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The next morning

"Unexpected early morning pleasure"

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Author's Notes

"Totally unexpected but totally enjoyable. Fictional account with the 'odd' scattering of truth!"

Part 5

After that unexpected evening ending up as the party cum slut Steven said I could stay in the spare room  to recuperate after taking his and his friends cocks. I was told everyone but Mike had left,  a sudden slutty thought about the situation crossed my mind at the thought of being used again by the two biggest cocks in the house but

To be honest, I was tired and sore after ending up as a fuck doll for all those horny dicks  I accepted his offer. With sperm still slowly oozing from me, I took a shower and made my way to the spare room the find a black satin baby doll and a pair of micromesh knickers, sorry Steven laughed, I've no spare pajamas and you'll look a lot better in these. I quickly slipped them on, not sure why as everyone at the party had seen me in several states of undress!, had i suddenly turned a bit prudish? That thought made me smile as the answer was plainly obvious as my cock grew in an attempt to escape it's tight micromesh, but clearly see through material. Steven saw this but as good as his word allowed me to get a good night's sleep.

It was still dark when I woke up, birds singing and an arm wrapped around my waist, I sensed a damp wetness in my knickers, still some spunk finding it's way out, the perils of being the focus of two of the heaviest cummers I'd known to date! , a sneaky peak revealed it was Mike, still asleep, gentle breathing into my ear. Suddenly my cock decided it would be a good idea to get hard whilst I recalled last night's events.

Trying my best not to alert Mike to my predicament I tried to move away but he sleepily said to me ' good morning sweetheart, I thought I'd keep you company, hope you don't mind ' 

This was nice I thought, being complimented whilst being spooned by a guy with one of the biggest cocks I'd ever had.

Suddenly the slut in me took over and moved back towards his hips to  find his massive cock now sticking into my bottom still clad in my damp, panties.There was no rush as he kissed my neck and whispered how beautiful I looked into my ear, I was being seduced and loving it! Mike was gentle, unlike the night before where he was dominat and used me like the slut I was. 

His fingers slowly caressing my side, from my shoulder to my legs. He was so gentle that I drifted momentarily to sleep. Another kiss on my neck and a quick love Bite woke me up to find his hand now on my knickers, rubbing my little sissy cock as he now impatiently pushed his hard cock into my back and trying to get into my damp hole through the fabric. By now I was his, AGAIN and would submit to his advances. His teasing continued and the pressure of his cock pushing into my knickers was now getting harder.. With both hands he rubbed my bottom, circling over each cheek,  then he grabbed the material and pulled at the flimsy material, ripping a hole in them, I now sensed an urgency in him as his cock now found it's target. I was worried at this point as I remembered the night before where he had trouble pushing his monster cock into me, stretching my tight hole but then relief as he reached over and grabbed a bottle of lube and rubbed some lube over his cock. Once done he repositioned himself to enter me, lifting my leg to enter my sissy body. I was expecting a repeat of last night's fucking but he was actually very attentive and gentle as he slowly and ceafully pushed into me. I was loving his new demeanor and really felt at ease. I was waiting for the inevitable push that would have all of his cock in me before the ritual insemination but again, a change of tactic as he only inserted just  half of his cock which even then was having trouble fitting in me. With his arm now back around my waist as best he could he slowly, very slowly started to fuck me, no urgent thrusts or pushing all his way in,  maybe moving  only three inches or so inside me, I was really loving his love making, slow and sensual, totally different from last night. A thought then crossed my mind, maybe he wanted me all to himself so was being as quiet as possible while he took his prize, no complaints from me! He continued his slow sensual fucking untill the inevitable gasps as his climax into me started. The familiar twitch from his swollen glands, a tight grip round me then that couple of animalistic thrusts as deep as he could before  the now familiar warmth deep within as his seed found its way into my sissy body. Still coupled, he kissed and nibbled my ear whispering what a sexy slut I was and he'd liked how submissive I was, although I didn't have to try on that score!.

Once he'd had his fun, he slowly pulled out and rolled me onto my back and said ' now relax, I'll see  to you slut' and with that pulled down the remains of my knickers, my now hard, sissy, sensitive cock was at his mercy. He lowered his head onto the tip of my cock , my most sensitive bit! I didn't know if I could hold back with his moist warm  mouth, now taking in all five and a half inch of my sissy cock. He didn't have to wait long as I uncontrollably erupted into his mouth, I moaned quite loudly, Mike tried to muffle my moans as not to wake  his friend up as  to what we were up to. My climax finally subsided and I went limp. Mike rolled onto his back now sporting a huge erection, I gave it a look but he just said ' maybe later' , with that we layed there untill there was a knock at the bedroom door, Steve popped his head to see mike's tower of a cock and my spent  limp sissy cock, My face went bright red knowing Steven knew what had just happened, not sure why? he'd seen me in more compromising positions than this, come on you two, breakfast is ready, He knew all along! 

I was thrown a dressing gown to wear and we all had toast and coffee. Whilst at the table 

Steven suggested when Mike left that maybe I could stay the day and he'd help me compile a portfolio of photos of myself in the various outfits he had, well now my friend had gone to London I was at a loose end so I agreed. I really enjoyed my photo session, so did Steven!!

It would be several months before the ultimate, but sadly the last, group session before a twist of fate changed things.

Final part coming soon??

Written by Christine63

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