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Parting of the ways

"Just another ‘ normal' party but with far reaching repercussions neither of us could've predicted"

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Since that session with Barry, our sex lives had changed into something unrecognisable from before, my wife's sex drive had increased to insatiable again, thankfully I was able to keep up with the help of my pills, well most of the time! and much too the frustration of my wife who found ‘ other ways ‘ to sexually satisfy herself. After a month I was praying for intervention  with my wife, it came in the form of a phone call from Barry. He asked if we'd be interested in attending a ‘gathering’ as he called it with a small group of like-minded friends, probably a dozen he said, they'd be couples there  also he said. ‘ I'll ask my wife ‘ I said , however my wife was within earshot and walked over and grabbed the phone off me, ‘ Yes, I'd love to come, my husband  needs to be taught a lesson in keeping his wife satisfied’ ’ with that she handed the phone back, Barry was momentarily quiet, possibly taken aback at my wife's brash intervention. ‘ Right, sounds like she's made your mind up, I'll get back to you, Oh, it will be at a friend's house, They have the space for what they want to do with you sluts, Oh and no more sex until we meet, understand’ laughing as he put down the phone. Bugger, I knew she was getting sexually frustrated but this really was unexpected, however, without realising it, we'd now become snared in plans mainly for my wife, slowly we were being reeled  into Barry's plans to sexually dominate the pair of us, we were about to get out of our depth, very quickly, my wife would adapt very quickly as I would have to witness a side of my wife I'd rarely seen , yes, this 75 year old randy old sod was about to give us an experience neither of us would forget in a hurry! It was two weeks before Barry got in touch to give us the itinerary of the evening which would start at his house in what he called ‘ a private session’ before being driven to our ‘ fate’ but also to wait for instructions from his friend later in the week. 

An email arrived from someone called kev, introducing himself and confirming his identity, he was organising the party. Basically he told us what was expected from us and the clothes we'd have to wear, then in capital letters ‘ BRING EXTRA CLOTHES TO GO HOME IN! 

Well it was obvious what their intentions were there and part of my wife's role play. A long list of requests from his guests of ‘ possible ‘ scenarios, all my wife had to do was tick the ones we, well she, was comfortable with, although we'd get a few surprises once there.

Barry had obviously told Kev about my wife's large breasts and the gypsy top so it wasn't a surprise when that was listed as one of her items to bring, however she'd go one step further and get a tight fitting gypsy style dress, Barry and his friends would be in for a treat. My items were a bit more predictable, basically look like a total slut, easy,  I had a vast wardrobe to choose from! However, by request I'd have something waiting for me to wear. He didn't say what but it would be mandatory.

So we gathered all the clothes required, my wife opted for her see through mesh bra that did little to support her now heavy breasts but certainly showed them off to good effect, to be worn with similar style baby doll, another request we were told from one of the ladies, this was getting more exciting by the minute!

The day came and my wife really made an effort for Barry, freshly shaven, nails painted, her best stockings and suspenders, skimpiest knickers 

She could find and of course the gypsy dress, makeup applied, she looked beautiful, I had to fully shave, shower ‘ completely ‘ and apply pink nail varnish to toes and fingers, full makeup to make me look a complete slut and to finish off and false eyelashes which would be applied when I got there, I wasn't to dress just yet as I had an outfit and wig waiting for me. As a precaution, I inserted some warm vaseline into my man cunt. Judging by their request, I'd be busy being someone's bitch! 

A knock at the door, Barry let himself in, one look at my wife and he was smittened! Had he had the chance he'd of fucked her right there in front of me, but we had a timetable to keep. ‘ Right the pair of you, sit there whilst we sort those nipples of yours out' opening the bag he'd brought with him, he produced two sets of nipple suction tubes, he watched as my wife pulled her top down to reveal her large, saggy breasts, nipples large but not to Barry's liking! One by one he applied the tubes and each nipple were reluctantly sucked upwards into them, I think he applied more vacuum than normal as they were visabilly drawn deeper into the tubes, now elongated, bright red , mine were applied, same feeling as my nipples were drawn deeper into the tubes than previously, so here we were, my wife and I, sat on the sofa having our nipples ‘ conditioned ‘ as if sat in a hair salon having our hair done, Barry watched his watch as both our nipples were forcibly morphed into the elongated super sensitive nipples he needed. Once satisfied, he removed the tubes, impressed with his handiwork, a quick brush over my wife's now massive nipples drew the response he was hoping for, ‘ you'll do ‘ with that  he took us to the car, holding her hand like lovers whilst I carried our bags and put them 

in the boot. Before we set off Barry told us both the safe word ‘ just in case’ 

Arriving at the ‘ venue’ as Barry referred it, we were escorted into a largish, unassuming Victorian building, kev welcomed us in then immediately separated me and my wife into different rooms. I caught a glimpse into the room as Barry  ushered her in to an applause from the assembled group of several men and  a few women, the room was sparsely furnished with only a padded raised table, I'd say two and a half foot wide and four foot long, the restraints were a clue to it's function. Barry came out and threw  my wife's panties at me  ‘ she won't be needing these, so you can wear them later’ he said with a grin, ‘ Oh do pop in later, when Kev and his friends have finished with you ‘ with that I was lead to a bedroom, three men were waiting for me, Kev sat on the bed with one of the men whilst the other held my arm, ‘ come with me’ leading me to the shower room, he ran the shower and ordered me to strip and wash myself, I did this without question I was after all going to be someone's bitch tonight.

looking at Kev, a 6 foot muscular man in his 50’s I hoped I was going to his.

Whilst soaping myself down in the shower , I became aware that there was someone behind me, ‘ don't turn round, a hand came round my front to pinch a nipple, that sent my body into instant slut mode! He removed his hand,  I was momentarily disappointed, then both hands came back, and started to slowly rub shower gell over my body, paying particular attention to my nipples , slowly circling them, causing them harden into impressive domes, this must have excited who ever was tasked with washing me as a hard cock was now pressing against my cheeks, my legs started to give way as I thought I was about to be fucked , but no, he was teasing me, a hand went down to my cock, hard and ready, the hand slowly soaped my shaft, paying particular attention my now sensitive glans, this person knew exactly what he was doing as I was edged several times, being denied my release at the critical moment. When he'd got me to a level of sexual frustration I'd never experienced before, he got out and threw me a towel ‘ dry off, someone will be in shortly to dress you’ with that I was left alone, where the other two men had gone  I don't know but they'd return when I was fully prepared for them, One of the women came into the room, dressed in a black basque, stockings and suspenders her breasts temptingly hanging out in front of me. She didn't mince her words, ‘ Right bitch, let's get you ready and watch your wife get fucked’ with that I was plonked on a chair, makeup applied, my false eyelashes carefully applied, pink lipstick to match my nails , my pink stockings and suspenders with girly bows at the top then the dress, well there wasn't much of it!, a tight fitting see through black mesh, hem barely covering my bottom,  dress. My nipples conspicuously making tempting protruding cones into the material, a shoulder length blonde wig finished the look, ‘ right, your ready , come with me, there's something Barry wants you to see’ standing up, I caught a glance of myself in a mirror, there was no way I wasn't going to be fucked at some point dressed like this. Going down the hall we went into the room my wife was led into earlier, once in the first thing I saw was my wife bound to the padded table on her hands and knees, the rear of the table was u shaped, it's purpose was obvious as Barry was there, her dress hitched up and coupled to my wife, fucking her with long strokes, her breasts swinging freely outside the top of her dress as he thrust into her curvaceous body. I was pulled backwards by one of the men towards the wall in front of the table, on it were restraints which I was quickly attached to so my wife and I could see each other. Barry carried on pumping away into my wife, his eyes glaring into mine as he fucked her, harder now that I was watching, her breasts now really swinging back and forth. One of the women was filming us, my wife's request I later found out! She'd use it to humiliate me whenever she felt like it in the bedroom.

As ever the gentleman, Barry held back as long as he could so my wife would cum first which she did to a rapturous applause, quickly followed by Barry who pushed every last inch into my wife as he inseminated her. Well that was it I thought, WRONG! Barry stayed inside her as she got her breath back, his tablets keeping him as hard as myself.

I was too engrossed to notice that someone was putting something onto the end of my cock under my sensitive glans, the glare my wife gave me as she saw i was wearing her finest knickers, unable to contain my rock hard cock pointing directly at her. Looking down I knew straight away what was about to happen, a largish bullet vibrator was attached with a rubber band. ‘ Not yet’ Barry shouted ‘ I think he needs to see this first ’ 

Unbeknownst to myself,  my wife had requested something that was about to happen in front of me, she loved surprises, this however initially shocked me until I figured it out.

A man came forward , it was Ken, six foot built like a tank

 with a cock to match,  maybe 9” but fat, really fat. Parading in front of us, he teased me on my pathetic little cock and how he and his friends would ruin my wife whilst I watched. With that he went to her now wet pussy, moving up to her, he pushed into her In one go making her gasp, being strapped to the table she could do nothing but take the whole length, once satisfied he was fully inside her he reached around the front for her tits, grabbing the roughly pulling them back toward him as he started his conquest of her. She'd taken large cocks before but this one was somehow different stretching her, filling her in such a way she climaxed instantly. Letting go of her breasts, they swung back and hung down, her nipples noticeably larger and swollen from earlier. Whilst still in he,  He ran his hands over her body, something seemed to be bothering him, looking round he just said to the others, ‘ I think I need some help with this one’ with that he found a side seam to her dress and pulled at it causing it to rip upwards exposing her bare  back, stockings and suspender belt, others came up and in a frenzy like a shoal of piranhas started ripping her dress to bits exposing her naked body. It was then I knew this was planned  to make  me feel useless, unable to stop him.  It worked as the remaining bits of her once beautiful dress fell to the floor,

The man fucking her continued, holding onto her bare skin, Indentations of his fingers  as he gripped her tightly, her breasts swinging freely for all too see, a sight I'll never grow tired of! Speeding up then slowing down he continued to fuck her, he wasn't far from cumming , neither was my wife as she looked at me with that devious little smile,what a slut ! 

Suddenly there was a sense of urgency as he sped up, his balls slapping loudly against her bum cheeks  , it was too much for my wife ,she had the perfect cock inside her, she screamed out as she had an almighty orgasm, the room fell silent as the man came in a loud roar of satisfaction as he flooded my wifes now sloppy pussy , sending his sperm deep Into her on a journey to find her waiting womb. I watched as she literally sucked the life out of him, even he was taken by surprise as he collapsed onto her , totally spent. It took him a minute  to recover as he pulled out of her, I could only visualise just how much spunk must be oozing out of her by now , now a change of tactic as one of the more ‘ butch' women approached her, the menacing large black strap on was about to find its way Into my wife and force the sperm deeper into her. The woman smiled at me and came to show me just how large her jelly dildo was, it looked larger in all respects to kens  penis, hopefully he'd stretched her enough to accommodate it.

‘ think your slut wife can take this bitch’ I stupidly replied Yes, the woman's facial expression said it all, my wife gave me such a look as she knew she'd pay dearly for my flippant remark.

‘ move her closer to her bitch, let him see how she enjoys being fucked by a woman ’ some men moved in and moved the table closer to me, my aching , preloaded cock, desperate to cum was now only inches away, my wife couldn't reach it but that was the idea. I didn't immediately realise but I was about to humiliate my own wife in front of the assembled group. The woman , now returned to my wife's now vulnerable pussy, holding her jelly dildo for support, she slowly pushed it in, watching my face as she now owned my wife. The dildo must have been bigger than I first thought as I watched my wife grit her teeth and tightly grip the counter of the table as more of that dildo slid into her. The camera now focused on her achievement as she finally slid it all up to  the fake balls. Coming round the front he filmed her facial expression which said it all, I've said it many times but this time , she'd finally met her match. Once the woman was satisfied my wife was ready, she began to own her, in slow strokes, she forced that dildo deeper as she could into her, my wife's screams brought the group closer to the action, I stood, restrained, unable to do anything. I saw Barry in the corner of my eye approach me, ‘ your time to shine bitch’ he said with a knowing smile as he looked at my cock, the tip swollen from the rubber band that held the larger than normal bullet vibrator to my sensitive glans. 

Picking up a remote control he pressed a button, this was entirely a new experience as the vibrator buzzed into life, my wife by now knew exactly what Barry had in mind as he turned up the setting , it was hard to know what to look at, my cock now being forcibly milked in front of an expectant group. The woman now fucking my wife for all she was worth, my wife's tits now gaining attention from some of the group as they swung back and forth, stray hands would occasionally try a d cup them as they flopped in unison with the dildo thrusting into her, my wife's face ,on occasion, came almost into sucking distance but I know from disappointing experience that she'd never suck my cock or let me shoot my spunk down her throat, she'd let others but not me. Today however I'd get close, something she wasn't prepared for as the vibrator was turned up a little more , the sensations were mind-blowing as I'd been edged several times before being restrained to the wall, helpless . My wife's lover now went for it, screaming ‘ Bitch' as she forced the dildo into her, all eyes however were on me I was was being reluctantly milked, this was going to end only one way as the sensations within me built up, my cock now twitching in expectance  as my sperm now forced it's way up my shaft, what happened next was an experience neither of us were expecting as I loudly and uncontrollably cried out as my cock exploded, forcibly shooting jets of cum directly at my wife's face, she couldn't do anything to avoid being splatted by my pent up cum, she cried out as she finally came from being fucked by that large dildo , bad timing as I shot another jet of hot spunk directly into her open mouth , some of the crowd laughed as they saw her try and spit it out, it had been a very long time since she'd eaten my sperm, this would be the last, but at least I had a video of it for , as I say ‘ future reference ‘ when I'm alone! All this excitement had caused me to cum a little more than I usually do but I put that down to the situation we both were in. ‘ I think we're finished here’ Barry said as he turned the bullet vibrator off and removed it , to be honest I was glad of that as I was totally drained , for now! Looking at my wife , her mascara now running as my sperm dripped down her cum splattered  face. She was released from her restraints and helped up as she was somewhat unsteady on her legs, I was released and taken back to the bedroom I first started in, my wife, I was told would be taken to what they called the reception room , basically another room full of ‘ toys’ and various restraints that she'd tell me about when we both finally got home , she would relish telling me what they did with her. My Fate was about to fully unfold as I was placed on the bed, my cock still unable to be restrained by my  wife's panties, signs of pre cum soaked into the translucent material. Evidence of my ejaculation down my pink stockings

The first of two naked men came in and sat on the bed with me on either side, quite sizable erect cocks ‘ lie down bitch’ I did so without question. Their focus for now was my oversized nipples as a hand from each of the men found them, brushing them up to full hardness through the fine mesh dress I was made to wear , the super sensitive nature of them made my cock twitch each time they touched the tips of my nipples, these men knew exactly what they were doing to prepare me for whatever they had in mind, I didn't have to wait long as kev entered the room, by now I was getting frustrated and needed fucking and he knew it. He came to the bed and squeezed my nipples, ‘ yes, your ready, let's see if your as good  a fuck as your wife was ‘ pulling off my wife's panties I was wearing her threw it towards the men on the bed, looking at his erect cock  was when I thought that ‘ pre lubing ‘ myself was in fact a good idea , ‘ this'll make your eyes water bitch’ as he oiled his cock, grabbed both my legs and pulled me towards him , pulling me up he lined his now slippery cock up with my sphincter, one of the men handed me a small bottle ‘ I'd take a deep sniff of this if I was you’ I did as I was advised, almost straight away I felt more relaxed and ready for anything, oh what a slut I'd become! Kev, now rubbing the tip of his cock at my man cunt, a bit of pre cum adding to the lube now making it difficult for him to guide it into me, a couple of failed attempts as he tried to get his monster cock into me , sliding upwards , even then I could feel how hard he was , it felt like an iron rod,  that's when I knew i was about to experience the fuck of my life. Another push , his cock found its goal as he applied more pressure, there was no escape this time as his cock now locked into my hole. I  was about to be bred by this hulk of a man. Struggling, the tip managed to force its way into me, stretching my sphincter which now relaxed and greedily tried to swallow it all. ‘ Wow, you really are a dark horse, I'm going to tame you bitch, understand ‘ reverting back to my sissy side all I could say is ‘ yes sir’ with that he pushed the whole length of his cock into me, even though the poppers were working I still felt some pain as I felt I was being stretched to my limit. My concentration was momentarily broken as I heard what sounded like my wife screeching out, the sound echoed down the corridor as I guessed she'd had an orgasm.

‘ sounds like there having a good time with your wife doesn't it’ he laughed, with that he started his animalistic love making to me, each counter thrust felt like my innards were being pulled out before being rammed back in, it took several deep thrusts before our lubes became more effective and his mighty cock slid more gracefully into me, much to my relief, the look on his now sweating brow looked as he was struggling with my tighter man cunt, every thrust felt like he'd pushed deep into my body, that was the feeling that started him to push faster , both the men took a chance with my nipples and pinched them , then biting them with their teeth causing me to cry out, kev now holding my legs over his shoulders, he had the perfect angle of penetration, his cock went a little further than before, accompanied by some pain as he plunged into me , Kev's breathing got deeper , then faster, thankfully he was about to shoot his spunk into me, as he did my wife early. My tightness made the feeling of his now swelling cock more noticeable, his glans swelled as his cock now spewed his sperm into me, a lot warmer than normal but I guessed it was going further into me, I'd be leaking his sperm out of me for ages I thought to myself self as he continued to breed me, with a vice like grip around my waist he put a good 4 powerful spurts into me, followed by several smaller ones. His fingers pushed into my sides trying to pull me closer to him as his cock now started to go limp. There was no way I'd be fucked again tonight after this I thought as he pulled out , strangely none of his sperm followed his cock out, he'd really impregnated me!!

Wiping his cock with a piece of what was left of my wife's dress he walked out the room ‘ she's all yours' the door  closed , quickly followed by a pair of hands then another as my skimpy dress was ripped from me, ‘on your knees bitch’ I didn't think I'd got the energy after kev but slowly assumed the position, within seconds I had a cock at each end, I didn't feel the one go in from behind, kev really must have stretched me! Having to watch me being taken in such a way right in front of them must have really turned them on as within minutes my mouth was flooded with warm salty sperm , his friend had to work a little harder with my now sloppy hole but eventually he got there, holding my hips as I felt his sperm enter my now sore bottom. Well that was three very satisfied men I thought as they got up , telling me to shower and get dressed and wait until I was collected, a quick shower ,my sphincter was stinging as the soapy water washed over it. Never again I thought as I dried off. Getting back to the bedroom I was disappointed to find my ‘ ordinary clothes waiting for me, begrudgingly I put them on, a head popped round the corner, ‘ hi I'm here to take you home, your wife will be coming later , but before we go you must see this’ we walked down the hall to another room, some new faces amongst the group. I couldn't see what they were all looking at, ‘ go in, take a look ‘ I wasn't sure why he was keen to see what was going on all I could see was some supporting cables hanging down from the ceiling, the crowd obscuring where they ended, by now I had a good idea what I'd find, sure enough, my wife secured into a sex swing facing downwards, blindfold and with a ball gag fitted, she was being fucked quite roughly, the pool of spunk on the floor gave away the fact he wasn't the first to fuck her. What I did notice was her breasts were hanging down , her nipples clamped with weights on them that were pulling  them downwards. Her breasts were kept from swinging as he thrust into her due to the weights which I'm sure We're heavier than had been used on her before as her tits were pulled into a more conical shape,  a few more thrusts into her and he came, adding his sperm to how many others I'd not know until the next day. He was quickly replaced by another, this was a bit reminiscent of the party with mike all those years ago, how time flies! ‘ ok, you've seen enough, time to take you home, we'll bring your wife back when we've finished with her’ I didn't like the sound of that but kev reassured me that he'd look after her. With that I was driven home, I was made to sit on some towels in the car as the last person who went through what I went through left a spunky patch on the seat! However I didn't mind as I was really sore from Kev's and his friends fucking.

Once home I showered and found out some soothing cream for my bottom which felt like it was still on fire. I could hear my phone pinging away, I picked it up, a few photos of my wife in the sex swing surrounded by the group as she was gang banged , then a text ‘ wait until you see what we're going to do with her next’ looking at my watch , it was now almost 11, we'd arrived just after 3, hopefully she's be home soon, then it was  torture as every so often a picture would be texted to me, the first was of her in the see through baby doll and the mesh bra , the next was too dark to make out but was definitely outside 

The next clearly showed her face down over the bonnet of a car, her hands now tied, the rope thread through the open front windows, they'd taken her to a dogging site on the way home!

The next was of several men surrounding the car their intentions pretty obvious by the state of their cocks, hard and upright a few close up shots of her panties being pulled down and fingers in her now well used and slippery pussy, then a short video of her being fucked over the bonnet, the man fucking her must have had a good sized cock by the sounds my wife made as he pushed her up the bonnet as he came in her, the last few of her on the ground surrounded by men being used as a cum dump , her bra now missing , her baby doll splattered  in cum. That was the last photo I got, half an hour later, just after 1am, I watched our door cam as a car pulled up and two men helped my wife out the car to the door, all they said to me was ‘ she's all yours' I helped her in, her legs struggling to keep her upright, helping her upstairs i thought she wanted a shower as she was absolutely covered in spunk  her hair matted with dried spunk as for her puffy swollen pussy, it was slowly oozing out sperm so many men that night had deposited into her.

 She sat on the bed whilst I ran the shower , coming back to see my wife asleep on the bed. No point with the shower now so I switched it off and came back to the bedroom to look at her, her nipples red raw from all the sucking and biting, her breasts red with love bites , some evidence of her being paddled, I wouldn't see the full extent until later that morning. She looked a mess, that's how they wanted me to see her, to reaffirm what a useless submissive slut I really was. I heard her get up around noon to the sound's,of ‘ oh my god’ I rushed upstairs to see the mess on the bed as most of the sperm inside her had now oozed out leaving a large damp patch on the sheets, now ruined!.

Having a shower she came down. There was something different about her, we hardly said a word to each other which was unusual, I put it down to me spunking over her face, something I had no control over, I was never allowed to do that. This went on for a few weeks, I couldn't work out what was wrong but her staying out all night came to a head when she sat me down .She dropped a bombshell, ‘ kev wants me to move in with him’  it wasn't me she carried on, just last night made her realise what she wanted more! That knocked me for six , all these years, all the things we did together, then this ! Kev was 10 years younger than us, full of energy but what he could do that I couldn't was to satisfy her constant need for sex, something I was struggling with. She moved out but we remained friends, I'll be honest, I was devastated but in some ways I was  also the architect in the chain of events! We sold the house and I moved into a nice apartment in the town which was a good thing as when Steven found out, he was a shoulder to cry on, I wasn't aware he'd split up from his partner, apparently over me, must have been something in the water!,  this was totally unintentional but over the months we grew closer then he made a proposal of sorts saying how I'd changed him. He was still gay but I'd opened his eyes to new experiences, ones he'd like to share with me. To be honest I was knocked for six but here I am, 61, single being asked out by a gay man 10 years my junior! That was six months ago now and I can confirm we are now an item! Thinking back , I never envisaged how my life would pan out, from my first ‘ thumblings’ to Ann then my second wife to now this. With Steve, he actively encouraged me to dress as Christine all the time when at home. Sometimes he'd take me out as Christine to boost my confidence. It felt  like I'd been freed at last. Now I was effectively Stevens ‘ wife’  . Yes, an odd thing to say but that's how I felt and I would serve him as such. 

Yes, after 45 years of trying to hide Christine from the world, my time finally arrived x

Written by Christine63

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