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Pain Stories


Visiting Miss D -3

Delicious BDSM for a crossdresser in expert hands

You might have read my first story, 'Visiting Miss D' - this is the story of my third visit. Every word is true, or as near as I can recall. If you're interested, my second visit was as incredible as my first, but with an unexpected twists, in that with e...

Marie n Todd

A wild woman.

She was biting and scratching and it was hurting.

My wife enjoyed Charles and I taking photos of her as she sexily stripped for us. We had met him through an advert he had posted saying he liked to take photos and as I was of the same mind we had him come to us. His advert hinted that was as far as he we...


Wife got hurt

Big cock hurt my wife's pussy

My wife and I had been into swapping for quite some time and had probably hooked up with about twenty different couples. We had also attended two parties one of which was more of an orgy. It was my first time with more that one woman. Grace my wife had a...


Watching a grown man get disciplined

She disciplined him and fucked me.

I was a telephone engineer and I had just got to my last job of the day. It was in a rather posh area of the town. I rang the door bell and waited for the Miss T Jones on the works order to open the door. She did and she was stood there on high heels blac...


My student days

Helpless in the hands of rough ugly men.

I have written about my early embarrassment being caught made up, perfumed, dressed in female satin and lace lingerie under smart feminine clothes. Being overwhelmed by a group of men, during my early university days, led to complete exposure of my bald m...