meet for fun, usually after work for an hour or so at a location close by. One particular lad agreed to meet me behind the sight screens at a cricket club about five miles away, around eleven o’clock at night.
It took some time to find him as he’d sat in the long grass(out of season)and I had to adjust my eyesight to eventually see his outline against the blackness of the … Read more

2 more bi experiences Gay

Bi experiences leading me to want more…

I mhave st follow up on my previous experiences to tell you of my latest bi experiences.

The first was some months ago at Maidenhead Thicket on a sunny Friday afternoon. I had managed to get away and thought I would go chance my luck and find some fun. I was originally hoping to find some couple that wanted to perform for others and perhaps invite others to join in but was out of luck.

As I was leaving this Asian guy asked me what I was aft… Read more

Sissy Chrissie 2 Gay

Sissy Chrissie entertains his wife’s bull…

......Chrissie held out his little girly purse with trembling hands and as he did so, he heard a cheer from the others in the shop and looking around, felt his face burning with shame and his cock harden as he saw his own lovely wife, openly french kissing XXXX and rubbing his cock through his trousers.
“Do you want a bag?” Said the shop assistant, momentarily distracting him
“He’ll wear it now” he heard XXXX say and again his cock t… Read more

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