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Wife finally realises her ' Real' sexual desires

"Several months of abstinence from the swinging scene revealed just how frustrated my wife was."

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It had been several months since we, as a couple, had met anyone  to satisfy my wife's ‘ cravings’ for sex and my humiliation having to watch her have it, we had the odd fumble together but other than that nothing. I thought our adventures together were over, totally unaware the frustration that was building up inside her, I did have a night with a gay couple as Christine whilst she was away at her sister's which I'll write about later  but other than that , nothing.

One night I'd taken a tablet in the hope of kick-starting our sex life, she saw my hard on tenting my panties  as I entered the bedroom. What's the cause of that ? she asked, just thinking of you I replied, she smiled at me and patted the side of the bed. To be honest, nothing much happened apart from a slow wanking off into my sissy panties but we got to talk and I asked her what was on her mind, I wasn't expecting the reply but she said she'd been thinking back to when she was milked and how much she enjoyed it, Dee came close but it just wasn't the same, she wanted to relive that feeling, more importantly me seeing her milked, or at the very least seeing her breasts and nipples stretched into a contraption. This caught me off guard, she'd been thinking about that for some time. Without thinking I said, well if that's what you want then we'd better get looking., Oh I've already found someone who has the equipment she replied, showing me photos of a local man in a mask , pretty local,  well 20 miles away. He had what he called a milking bar, what basically looked like two horizontal scaffold poles attached to two vertical poles, the top one adjustable in two directions, we'd find out later, also  restraints for arms and legs, a photo of a woman in it. face blurred out, showing her huge breasts hanging down over the bar with milking clusters attached another photo of the machine itself, and finally the person himself although he wore a ski mask which added an air of mystery  to the whole thing, I was  gobsmacked, she'd been hiding these feelings for quite a while. We talked endlessly about this and how she'd like it to work for us as a couple, I liked that bit so encouraged her to get in touch with him and make arrangements, she did that without hesitation and a date was set. There was a nominal fee payable for some of the equipment as he took hygiene very seriously. That done we made a date, just an hour on a wednesday afternoon as he had the day off. I thought just an hour was a bit short but I think the pair of us  found out an hour was more than we could cope with ! The only thing she had to do was bring a spare dress and not wear a bra, well given the size and weight of my wife's breasts, that could prove problematic and also a head turner for any hot blooded males who saw her with her breasts threatening to spill out at any moment as they pushed upwards and sideways constrained within her dress , she loved the attention anyway if not to show off in front of me. I wasn't aware at the time that I'd also be subjected to the milking machine. I wouldn't need any special dress code as I now always wore either hold ups or the full stocking and suspenders with silk panties.

Wednesday came and with the help of the sat nav made our way to our appointment.

My wife chose one of her short strappy summer dresses which struggled to contain her 38ee’s, exactly what the masked man wanted, the outline of her aroused nipples clearly visible through the material. Keeping it simple she wore just some translucent panties which left very little to the imagination, her perfect shaven pussy on full show for those lucky enough to see. We finally arrived at a new build  estate and to a three bedroomed detached house, parking on the driveway we made for the door , it opened as we got there, the man behind the door already wearing his ski mask. He showed us to the living room and we all sat down, a quick chat on what dos and don'ts and more importantly, a safe word for my wife as some  of his previous‘ visitors’ couldn't take it, he'd obviously not met the wife, she'd probably take it and him to their limitations! .  We were led upstairs to one of the large back rooms. Looking at our guest he  was quite a stocky built man, about 5’6” and softly spoken. We walked into the room to the sound of classical music, the bars and his equipment were to the right and a stool to the left next to the window looking straight at the bars, a camcorder in the corner pointing towards the bars. He pointed at me then to the stool, take your clothes off and sit there, he must have known what I was wearing but took a good long look as my clothes came off to reveal my stockings and suspenders and a very hard cock trying to force its way out of my cream silk panties already showing signs of pre cum soaking into them , he came to me, ‘Arms round your back’ , I did as he ordered, he secured my wrists with a pair of handcuffs, Don't want you getting any ideas now do we 

His tone then changed, right slut, for the next hour your all mine, understand, my wife nodded her head Right, stand here, pointing to the bars one by one her wrists were attached to each end of  the  upper bar then her ankles attached to each corner of the lower one. The top bar had a foam insulation wrap round it, the reason would be fairly obvious to me very soon has he positioned my wife so that her breasts hung over the bar.

Then it started ‘right let's see what we've got then’ as he went behind her and then groaped both breasts through her thin  summer dress, kneading and  pulling at them in an effort to make them spill out the top of her dress but due to thier size they couldn't be freed as they were tightly packed into her dress but that wasn't going to be an issue as he reached for a pair of scissors and one by one cut  the shoulder straps off the dress, but  it still refused to allow her huge breasts to spill out over the bar. He took the scissors to the front of the dress and carefully cut into it, she looked surprised as he now ripped the front of her dress down to her waist, her heavy breasts fell out and over the bar which was giving them some much needed support. ‘Better’ he said as he now got to work on my wife, music still playing softly he placed a blindfold on her then  his hands started to lovingly caress her  breasts now flopped over the bar giving them much the attention they commanded ,he continued with long soft strokes which were now having an effect as she was now deprived of her eyesight, her other heighten senses took over, he continued, tweaking her nipples, she cried  out as he masterfully played with her nipples, pulling at them, he knew she was his so he continued for his pleasure, looking at me every time she moaned as he pulled at her breasts ,the music changed , reaching for a lever the top part of the frame went forwards about 45°, Now my wife's breasts hung down, somehow he'd made them look bigger, the weight alone pulling them both downwards, her nipples now showing signs of enjoyment as he continued to caress her long dangling breasts. He reached over to turn his milking machine on.Then back to a bottle of liquid which he applied  liberally over each hanging breast, they shone in the light as he rubbed it all over her breasts, my wife moaning with enjoyment as he did so . Then the first of the  clusters ,he put it carefully over her nipple which was immediately sucked straight in and upwards, doing the same with the other she was now being milked, ok so no actual milk this time but you could clearly see her nipples being involuntary drawn upwards from the silicone cups into the glass tubes, stretching and elongating them, all the time I could nothing but watch as this masked man used my wife in ways I'd only fantasised about. The milking machine continued to draw her now swollen nipples further up the tubes as they swelled, the base of her nipples now too large to sucked any further into the tube leaving just the ends being relentlessly sucked upwards into the tubes, the look on her face, well the part I could see because of the mask, said it all, she wanted to be dominated by a strong man so badly, ! She was  desperate to be dominated for so long her frustration finally got the better of her, I'd have been totally useless at that and she knew it!

The music track I guess he wanted started, it was loud , he left the room , then he came back in,  I didn't realise straight away but it was a different man! Ski mask and top the same though. He turned the machine off and the clusters slowly fell to the floor to reveal my wife's nipples now deformed, long thick hard and very suckable but all I could do was watch as this man positioned himself behind my wife, dropped his trousers and pants , lifted up her dress to reveal her bottom then  made for my wife's now vulnerable pussy , she was still wearing her panties but his urgent animalistic needs to breed  her took over and he ripped a hole in them to gain access, No foreplay, he went straight in making my wife squeal , I hadn't seen his cock but from the noises my wife made as he forced himself into her must have been a size she wasn't used to? He now started fucking her , using the music to change his strokes from just slow long ones to a frantic frenzy causing her breasts to wobble as each thrust of his cock pushed into her, I watched with the hardest hard on I'd ever had as I watched as her breasts flopped and swung back and forth , my wife's cries grew louder as he continued to fuck her, being in a back room away from neighbours she could be as loud as she wanted, no one would hear as she was fucked relentlessly

I knew she couldn't last much longer, as for the man fucking her, he showed no signs of slowing down, my wife screamed out as she came that spurred the man on, a smile on his face as he stared directly at me as he  fucked my wife into submission,her breasts reacting to every thrust deep into her as they swung out of control , his climax was something else as his  final thrusts to impregnate my wife came, he made a high pitched sound as the first spurts of his spunk entered my wifes now very used pussy, he stopped his thrusts ,now only pushing hard into her every time his cock spewed more of  his sperm into her, each time her breasts shook. He stayed coupled up to her, staring directly at me as if an act of defiance, here was my wife in front of me , impaled by this brute of a,man who'd just fucked her and I was helpless, all I could do is watch.the music changed,it looked like he was performing his sexual acts to my wife to it , my wife instrumental with it all. The man spoke, there you go bitch, did you enjoy it, my wife whimpered back ‘ yes' he pulled out of her and slapped her buttocks , quite hard by the sound of it making her cry out  , you don't sound like you enjoyed it, I think you need teaching respect, he went to leave the room , that was when I saw his cock for the first time, it wasn't the length that shocked me, it was the size of it, maybe only seven inches long but it's girth was,well… massive. From where I sat it looked like a coke can! She must have been stretched as he forced that into her.

  I was told to stand up and my stool was now positioned in front of my wife, then  told to sit, leaving me now within inches of her huge dangling breasts.

Leaving the room the other masked man came back, already naked from the waist down sporting a reasonably sized cock, my wife would have no problems with that considering what had just fucked her. However, as usual I'd jumped to the wrong conclusions as he oiled his cock up and positioned himself behind her and lifted up the remaining part of her dress  He had a wicked grin and his eyes staring straight at me as he pulled her mask off , I wasn't to miss the look on her face as he took her in front of her husband , her eyes widened with a shocked look as he pushed into her, by now I'd guessed he was going to  fuck her anally, slowly pushing into her, she made loud noises as his cock forced its way into her tight passage, A sigh of relief from my wife when she realised he finally got all his cock in, then slowly he started to fuck her. Every slow purposeful lunge into her caused her breasts to swing tantalisingly close towards me,

He watched me as he teased me by pushing that little bit harder so her breasts would touch my face. Then he started fucking her hard, this caused her breasts to slap me in the face as they swung forwards with each deep lunge into her , his climax wasn't far away judging by his breathing but I guess he was waiting for the right moment, then it came, he shouted at me, go on kiss your slut wife whilst I put my spunk into her, with that he made several hard thrusts, so hard you could hear his balls slapping against her arse, he came with a mighty roar worthy of  a master. We continued kissing as ordered to satisfy his own fetish pleasures making my wife's tits swinging uncontrollably as he filled my wife with his  spunk, he seemed to get a kick out of that. My wife's excitement was clearly visible with her nipples super hard, with the help of the machine.

The music ended , ‘ perfect timing’ he said as he pulled out of my now totally used wife, some of his and his friends' sperm now dripping onto the floor . He looked at the clock on the  wall, we still had 12 minutes, He took one look at me and said ‘ waste not, want not , releasing my wife from the bars I was put in, not a lot he could do in 12  minutes I thought, but those last 12  minutes were the most mind blowing minutes I'd ever experienced. Firstly he tweaked my nipples which responded instantly, then applied the lube, switching the machine back on he introduced clusters to my now aroused nipples, one by one they were involuntarily sucked into the tubes, pulling my nipples upwards, pulsating as the clusters sucked away,  My cock was tingling as my nipples were now being sucked higher into the tubes as they changed shape as they grew more elongated in the tubes , I saw him looking around for something, then he produced another cluster, looking at my wife who was watching my turn at being milk ‘ don't just stand there, oil it up’ obviously meaning my rigid cock! My wife applies a Liberal coating of lube and he slipped on the third tube, my foreskin was immediately pulled back as the vacuum sucked the head of my cock in. You could clearly see it being expanded as the machine clicked away. For a couple of minutes I was lost in an experience I'd never had before, my now super sensitive nipples coming into play as they were systematically pulled up into the tube then released only to be pulled back up  again. My cock was now a shade of purple as the machine  caused it to become engorged with blood, it looked like the suction had increased its length a little but it was definitely fatter! He could see the signs I was close to losing control, watch this he said to my wife and increased the suction rate of the machine, the next 90 seconds were the most intense climax I'd ever experienced, my nipples now looking like little elongated pill boxes as the machine sucked away, my cock however was about to explode! A slight tingle which grew stronger and stronger, I cannot remember saying it but I begged him to stop but there was no way he could, I was going to cum like never before. My wife watched as I begged for it to stop, but too late, through the glass tube you could clearly see my glans, bright purple and swollen swell just that little bit more as I screamed out as I came with such force my sperm flew out the slit which couldn't cope with the volume of sperm being mechanically sucked out of me, I had no control as the machine just kept relentlessly milking me, tears now running down my face ,a mixture of pleasure and pain as the machine sucked out every last drop of sperm. I'm not sure who was the most shocked, me or my wife,  but I'd been totally drained, I had no control as the machine kept sucking in a now vain attempt to suck every last drop out of me leaving me weak on my legs. whatever he'd done to me was the most fantastic experience I've ever had. He was pleased to hear that. His final act was to offer me the tube which i had just filled, drink it you slut, not being a stranger to drinking my own cum I poured it into my mouth ‘ don't swallow it you slut, we want to see it in your mouth’ Holding the tube high enough for them to see every last drop leave the tube and into my now cum filled mouth I showed him my spunk covered tongue. ‘ Good girl, now swallow’ I could feel it slowly going down my throat, I opened my mouth to show him I'd swallowed it all. Turning to my wife ‘ she's a very obedient slut isn't she, I think we'd like to see you both. again, free next time’ looks like we'd made a good impression. Ok change and meet us down stairs.

My wife put on a clean dress, no panties as they ruined them and we went down stairs both men still had their ski masks on but they had one more request for my wife to sit between them with her huge, now swollen breasts out for a photo, I had to take the shot with the camcorder, each one holding a tit like a trophy then it was over. They handed me the SD card as a keepsake of the meet and requested we send a picture of them on the sofa , we could blur her face out for anonymity which we eventually did.

Our only issue now was , who were these men? Yes we knew where he lived but we never saw his face , all we know is that he likes classical music. We often wonder if we've ever passed them in town when shopping? We'll never know, I guess that added to the excitement All I know is we would watch that video later, the effect on my wife was ‘ most favourable’! The seeds were now sown as my wife had now found her and my submissiveness to be a participant in it to fulfil her sexual fantasies, not forgetting me of course ! She  made full use of it as  on a couple of occasions she'd come home in a different dress and her nipples greatly enlarged and a very sloppy fanny, a good indication she'd had a good time , for me though if I was lucky it'll be just sloppy seconds but we both enjoyed it, however our final visit to him would be by ‘ special appointment ‘ with selected guests only this time  we were allowed to choose who'd be there but that's for another time.

Written by Christine63

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