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Cuckold Stories


One last time

Wife finally succumbed to a younger bull

After receiving a very attractive offer for our two hotels, Peter, my wife and I moved back to the UK and into a very nice farmhouse in Cheshire. Peter was only half an hour's drive away and Helen a frequent visitor not that much further so weekend stays...



Cheating Maddie

Maddie asked me to stop by her place on Friday. “Sugar?” Maddie asked as she put the tray down. “One thank you.” Maddie placed the tea in front of me. “How did you and Anna start to swing?” “We met on a beach and my wife invited Anna to our room.” “So you...

Jack Tar


Did not really know what a cuckold was until he was one

CUCKOLD. Like most young men, I would have never even considered the possibility that such a word existed, let alone the fact that I could grow up and become one. Not too long ago, the mere idea of it would have angered me greatly. I had a typical youth,...

Rani's life changed forever

Indian wife on a journey with a BBC

At 43, I've spent 15 years in a marriage with Rani. Our life together has been comfortable, our bodies bearing the marks of time and familiarity. My dad bod and Rani's curvy figure tell the story of a love that's weathered the years, but lately, I've felt...

Part 2 - After the whirlwind night where I watched my 21 year old girlfriend fuck her dads friend, I was full of regret. The horny situation had turned real and not only had she fucked someone else, she had fucked an older guy with a MASSIVE cock. To top...

Will has always been very obliging when it comes to my desire for cocks so for my recent birthday I got a very BIG yummy surprise! We decided to go away for my birthday weekend and booked a nice hotel for the occasion, we got there on the Friday evening b...

Ally Humiliates with Bill

Wife cheating again

You may have read other stories about my very naughty wife. This one is from about 10 years ago but she only admitted it recently. My friend Bill and I have been mates for 20 years through work although we don't socialise as couples we know his wife Carol...



Hung, Young - my icebreaker

The shower was refreshing, reviving after a sleepless night. Restless thoughts about what might happen. He might not even come. Would I be disappointed? Would it be a relief? Should I risk a happy marriage of twenty years for something fleeting? I used to...

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black guy owns her

Big black guy fucks her in the club

We were sitting on the sofa and a big black guy came and sat the other side of Martina. He wasn’t in good shape or particularly attractive. He made pleasant conversation about the places he had been - asked us what we had done etc. I didn’t really think a...

Ruined by huge cock

my wife ruined by huge cock and owned

I had this fantasy about seeing M get ruined by a really huge cock, and here is how it came true. I got chatting with Mark on SH in the ‘fuck my wife’ chat. I shared pics of M, and he shared pics of himself. It was huge. A real monster. I immediately imag...

Dominated wife

Meeting at the pub turns into total domination

We met at the pub near us, M and I sat on some high stools around a small table set back from the bar - both a bit apprehensive and excited. She was wearing black heels, black lacy underwear, and the short black silky dress that I had shown you online and...