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Cum dump Stories

cum dump

One last time

Wife finally succumbed to a younger bull

After receiving a very attractive offer for our two hotels, Peter, my wife and I moved back to the UK and into a very nice farmhouse in Cheshire. Peter was only half an hour's drive away and Helen a frequent visitor not that much further so weekend stays...

Wife tricks me into breaking the rules

A moment of weakness results in both of us being reminded to Obey

In the days after my wife's little surprise, there was a lot of texts bouncing between her and the jamaican, Making plans for us was her only explanation, adding, he knows what you tried to do so expect the unexpected. That made me feel somewhat uneasy as...

The ultimate humiliation

Peter and his wife decide we were ready for the ultimate party

A couple of weeks later a parcel arrived, which my wife excitedly opened to reveal a his and hers bag containing clothing items and two letters, one for her, sealed I wasn't allowed to read with what would be required from us, but mainly her, a broad smil...

The next morning

Unexpected early morning pleasure

Part 5 After that unexpected evening ending up as the party cum slut Steven said I could stay in the spare room to recuperate after taking his and his friends cocks. I was told everyone but Mike had left, a sudden slutty thought about the situation crosse...


I caught Ronnie dogging

I had longed to be with Ronnie, and after I caught her dogging, we finally got together.

It was a hot September night and I was at a loss for what to do. I tried the pub but none of my mates were out and about and my best buddy was away. I eventually decided to take a ride to one of our local dogging sites. I had been several times with limit...

Janice Camping Lover

What happens in Glastonbury

I didn't know my boyfriend intended sharing me with anyone who wanted a go.

I was just nineteen when my boyfriend suggested that I go to Glastonbury with him for the week. My father didn’t like the idea but he liked Gary, so when he showed my father that we had two tents between us my father eventually agreed, or should I say he...

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Totally dominated

My friend invited his dominant friend round and it changed my life forever.

Part 3 After that momentous and memorable night, my friend and I met up often for him to continue to use me as his submissive sissy for his and now my pleasure. My girlfriend had now moved away to university so I had ample time to be Christine which my fr...

After a decade, we met again.

My ex-boss' wife and I were fucking for months. And we met again... after a decade.

Since last year, I have been working on myself, going to the gym often so I can whip myself back into shape. I always go when the place opens or when it will close for the night, not a fan of crowds, especially in places like this. I was on the elliptical...


Just for Charity

My wife was in the stocks and being fucked at both ends.

Diana and I were in our late thirties and enjoying life. Diana couldn’t have children and I was never fussed about having any. Not to say that we didn’t like kids. On the contrary we both loved playing with other’s kids. We had been into swapping and prog...

Our second encounter with the "Rude MILF"

Cumming inside her pussy in public was not enough. This time it was double the fun, and none of the clothes.

This is the continuation of the "Rude milf who did not want stracciatella" story that took place in my early twenties. Please have a read that one first if you wish to see the full picture:

Creampie or pregnant

She wants me to get her pregnant

I’ve been a member on here for some time now and always read the stories with interest. I then found a profile for a single female who lived only a few mins down the road, I will call her ‘S’, we got chatting and eventually we met up. Surprise was that sh...