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Fun with older gentleman

Getting filled with good cream

Well what can I say, this one was a very nice surprise me and Justin had hit the town (Manchester) for a night out and we went to a club as we hadn't been to one for a while, we got some drinks and sat at a table chatting, Justin could see loads of guys a...

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My wife accepted a bet to be a prostitute for a day

Jackie came home with other mens cum in her pussy.

We were at a party and everyone had a fair drop to drink. Several of the women, including my wife Jackie, were laughing about Gail one of their former friends that had fallen on tough times and had resorted to being a part time prostitute. One of the wome...


Well here is another story from my holiday venture hopefully you've ready my holiday steamroom story, this is with the same lad I fucked in there. Daniel knocked on our door as arranged and Justin let him in, I could hear the guys chatting as I was just s...

slim Jim

Sexercise is good for you

Kaylee's husband told me to keep fucking his wife as it was doing her good.

At just thirty seven I found myself at the doctors with a potentially serious health problem. The doctor suggested that I needed to loose probably two stone in weight if I didn't want the condition getting worse and to do more exercise. There was light at...


Anal Gangbang

Anal Only

Well hopefully you've read my previous story, so here goes. I've always enjoyed anal, gives me the best orgasms, Justin knew this and had arranged another gangbang for me with 6 other guys and with him included was 7, so the night came for the gangbang an...