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Bisexual Stories



The game becomes increasingly dangerous

We left our horny players in a possible bind but what will occur next? Well…you’re just about to find out so let’s crack on. FRIENDS WILL BE FRIENDS EXCEPT WHEN THEY’RE NOT. BHWANG! The note echoed ominously throughout the house. Every time the gong or wh...


🚿 73

Fruity times

I finally got back to see Fruity. Five days of sex and work. I had to work but every morning we woke and clawed at each other. When I could get back for lunch we never had lunch, when I finished work I went to her place or she came to my room. We always f...

Brokeback shower

Playing with another guys cock

Some years ago I was working away in London building an exhibition for an exhibition company. They put us up in a small hotel near the venue. We worked pretty long hours to hit the deadline. One evening after a particularly sweaty day at work and after a...

So what was meant to happen next Friday, happended last night, Ian came around for 3 hours, fucked Rachel hard on the sofa, on the floor from behind as I watched, before I finally got to join in! Saturday, I am at work, not expecting any new news regardin...

Winning a Bet

When I was young and carefree

Regarding the picture of me nude under a leather coat wearing thighboots. About 15 years ago I used to teach (adult) nightclasses. One of the students was another mate who my partner and I had played with a few times, along with his wife. All of us bisexu...

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Crossdressing Journey: Tentative Steps - The Next Evening

The climax of two fun nights in Bath with a fellow bi guy

This continues after the exploits of the morning before breakfast. I spent the day with a heightened level of arousal in anticipation of what might unfold tonight. I didn’t set any expectations, so that I wouldn’t be disappointed, and instead just thought...

The porn shop visit.

couple got in a rut sex wise and he seeks a way to change things.

"Come on, Kelly. It will only take a couple minutes for us to pick a good one and then we will leave. It's not as if you are going to meet anyone you know in there." Kelly was quite hesitant to go into the adult video store for several reasons, but one of...


The party finally gets in full swing

Finally we’re here and oh my word what a ride it’s been. This is the last part of Martin and Michelle’s first swingers’ cruise. Without any further unwanted palaver…let’s get into it. THE PARTY STARTS Once Michelle and I got back to the cabin we immediate...


As things build-up our couple split!

Aw! Have we got to the end already? Not quite. Here is part 5a of the story as things are winding-up and winding-down as the tale of Martin and Michelle begins to cum…I mean come to a close. I hope you’ve all been enjoying it thus far. And just as a warni...


Another swing

I had two men and a woman

We had taken a Hotbed, and been invited to dinner by our hosts. I put on stockings and a matching bra. "Should I wear knickers?" I asked holding up the small black lacey matching knickers." "Are you intending to take them off?" Paul asked. "I am, if no on...