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The party

"Wife finally reveals just how far she'd go to humiliate me to satisfy her cravings"

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Author's Notes

"The penultimate story Enjoy"

Part 5 

 My final act of humiliation, or so I thought, was only hours away and one that we both would  remember for a very long time.

We finally arrived at peters county house, the drive packed with expensive cars with people milling around the grounds, we were shown to our room to freshen up then nip down to the buffet and mingle with the others, quite a gathering I thought , around 40 people, couples , singles ,both men and women, all smartly dressed, the women in nice dresses, some quite daring , chatting with drinks and nibbles. No awkwardness now, quite a difference from our first time. We were approached by a few couples who introduced themselves to us. We got chatting to a friendly couple who said they'd noticed us at a couple of peters parties and never got the chance to chat to us,  whilst saying this I noticed the woman giving my wife the once over, sizing her up, or at least her breasts and prominent nipples poking through the flimsy dress, as her husband checked us both out. chat over she gave my wife a big hug and whispered something into her ear, my wife blushed as we went our separate ways to mingle. Once Peter thought we were ready, he told us to go to our room and prepare ourselves, his wife would ' assist' me in attaining that look for thier guests . We both thought we'd be with just Peter and his wife, oh how wrong I was! My humiliation was to reach new levels,I'm sure my wife knew a little more than she was letting on.

I'd got more proficient in putting my stockings on and suspenders, I managed to put on the bra and silicone inserts Peter had left me then slip on the sissy dress, WOW what a transformation. Peter's wife came in and applied my makeup as Peter liked . Red lipstick heavily applied, blue eyeshadow and mascara, finally the blonde wig went on and to be honest, I looked the sissy submissive slut my wife, and Peter apparently wanted for tonight. Whilst I was being transformed, my wife had, on instructions from peters wife, used the nipple suction cups, I just loved how they took in her nipples, elongated them,    turning them a dark red as they were engorged and turned them into very suckable delights for the lucky recipient/s. She then dressed but I wasn't paying much attention as to what my wife was wearing, as I thought she was wearing the long black nightie, however, she was in fact wearing  the most alluring  three quarter length sheer black translucent nightie with a deep V neckline that tantalisingly separated her large breasts, it was difficult whether Peter or his wife had bought that for her as they were both worshipped  her succulent breasts and large nipples. Black see through knickers that left nothing to the imagination and a pair of sheer black hold up stockings, the nightie was a perfect fit  to enhance the shape of her breasts. Her breasts now looked magnificent, widely separated as the elasticated material pulled against her breasts making her nipples very  prominent through the flimsy material, but failing to support her heavy breasts which hung down and would certainly be looked after! , the material seductively clung to her every curve. Peters wife came to me and showed me a large black veiny strap on saying, I think your wife's going to love this, don't you think? With that we were asked to follow them to their room, Peter's wife stopped me, Forgot something she said in a stern voice, suddenly I remembered the collar which I put on then we proceeded to their room. Once there I was ushered to stand outside the door for all to see whilst the three of them entered the room  Peter came back out, oh we forgot to give you this , and produced a blind fold, you can take your heels off whilst you wear this, don't want you too lose your balance' he laughed as I put it on, suddenly the situation had changed, I was now relying on my now heightened sense of hearing to establish what was going on, all I knew was my wife was now alone with them, an obvious bulge poked the front of my outfit out , the laughs and giggles as people walked past, they knew what was happening just feet away from me. There wasn't any noise from within at first as I struggled to listen, then peters wife came out and I felt something pushed against my lips, it was the dildo, suck this sissy she ordered, with that I opened my lips and sucked the tip and upper shaft,it was too wide to comfortably accommodate all but a few inches, imagine this as I push it in your wife and fuck her and beg me not to stop she said, that did the trick, my cock was close to exploding but denied the pleasure, with that she disappeared back into the room, leaving the door open for any passers by to watch.  I could hear my wife now moaning softly as she was now being pleasured by the pair. The moans got louder until the point I'd guessed the strap on was being used, this was driving me insane knowing, or at least I thought, what was going on, the moans got louder then they stopped, I could hear noises from the mattress as they changed position then it started again only this time with a rhythmic sound of someone being fucked, the sounds got louder from all three of them,  I later learned this is when Peter and his wife DP'd my wife , judging by the sounds my wife was making, peter was inseminating my wife whilst  his wife's kept thrusting her strap on into her, no doubt stretching her pussy to new dimensions as they pushed into her, making totally sure she wasn't in control but thiers, all this  whilst I had to stand just outside, blindfolded. Whilst this was going on, several people had passed me making comments on how my wife was getting a real good fucking and what a looser I was, yep those comments hurt but that was Thier intention, some were now grabbing at my panties, pulling them down to reveal a painfully hard and now wet cock, some got down to tease it, stroking me, licking the pre cum off the tip, some more adventurous, sucking it to the point making me tense as I almost cum but then stop, I recognised a couple of voices from earlier, 'go on' a woman's voice said, give it a suck you worm, another submissive male I thought with a smile , see if he likes it, lips around my cock , a gentle suck, instantly I knew this was a man! My cock was by now very sensitive and ready to release all my pent up sperm, Suddenly I lost control, or maybe that's what they wanted and I screamed out as I ejaculated, hopefully just into his mouth as being denied all-night, I'd built up a lot of frustration, and spunk, I pumped away until spent. Then something unexpected happened. The woman came and kissed me, and removed my blindfold. To see them kiss and exchange my sperm, it was strange , her tongue flicking my own sperm around his lips then exchange my own sperm to my ruby red lips, she slowly and seductively spread it round and drawing away to produce long strings of my own sperm,her tongue forcing it back into my sissy mouth . I'd not done this before which added a new dimension to the experience.

Come on she said to the man, she's waiting, that was a reference to my wife, with that they disappeared. It was then I remembered Their voices, they were the couple at the dogging site and he who had fucked my wife only hours earlier. The noises from the room got louder as the sound of balls slapping against my wife's bottom became more prominent until I heard peter cry out, presumably filling my wife with his cum to add to the others who'd already fucked her, a lot of panting then more moaning. Peter came out the room and ushered me into the room  to reveal my wife now centre of attention to peters wife and the lady and man we'd met earlier. No wonder I'd recognised the voice. All three on the bed, her husband and me  stood at the side, Peter the other. Peter's wife was still wearing her strap on whilst the other lady had a clear jelly like 8 incher. My wife was still wearing her nightie, her breasts still encased in the flimsy material, They pinned her down and the jelly dildo slipped right in, moans of appreciation from all as it did so.she was slowly fucked. Peter's wife is now concentrating on my wife's breasts, pulling and sucking at her nipples as the other woman plunged that dildo into her. Her heavy breasts rocking up and down as she was fucked by these two women.  This sort of attention was too much for my wife and had the most amazing orgasm, very vocal as some heads popped round the door to see what was going on, Once she'd calmed down I was ushered out back to standing outside the door and blindfolded again whilst a few more women had fun fucking and generally using my wife  . Once I thought they'd finished, it went quiet, then I heard a door open from within the room that I wasn't aware of as it was hidden behind a curtain, with all that was going on. I'd not noticed this until later and people from the main room were able to freely enter.

The first sound I heard was material being ripped, no doubt to free her breasts from their flimsy attire ,then the sound of someone getting onto the bed, it creaked as she was joined by another, Some soft  moans then the sound of sex, as I'd guess Peter was fucking her, again!, He did have a thing for her!!

The fucking went on for well over half an hour, he'd never lasted that long before but the fucking continued, slow pace and loving, fast pace causing the whole bed to creek and the springs of the mattress as each thrust hit home, my wife was still making appreciate moans so I knew she was ok, I just couldn't believe Peter could last as long as he did, then something changed, a brief silence then she gave out a loud moan as he took her and came in her, whoever it was was replaced by another eager member, sounds of a penatration self evident then the sounds  from the room changed  into a  more animalistic one  as the bed shook violently as someone was thrusting away at some speed, the bed creaked loudly, as for the mattress, it sounded like the springs would give up at any moment with the over energetic thrusts from whomever it was desperate to inseminate my wife,Peter would be present to ensure the safe word, if used,  was adhered too as per club rules so I wasn't unduly concerned, more embarrised I couldn't satisfy my wife like that, even with my blue pills, But this wasn't Peter!,  her screams as she was being fucked were totally different from the others, something was  different, had the women took back over to finish her off? I was soon to find out as her climax drowned out any other sounds in the room, a loud grunt from a man as he came, maybe it was the man We'd met earlier in the day? It all went quiet apart from, I guess, my wife getting back her composure. Peters wife came out and removed my blindfold, a cheeky smile on her face, sounds like your slut wife  had a good time wait here a minute, I did as I was told, then one after one, men and women, still wearing some of the biggest strapons I'd ever seen came out, I counted 10 men and 3 women , then came the shocker, another man came out, known only as the Jamaican by most, his now semi flaccid cock was huge! As big as peters at full erection. He came over to me and mocked me saying how he'd fucked my cum slut wife and how she'd loved him  breeding her and filling her with his spunk, mystery solved as to how caused my wife to make so much noise! .Some men and women were  holding remains of my wife's baby doll nightie,probably as a memento of the night's entertainment or just to cause maximum humiliation by suggesting they now owned a piece of my wife , they achieved just that as I now felt totally inadequate, just as Peter and his wife wanted and no doubt everyone who one way or another had fucked and sucked my wife!

However , they hadn't finished with us, I was told to put my heels back on and led back into the room, my wife sprawled out on the bed with a protective cover, every hole with cum oozing from it, I'd never been allowed to give her anal, but the evidence was compelling as sperm was leaking from her stretched hole what a sight. Clean her up then you sissy, I tentatively did as I was told, we kissed and we exchanged semen, long strings of warm sweet semen which the crowd watched, captivated at the sight, I then , on hands and knees got onto the bed and down to my wife's pussy, gaping open from her impromptu Gang bang, drenched in cum, I put my tongue on it and licked the length of her puffy red lips then deeper to devour the sperm that hadn't escaped from her well used pussy. The door to the large room opened, the couple we met earlier walked through with another man both sporting noticeable hard ons , I noticed through the gap in the door that there was a large screen showing some porn not quite making out what it was, the door closed. One of the men went to the top of the bed, hooked his arms under my wife's armpits and pulled her up the bed so her head was slightly over the end, his cock tantalisingly above her, she instinctively opened her mouth and took it in, I by now had repositioned myself to finish cleaning the leftover sperm still in her as instructed ,the couple stood at the head of the bed, she elbowed him and said ' go on then, breed her' meaning me, he went round, his huge blood engorged cock bouncing past me, bugger! I'd not prepared myself for this eventually, thankfully he was! , he lifted up my dress to expose my hole, the cold feeling of cold lube hit my hole and a finger exploring and  oiling it, adding lube inside me.

I felt the tip of his cock  nudge my hole. I'm not sure if this was his first time but he went gently, pushing lightly , the lube doing its thing and he entered me quite easily. I could hear cheers from the other room, maybe something going on in there as well? 

Once he'd finally filled my sissy hole, instinct took over and he really gave me a good fucking, some thrusts so Powerful I was pushed forward causing my wife to choke on the cock she was milking between her lips.his wife made a play for my wife's breasts, cupping one and sucking as much as possible into her mouth, this was too much, especially for her husband who with a mighty roar pushed hard and deep into me and filled my sissy pussy, again there was cheers and clapping from the other room, strange! My wife finally got her reward, more sperm than she could handle with quite a lot over her face and chin, again,cheers from the other room. Peter came to us and said I think that's enough, for now, a huge round of applause from the other room, we all got up and composed ourselves and dressed in our supplied white dressing gowns  and went into the other room, my wife stayed there, presumably to ' freshen up' right here I was about to suffer my final humiliation. It was then I noticed the large screen showing the room we had just been in, my wife lying seductively on the bed, totally naked, the penny finally dropped, we WERE the main show, my wife knew all along! 

Here, watch , your wife asked for this especially for you to witness, with that I noticed men making their way to the door, going through and to my wife with cocks in hand, I was about to witness another bukkee only this time there would be a few more men than earlier. I'd say about 8 men had made their way in. I watched the large screen that everyone could see and me, dressed like a sissy. One by one they shot their spunk over her curvy body, no part was missed, once done another group of men went in and did the same, spunk was flying all over her as she lay on the bed , running down her face and breasts, I couldn't believe this was my wife but there she was, for all to see, being covered in sperm by all these horny men. The screen stayed on for about 2 minutes then went blank. Shows over, Peter said, pity I didn't get to have you he said, I'm not sure what came over me but I just replied, well I'm still dressed and left that sentence open in the hope he'd get the hint ,  oh god, what a slut I was becoming! I thought suddenly I'll help you both back to your room, looks like you could do with a rest. What a sight we must have looked, me wobbling in my high heels, my wife covered in spunk literally head to toe and Peter doing his best with a hard on trying to keep us upright. Once In our room, my wife showered off all the spunk that had dried in her hair and face. Once both of us were dried off, we dressed for bed, the long nightie peters wife had bought her with the quarter cup bra waiting, with the hold ups and crotchless knickers, me, a nice black see through babydoll and knickers similar to what my wife wore earlier plus some black lace hold ups, looking at this  I knew my humiliation l was far from over.

Even though it was 11pm and all the guests had gone, or so I thought! it was just ourselves and our new friends in the next room with adjoining doors, so just the six of us,.apart from myself, everyone else knew the Jamaican was still there and would fulfil my wife's plans to underline her dominance over me with one last act that for me would without doubt make me feel inferior and inadequate .it was looking like it might be a few more hours before we would actually get some sleep!

To be continued 

Written by Christine63

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