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Helpful Neighbour

My neighbour helps me so I help him too.

It was Friday morning and the first day of a fortnight's holiday from work. I woke with a very strong feminine urge and decided today was definitely a dress up day. I got up, had a bite to eat, and then ran myself a nice hot bubble bath. I added some rose...

Not Exactly what I had in mind

young woman getting into D/s goes to a club looking to play.

My two-month anniversary at the club – not that anybody noticed or had any reason to. While I’d quickly become a regular here, I had also learned that it seemed just as difficult to make contact with interested men as it was in my vanilla life. It wasn’t...

All Cummers Welcome

Seven Year Itch Well and Truly Scratched

Things are starting to develop

Not sure where to begin really! We recently had the most amazing sexual experience following years of trepidation but sometimes the real thing does turn out to be so much better than fantasy. This is the first time posting but we have been revitalised and...


Oh boy I drive to the train station am I really doing this, I get my ticket and sit on the train. I feel my clit throbbing with excitement , my phone pings. Red taxi waiting for you at the station tell them your Belle. (his name for me) he meets he outsid...

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