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Sex party Stories

sex party

The party

Wife finally reveals just how far she'd go to humiliate me to satisfy her cravings

Part 5 My final act of humiliation, or so I thought, was only hours away and one that we both would remember for a very long time. We finally arrived at peters county house, the drive packed with expensive cars with people milling around the grounds, we w...

The ultimate humiliation

Peter and his wife decide we were ready for the ultimate party

A couple of weeks later a parcel arrived, which my wife excitedly opened to reveal a his and hers bag containing clothing items and two letters, one for her, sealed I wasn't allowed to read with what would be required from us, but mainly her, a broad smil...


Friends leaving party

My friends leaving party turns out to be a party indeed

Part 4 It had been several weeks since I'd been expertly fucked by Steven, my friend and I kept up our regular meetings although I desperately wanted another night with him, especially after what he did to me, and remembering how dominant he was which I r...


🚿 57

Our last bb party

Last weekend we told Anna's parents that Anna was pregnant. This weekend we are having a party. They are our BB friends, but we are being extra careful. We asked them all to take a std test within two weeks of our party. Friday Sue and Paul joined us at t...


Our first party together

and how she left with another man

I met Carol at a party and she moved in. This is the first time we have been to a party together. We arrived a little early at Donald's suggestion. "Darlings, what is it like waking up together?" Kay created us. "Fab." Carol replied simply. "The reason we...

Marie n Todd

A wild woman.

She was biting and scratching and it was hurting.

My wife enjoyed Charles and I taking photos of her as she sexily stripped for us. We had met him through an advert he had posted saying he liked to take photos and as I was of the same mind we had him come to us. His advert hinted that was as far as he we...


I caught Ruth cheating on me

Ruth confessed she was with Clive and he was licking her pussy getting it ready for a good fucking

I met Ruth when I was twenty one and by twenty two we were married and expecting out first of three babies. In those days I had a slight feeling that Ruth had cheated on me. There wasn’t one particular moment or one particular man, buy just a deep seated...

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8 into 1 does go

Steven arranges a gang bang party for me with a surprising ending

After that explosive meeting with Paul, I was lost within myself, reliving that moment in my head where he made me shoot my spunk literally everywhere , I tried edging myself but never came close to how Paul had expertly wanked me off, I knew I wanted mor...


Gangbangs in France

As I fucked the girl in front of me, I discovered that the woman getting fucked beside us was my wife.

Janice and I were on holiday in France. The site we were on was just 200 yards from the beach and some evenings Janice and I would have a walk along the beach after our evening. Most nights there were a few others, mainly dog walkers using the beach, but...


It was my 21st birthday, the first day I was permitted to enter the Great Hall. I was dressed in a very thin pink robe. I was born in 2062 and trained as an engineer. I lost my virginity when I was 19. While many got married, everyone knew if you wanted t...


The hen night

I asked if we needed a condom and she said no.

I was out for the evening with my mate Neville. We had just come out from a nightclub and was making our way to the taxi rank to get home. There was a bunch of well-oiled women heading straight towards us. Some of them looked in a bad shape and a few othe...



Penny went for it

I first met Penny when she pitched a deal at us for our advertising account. She had shocking red hair, 27 and she looked stunning. I was 54, double her age. She was the kind of woman you would cross a room just to get a slap in the face. Penny was part o...

Party time

a shock and a funny story

The first party I went to was a consolation prize.It was not too long after opening my account here. I had been chatting to a lady on here and eventually we arranged to meet. I booked a hotel, but two weeks before the meet she changed her mind. There is n...