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8 into 1 does go

"Steven arranges a gang bang party for me with a surprising ending"

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Author's Notes

"Mostly fictional. have some cuckold stories to re post so wat h this space"

After that explosive meeting with Paul, I was lost within myself, reliving that moment in my head where he made me shoot my spunk literally everywhere , I tried edging myself but never came close to how Paul had expertly wanked me off, I knew I wanted more and it was becoming increasingly clear I was a sissy slut that needed sex as a submissive, not that person who accidentally inseminated his friend that first time a few years ago, oh how I'd moved on!

Steven got in touch asking if I'd like to accompany him for a gathering of friends at his house in a couple of weeks time, I jumped at the chance as my social life had took a dive since my friend went to London, Great he said, Oh don't worry about dressing for me, I've got some things here I think you'd like to wear for us, the words 'wear for US' resonated in my head for a minute, now that sounded ominous but exciting so said ok, Oh save yourself till we meet, we want to enjoy was the WE bit that started to stir my cock as it had started to grow In anticipation of some fun , a date and time made he put the phone down.

This was going to be a long fortnight.

The day finally arrived so I carefully prepared myself, shaving my whole body and applying body cream. I felt silky smooth. I dressed and made my way to Stevens house.i arrived to his drive full of cars, knocked on the door and welcomed in by Stevens friend, Stevens upstairs getting things ready he said , I was offered a drink and invited into the front room where there were 5 men and a woman, she looked in her late twenties, slim and very attractive, she looked at me and smiled as if we had met before, turned out later she'd seen some of the photos that Steven had taken and had heard stories about our escapades, I thought to myself, a woman within the group, going to be interesting, but she was just Instrumental in the ensuing proceedings.

The men in the room looked me up and down and made comments to each other that I couldn't hear but they laughed at them, I didn't recognize any of them but judging by some of the bulges in their trousers they liked what they saw In front of them. Steven came down stairs, Ah Christine, come with me and led up up stairs to the bedroom, walking down the hallway I noticed the door that was locked the first time I went there was open and slightly ajar, I tried to peep in, all in good time Christine he said and led me to the room where he'd left some items to wear. The usual items , stockings,suspenders , some see through panties with a small split at the back,and the most gorgeous outfit, silk blouse, fake boobs in a bra and a leather zip up skirt. To finish off there was a black wig and high heels taller than last time so I might struggle with them I thought.

Ok put them on and I'll send ann up to finish you off.

Once dressed and heels on I tried to walk in them, bit wobbly but acceptable. Ann knocked and walked in, wow she said,we're going to enjoy you. She sat next to me and applied makeup , heavy on the lipstick and mascara I thought but I think that was the intention to make me look the cum slut I was becoming.

Steven came In and complimented me on my appearance then escorted me to the now un locked room .

Once in my mouth dropped, I'd never seen anything like it, read about such things but never seen it.

The room was filled with items which I'd guess were adapted for the enjoyment of sex. There was a table similar to pauls , a four legged bench high off the ground with restraints on it, also a four poster bed with similar restraints. I noticed some attachments on the ceiling which was for a swinging harness, I guess this is why the door was locked. Even my friend didn't know about this room. Steven sensed I was more open minded about things after our first bang bang.

Steven said ' welcome to my special room where your dreams come true' he wasn't kidding, I'd got precum oozing through my panties, Steven sensed this and rubbed his finger over my swelling cock, I held onto him as I knew I'd cum but he stopped, we need that for later he laughed.

Ok will you be ok on this, pointing at the raised four legged bench item. I think so, I said, he led me over to it then proceeded to strap me onto it, front arms to the front legs and my legs spread eagle to the back ones with a spreader bar on my ankles to ensure I was fully available for all those hungry cocks. Someone will be with you shortly, Steven said.

It was a surprise to see Ann walk in, dressed in a dominatrix outfit in a wet like leather bra which were struggling to contain her boobs and similar underwear but sporting a black strap on, thick and about 8 inches long. They want me to make you ready, it'll make it easier for you. With that she lowered my panties then got a device and injected some lube deep into me which felt cold then applied lube to my bottom and the dildo. When she was satisfied, the tip was place right up to my hole, being no stranger to large cocks I wasn't overly worried, I should have been because in one fair push she shoved that dildo halfway in, I wasn't expecting that, there was pain but soon subsided , ok you slut, this is all for you and pushed the rest in. I could feel it sliding effortlessly into me, once in she slapped my bottom, you are a naughty girl aren't you she said with a laugh. prepare to be fucked you slut she said in a stern voice and with that and no mercy started to fuck me. Every thrust hit the spot and drove deep into me, a few of the men, now unclothed and sporting erections,had now entered the room, sat on the bed watching this. A few more minutes and she withdrew the strap on , turned to the men and said ' she's all yours' with that I was approached, front and behind, the first cock thankfully wasn't large as was the one now about to be pushed down my throat. They entered me, the cock in my mouth pushed into my throat then fucking it making my eyes water, the other pushed as deep as he could and frantically started to pump into me, he wasn't going to last long I thought to myself, but looking in a mirror I saw the rest of the group waiting their turn. An air of excitement, expectation and maybe a hint of nerves hit me as Steven and his friend were both in the room and I knew they had large cocks and knew how to use them. The cock on my mouth started to jerk as he pushed as far as he could, spurts of cum hit the back of my throat as I tried desperately to swallow. I'd prefer to feel the cock twitching and ejaculating on my tongue but he had other ideas, as soon as he finished it was quickly replaced by another just as the person started to shoot his warm seed into me. Heaven I thought , he pulled out only to be roughly taken by another larger cock. Thankfully I think they were more excited than normal participating in this gang bang as he lasted only a couple of minutes until he added his sperm to the other deposit to the cheers of the group as he cried out ensuring I got all of it. He withdrew and Steven pulled up my knickers and pulled my shirt mini skirt down over my bottom to give me a break, this was going to be a long session I thought. meanwhile the other person was expertly and slowly face fucking me, so gentle in his strokes untill that unmistakable climax, the swelling of his swollen glands , the twitching of his cock then the release of his hot salty cum in my mouth, I devoured it instantly not spilling a drop.

A few minutes passed whilst I got my breath back then the next 2 had their turn. Looking in the mirror I saw a man standing with a huge erection behind me not as big as Stevens' friend but menacingly big. He got behind me and slapped my bottom a few times then rubbed it sensually , then he undid the zip, which went top to bottom.

It split apart and was removed, a good wet patch of pre cum had covered the ' furniture ' I was secured to. He rubbed his cock teasingly over the crack of my bottom trying to push his cock through the material, unable to penetrate . He quickly removed them by putting his fingers into the convenient hole in them, ripping them apart from the small hole at the back, and just put the tip on my hole which willingly accepted his cock, inch by inch until I could feel his balls against me. He waited to make sure I was ok, then the onslaught began, in deep long penetrating thrusts he slowly made love to me, he was actually very gentle with me which surprised me, by now another cock was put onto my lips so I sucked it in to my mouth the action of the thrusts from behind and the ones now starting in my mouth were driving me crazy, I needed their spunk and quickly. The one in my mouth came too soon but replaced by Stevens' friend ,the one behind was still masterfully taking me. He must have lasted 10 minutes then the inevitable, deep breathing hands clasped around my waist and the now urgent thrusts as his cock pushed deep into me to ensure I got his seed in one last jolt into me he spewed his spunk into me, lots of it!

He stayed there for a minute then pulled out, a stream of spunk came out and onto the floor. Steven then did the honours by fucking me so fast the whole thing I was strapped to moved with each deep thrust, so deep into me there was some pain as the tip of his swollen cock pushed deeper into me than ever before .suddenly he tensed and shouted out he was cumming and almost crushed my waist as he gripped hard to ensure I got his seed which he pumped into me. More cheers from the group.I knew there'd be a flow of cum when he withdrew as he's a heavy cummer, his cock slid out and, yes, a steady flow of his and the other men's cum flowed out. Stevens' friend had somehow managed to get his whole cock onto my mouth, I was gagging and my eyes watering so much my makeup was now running down my cheeks, I looked like a real mess! He slid in and out of my throat several more times before he withdrew and went to fuck me, he had no problem givien the amount of sperm in me. He was like an animal, taken in by the situation, his hips forced his swollen cock as far into me as physically possible, sperm was coming out of me with the force of his fucking. His hands rubbing down my legs so hard he laddered my stockings until he ruined them completely, he continued to force his cock into me, each thrust sending ripples up from my bottom the my mud riff. He was building up to a big finish, grunting as he slid effortlessly into my now stretched hole courtesy of Stevens huge erection and sperm. Suddenly he thrust in hard one last time and cried out as he came like never before, I could feel his cock pulsating and the now familiar warm sensation of being seeded by this animal .I felt at least seven good spurts go into me, he collapsed onto me, sweating. I could feel his heart pounding away. Yes I think he gave me his all. He managed to compose himself and slid out of me leaving me totally knackered. Steven saw this so released me from the device, and had to help me onto the bed, naked from the waist down so my rock hard cock was vulnerable to any stay hand!

Within a minute, one if the group sat next to me and grabbed it and slowly pulled my foreskin. back to expose my swollen purple head, I desperately needed to ejaculate by any means possible.

He expertly wanked me until I couldn't hold back any more and just shot ropes of cum over my blouse and face. Cheers again from the assembled crowd.

I was tired and dozed off only to come round to find myself surrounded by erect cocks being wanked off. One by one they covered me from head to my waist with cum, all 8 of them, I was absolutely drenched. The room then emptied, Steven came over and thanked me for being the perfect cum slut for him and his friends. Ann then came in and helped me to the shower and cleaned me up then took me to my room for the night. I awoke much later to find Ann, who had taken quite a shine to me, in bed just cuddling up to me. She said she'd look after me, I immediately thought she was going to fuck me again but just put her arm around me, possibly claiming me as hers which did the trick as no one tried it on whilst she was there.

We were about the same age compared to the 40 and 50 somethings that had fucked me only hours earlier.

Nothing happened between us that night, I was worn out but I'll remember that night for the rest of my life. Why?

Because that was the first time I met my future wife. We still dabble in the swinging scene now and then, but as a couple

Written by Anonymous

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