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My wife and the handyman pt 6

"Watching my wife"

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Author's Notes

"Threesome with my wife"

So, to continue from part 5.

Saturday just gone, all arranged that Ian came to ours a week earlier than planned because Rach needed Ian inside her, I had been at work when she told me she had told Ian I like cock occasionally and the fact that I might suck his cock to hardness before fucking her, What followed is the most sexiest thing I have ever done!

So, Ian turns up on time, Rach lets him in ( more to what she was wearing soon) Ian has a sheepish grin, shakes my hand, He appears confident but arrogant, which immediately puts me at ease.

Rach looks at me almost for permission before going over to Ian and kissing him on the cheek, I straight away say you can do better than that! Rach grabs Ian and they snog, his hands slide around her waist, Rach, wearing a long black dress with a zip around the back, her underwear is black hold up stockings, and black lacy underwear and bra, hot does not describe how sexy my wife and mother of my grown up kids looks at this moment.

The pangs of jealousy I feel are excruciatingly delicious, anyone who has watched their previously faithful wife indulging in slutty behaviour, groping another man, rubbing the ever hardening bulge in another mans trousers is beyond erotic!

I watched as they kissed, Her eyes closed as Ian kissed her neck, his hands gently holding her face, his fingers running through her long dark hair, Rachel, by now was just in heaven, no time had been wasted by small talk, here I was watching my wife being seduced yet again by her lover.

Rachel by now turned at smiled at me, knowing I was actually enjoying the show, Ian, at last said sure you are okay with me fucking your wife? "Bit late to ask now" I replied, the three of us laughing at this highly charged moment.

Rachel, turned to me, walked over and kissed me, "You want to watch Ian fuck me?"

I kissed her with the passion she deserved, "Lets go upstairs then" Ian chipped in.

I took control and said no, lets do it here, I sat down on the armchair, Ian gently pulled Rach onto the sofa to sit down next to him, kissing resuming, Rachel then stood up and asked me to undo her zip on her dress, I did so, it fell to the floor, stepping out of it to stand in her stockings, bra and panties, Ian moved up to the edge of the sofa, he buried his face into her lace covered mound, Rachel grabbing his head telling Ian to pull down her knickers, I watch transfixed as his rough hands gently pulled her panties down to her ankles, again Rach steps out of them, Ian again buries his face into her cunt, licking her and making slurping noises lapping at her clit, no nerves from him as he takes utter control of my gorgeous wife.

Rachel looks at me and winks, mouths "Thank you" and gives me a kissing "Mwah" silently as Ian makes her say "Oh darling, Ian is making a sloppy mess of my cunt" would you like to come closer, I do so on my knees, "Take Ians cock out for me will you babe?"

I look at Ian, He looks a bit shocked as I rub his cock through his trousers, he feels rock hard and bigger than me, I tell him this so I can be in the cuck role that we are are playing, I pull out Ians cock, my hands slide around his shaft, Rach tells me to "Suck his cock, I love sucking it!" Ian stops licking Rachel and sits back on the sofa, Rach joins me in playing with this beautiful cock, our fingers meet as we wank Ian together, "You first" she says, I move forward taking the head of his cock in my mouth, gradually I deep throat him, "Fuckin ell!" That is amazing Ian grunts, Rachel then takes her turn and sucks and licks his cock with the greed of a pornstar on heat!

"Dont cum yet" I tell Ian, "Rach, straddle him and Ian, fuck her hard!" I find myself being dominant taking myself by surprise.

Rachel removes her bra and sits on Ian, pulling, I watch as she impales herself on Ians meat,"Ohhhh ffuuuuccck" she cries, bouncing on his cock, all of the 8 inches disappearing inside my lovely wife, Ian grips her arse as he sucks hard on her tits, "Thats right, suck on my tits, fuck me, oh please" begs Rachel, I wank my cock as I stare at this erotic live porn infront of me, my beautiful wife of 25 years being the star, riding on Ians engorged rampant cock, I see why she is addicted to this affair with him as she is now more turned on than at anytime in our marriage.

Rachel has her first orgasm as Ian eventually shoots his first load of the evening inside her,

She climbs off him and says look at the amount of cum he has shot up me, I am on my knees as she sits next to Ian, Ian just slowly wanks as I move my face to her sopping cunt, "Lick me" she demands, Her clit is engorged and her lips puffy with the mixture of Ians cum and her juices, I sniff her crotch, the unmistakable smell of spunk and fanny juices fill my nostrils, she is wet and I poke out my tongue to lick her, I see them both watching me as she pulls my head even further into her and without hesitation tongue her cunt, deep into the soft velvety folds, slick with his cum, I aim to drink every drop.

"Wow you are thirsty" Rach says then kisses Ian,

"Plenty more where that came from" Ian laughs

"There'd better be" I say, by now past the point of even trying to stop this, I am turned on as I can remember!

"Get on the floor" Ian demands to Rach,

She gets on all fours, facing me, Ian then kneels behind her, fucks her hard for 10 minutes, Rachel gets to live out her fantasy of having two guys at once as she sucks my cock, this feeling is amazing for us both and I don't last long as I send rope after rope of my cum into my wifes throat, Ian is close and lets out a grunt as he cums loud into my wife again.

He slowly fucks her until he is soft, gets up and sits on the sofa, trousers around his ankles but still covered in a shirt, we all smile as we look at how we are half dressed semi naked, "That was amazing" Rachel states, lets have a drink and go for round 3 !

I actually got to suck Ian off after he had fucked Rachel again, Rachel was playing with herself as she watched me bring Ian to his 5 th cum of the night, despite him not producing much I got a drop or two which I shared with Rachel by kissing her infront of Ian.

Eventually it was time for Ian to go home to his wife!

We went to bed and fucked going over the nights events, happy with my wife and happy we have an understanding with Ian.

Written by Lincsman2022

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