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Xmas gimp

"What better gift than a domestic and sexual masked servant"

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Author's Notes

"Whilst I have served a couple for a while, this fantasy is one I’d love to live out 😉"

The last present sits in the room on Boxing Day unopened. She can’t open it until all the guests have gone and they’re alone. At 6:00pm the front door shuts as the last visitor leaves and she rushes over to the big box asking to open it. Ok he nods.

She tears it open and steps back with shock and confusion. “What the fuck is that? Why is there a naked guy on a hood on a lead in my lounge. What the fuck am I supposed to do with that?” ‘’Anything you want baby. That’s the point. He’s not just a naked, middle aged guy. He’s your new pet. You say and he does. Watch. Try him. Give him an order. First though, name him.”

“Really?, ok.”

“Gimp, clear the table and load the dishwasher.” And off he goes to her amusement. Before long the room is clear, kitchen tidy and dishwasher on. “What do I do with him now?” “Now this is the best bit. He’s not just a domestic slave. He’ll do ‘anything’ you tell him. Watch.”

“Gimp, undress us both. Me first”. As instructed he obeys and they’re soon naked and they start kissing and caressing with gimp watching on. “Gimp, get he hard with just your mouth”. As they carry on, he crawls between them and takes his already stiffening cock in his mouth until rock hard. “Now gimp, get Rachel wet”. She sits back on the sofa, opens her legs and lets his tongue go to work. Before long she’s wet, he’s hard and they pull gimp away as they make love in front of him.

When they’re done and laying back next to each other he instructs “gimp, lick us both clean” and as they relax he licks and sucks up every sign of sex from on them and in her to the point they’re excited and go again.

After, she says “will he do that with guests? I mean, serve us food and drinks naked while we take the piss out of him?” “Oh yes and more. We can screen off a corner of the room where any of our guests can take him to do their bidding. Maybe make the screen just above waist height so we can see the happy faces but give them just enough privacy”

The next afternoon the eight guests are initially shocked to see a naked gimp in a mask serving them drink, but once his purpose is explained he begins a very long evening of domestic and sexual servitude which leaves him full up, humiliated and utterly used…

Written by Essex_bi_plaything

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