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Friends leaving party

"My friends leaving party turns out to be a party indeed"

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Author's Notes

"Repost from my earlier deleted profile"

Part 4

 It had been several weeks since I'd been expertly fucked by Steven, my friend and I kept up our regular meetings although I desperately wanted another night with him, especially after what he did to me, and remembering how dominant he was which I really liked . Then the golden opportunity presented itself. My friend had got a job in London and a leaving party was organised, he told me Steven would be there, for a moment my heart raced at the thought he'd be there but then the sudden realisation that it would mean a pub crawl type leaving do, my heart sank although it shouldn't have if I'd have known how the night would pan out, especially for me! Arrangements were made for Saturday in two weeks time, we'd all meet up at the pub and go from there. Saturday slowly arrived and I was excited at seeing Steven again, not so excited for him to see me in male mode though. We arrived to find a good portion of the party hadn't turned up, typical! I saw Steven at the bar and some people I didn't recognise. 

Sorry guys, he said it looks like it's just us tonight. We had one drink when he suggested we all go back to his house. I noticed Steven wink at my friend out the corner of my eye when he said that . Ok he said and ordered a couple of taxis. We ended up in a secluded cul de sac with about 4 large detached houses. We all went in, 7 in all and into a spacious front room, very minimalist I thought, large telly, a large sofa and music centre. Steven put some music on and grabbed a box of beer from the kitchen. It looked like this was part of his plan but I was a bit naive so dismissed it as there was quite a few people here although I did notice the odd glance from some of them! My friend was talking with them so I felt at ease with it all and joined in, it was his leaving do after all?

So TV with football on, beers and music, not so bad after all.

Steven eventually came over to me and asked how I was and to apologise for making a mess of me when we first met and in fact he did cum quite a lot .. Oh I replied, to be honest I did enjoy it, especially the end part, oh what a slut I thought and smiled to myself. Steven looked at me as if he had a plan, he replied , well maybe we could do it again sometime he said with a smirk on his face and walked off to his other guests. I saw them chatting and looking in my direction, my friend amongst them, a few smiled at what he was saying then dispersed back to the telly or kitchen for nibbles.

Steven came back over and asked if I could follow him upstairs to show me something , yes I thought, it's going to happen, us together, alone.

 We got in and he switched the light on, I immediately saw on the bed  a pink maids outfit, satin I think, stockings and a suspender belt, pink satin panties and some high heels, I had been practising walking in a pair at home after our last meeting, not easy!! But proficient enough to do so. I noticed a bra with some silicon breast moulds in them, well this is new I thought to myself and unsure how to fit them but Steven would help me with that later.

Steven said, me and the guys were wondering if you'd come back to the party in this?

I was flabbergasted, I wasn't expecting this.he went on, it's all in your size even the shoes. Looks like my friend really had been making notes between fucking me when I wasn't looking, sneaky!!

I wasn't sure, scared, apprehensive that more and more people would recognise me but Steven had a way of calming my nerves , he hugged and kissed me, come on Christine, for me, well I just melted in his arms, and agreed, what do you want to do  I asked, oh you'll be our maid serving drinks and party food, I just want to show you off and show how beautiful you are, I blushed at his compliment.

I thought about this and said I'd do it for him, good girl he replied, the bathrooms on the left so you can freshen up. I'll let the guys know and left the room. 

I went down the hall and tried what I thought was the bathroom but it was locked, okaaaay I thought to myself but realised it was the door opposite, obviously I thought nothing  more about that as I must have not been taking everything in given how excited I was 

Showering, I prepared myself, dried off, and went back to the bedroom and started to become Christine. 

Pink panties, suspenders and stockings on first, luckily Steven popped his head round to see how I was going, I asked about the bra, here let me and put the bra and silicone breast forms on and adjusted it to fit snugly, it actually felt ok, Steven behind now groping the soft breast forms with a very obvious hard on pressing into my back, he stopped , that's for later he whispered into my ear  then left the room for me to finish dressing, on went the maids outfit and WOW, I'd filled out the outfit with the breast forms, I looked amazing and with a little make up ( I'd been practising ) blonde shoulder length wig I looked amazing.

On went the strappy 4 inch heels and the transformation was complete .

I made my way to the stairs very carefully, I lived in a flat so no stairs! Holding onto the rail I slowly made my way down, once at the bottom, Steven was waiting for me , he hooked his arm around mine and escorted me into the room and introduced me, here's Christine, she's our host for tonight , a few wolf whistles confirmed I'd done a good job with Stevens help.

Ok Christine, get to work looking after our guests in a more authoritative voice.

Off I went into the kitchen a bottle of scotch was open ready with some glasses, I had a large glass for Dutch courage then  went  out to the  guests serving any who wanted it. As I mingled,I got the occasional hand under the hem of my outfit and  brushed over my  bottom through my panties, I was enjoying the attention, a realisation that I might be more than just a hostess suddenly hit me.

A sudden rush of excitement went through me causing me to have an erection that was easily noticeable,

As I walked back to the kitchen a stray hand brushed against my now hard cock,rubbing my hardness, I made it to the kitchen to see my friend in a state of undress with one of the guests, he looked at me and said enjoy yourself, by now my body was screaming for attention, I made my way to the front room in anticipation of what might happen but was stopped in the hallway by a pair of arms that wrapped around me and a heavy breathing against my ear, how about we go upstairs for some fun, it was Steven! I went a bit wobbly with excitement at the prospect of being fucked again by Stevens enormous cock, what a slut I was becoming I thought to myself. Ok I said and was escorted upstairs still wobbling in my heels.

Once there he was very passionate with me, from behind he played with my breasts and cock , I could feel his excitement pushing impatiently into me.  In a flash I was pushed onto the bed on my back my panties removed and grabbing my stilettos pulled  both my legs up to him to expose my hole, some lube was applied, then he started to  tease me as the tip of his cock slid around my hole,sliding teasingly over it, he did this several times, he knew what he was doing then without warning he just slid slowly over and pushed it straight in, thank god, my wait was over as he entered me, more roughly this time but put that down to a sense of urgency on his part to inseminate me again plus  the fact he'd turned me into a fuck doll for his pleasure and maybe a few others?, at last we were as one again and loving it all 8 inches drove  home, slight pain then total pleasure as he started to thrust into me, I closed my eyes as the ecstasy of it all took over my body, he pumped away plunging as  deep into me as he had before, he was expertly making me lose control of my body as my now rock hard cock was flapping around in time with his thrusts now getting wet in anticipation of some attention of its own. Lost in the moment he continued to fuck me whilst the bed now had extra movement, I opened my eyes  briefly to see two now naked men had joined us, the rest watching with hard cocks. I closed my eyes again, I wasn't expecting this, well not tonight anyway but decided this could be fun, unexpected, but fun all the same, something I'd fantasised about for a while now was about to become the cum slut I'd often fantasised about with my friend.

Steven  kept thrusting hard into me, faster and faster until he was about to release his seed into me, judging by his breathing and extra deep thrusts into me, meanwhile a hand was slowly playing with my cock as another kissed and played with my breasts. A sudden shout from Steven, a violent deep thrust into me  then the familiar feeling of his warm seed filling me he seemed to be spurting more than last time? I couldn't tell as I was lost in the moment, however I was full of his spunk all the same . He withdrew and kissed me softly, the hand that was holding my cock let go, he got up to the end of the bed, I had a quick peek to see who it was, all I did see was a massive cock pointed straight at me, ok you sissy, let's see how you cope with another big cock, he grabbed both my legs, parted them and pulled me to the bottom of the bed, my legs lifted up and over his shoulders, it did feel a little uncomfortable at first but soon got used to it 

With a pillow under my bottom to help him penetrate me as deeply as possible

I got to see his long thick cock, slightly bigger than Stevens but thick, really thick. Don't worry Christine, I'll lube it first he said. Once done he started the ritual of sliding that massive cock around and over my now leaking hole, another body had replaced him in on the bed and started playing with my cock. I wasn't sure if I could stop myself from cumming but these guys knew how to ' edge' me to the point of no return then stop short, Meanwhile the cock about to enter me was still teasing me. He sensed I was ready for him and placed the swollen purple head of his monster cock against me. He pushed, my hole refused , he pushed again this time my body accepted the tip of his cock, there was pain, the width of his cock was stretching me, more lube was applied to his  cock then he pushed again, I re opened my eyes to see everyone was watching as his cock slowly forced  it's way into me, another push and a couple more inches sank in, it was painful, I'll admit it but the pain  quickly subsided, another few inches into my stretched hole , the same, pain then ok, he was making sure I could take his large cock, a voice coaxed him on, go on, fuck that sissy. That did the trick as he forced the last inches in, now that did hurt but again soon dissipated. He waited, like a gentleman I guess, for me to get used to his meaty cock and when he was satisfied, started slowly moving backwards a little and forwards, taking deeper and deeper strokes as he did, boy, he knew what he was doing as I was really at ease with him. Then his demeanour changed from the caring lover into a more masterful one. His thrusts were getting harder as he pounded me backwards into the mattress. In one manoeuvre he pulled out, turned me over onto my hands and knees, and ploughed straight back into me. Right you sissy slut he said, now your going to be fucked like never before, now that did worry me as I wasn't at that time used to be spoken to like that, he continued to position himself to penetrate me once more

Thankfully he'd already stretched me to accommodate him but it still hurt for a moment then pleasure again. He started fucking me very hard, as if showing off to the other men waiting their turn, my little cock swing, his balls slapping on my bottom on every stroke, I closed my eyes and prayed he'd finish in me quickly, the pounding went on for what seemed forever then the first signs of his climax started, he grabbed my hips tightly and pulled me as far back towards his thrusting  hips as he could to penetrate as deep as he could, the now familiar swelling of his glands and the twitching of his cock signalled the first hot inseminating sperm shooting into me, a few more hard thrusts produced more sperm, a warm feeling in me told me he was another heavy cummer, 4 large jets with several smaller ones to fill my willing body, he waited until he became soft enough to withdraw from me without causing me pain, the perfect gentleman again!

Once out another cock replaced it, a medium sized cock I guess as it went straight in, now helped by the copious amount of spunk inside me it had a kink in it which made his urgent thrusts more pleasurable, sadly  he didn't last long and shot his load into the sea of sperm within me. He was replaced by another who tried desperately to fuck me but now full of sperm was making it difficult but he fucked fast and hard, screaming slut at me as he came, one last person decided to have a go, I was full of sperm which now was leaking out as he pumped away, sensing he wasn't able to cum, he pulled out and came round and pushed his cock into my mouth, suck it you sissy slut he ordered, I instinctively played with the head of his cock, he didn't last a minute with my tongue expertly licking his glands, in one thrust he yelled out, pushed his cock as far in as he could resulting in a couple of jets of cum hitting the back of my throat, I pulled back to savour the last few spurts, I really love to milk a cock dry with my mouth, he looked more than satisfied with that.

 Once finished I was Instructed to lie on my back, my cock pointed to the ceiling desperately wanting release, one of the group said I think she's ready to cum, the assembled group crowded around the bed for a better view, the guy who had been expertly edging me throughout the session moved in, kissed my pre cum soaked cock and licked it off, he then grabbed a bottle of baby oil and applied some to my solid aching cock. Slowly and expertly he moved his finger and thumb up and down my shaft watched eagerly by the group, not sure why they were taking such an interest in this but I was going to find out why very soon.

He continued to slowly move his finger and thumb the whole length of my shaft, paying particular attention to my swollen glands. I think I lasted perhaps 2 minutes? Then a feeling I had not felt before started to well up in my groin , my balls my cock , then suddenly my cock  erupted, the force of it shot my first stream of cum clean over my head to the cheers of the group,my god I thought , what has he done to me. The second was just as forceful but hit me in the face as did the third. My body was trembling uncontrollably, I'd never felt like this ever. 

I cannot describe it but the trembling lasted well over 10 minutes after I'd finished cumming. More Cheers from the mesmerised audience at this spectacular display of forced cumming.

In the corner of the room I noticed Steven and my friend sporting nice hard ons , apparently for me as we're the other cocks. I was told to take my maids outfit off, don't want it ruined Steven said to the small horny group. Now naked they all approached and started to masturbate over me, one by one they unloaded what spunk they had left over my face and cock, Steven was the biggest cummer, several huge shots of sperm shot over me making a real mess of me, my friend added his contribution finishing the cum shower, a camera was produced and several photos of me covered in all the sticky cum was taken. Once finished I was allowed to have a shower to wash all their man juice off and put a dressing gown on that was left for me. I came down, the party was over and Stevens' friends were gone, just the three of us.

I was too tired and sore to do anything but Steven and my friend had a good night by the sounds I kept hearing.

This was one of many gang bangs Steven arranged for me. I had many threesomes though with Steven and his friend who gave him a good seeing to that night! His name was Mike, another 40 something who adored sissy maids. The next few months were the best ever!

 I did see his friend again who expertly wanked me off that night, yes he really has a talent! 

The ultimate gang bang where Steven shared me with his friends was on the horizon and one I'll remember fondly for a long time. 

To be continued?

Written by Anonymous

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