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Big thick cock. Stories

big thick cock.

A suprisingly enjoyable Eurovision Night

Discovering the pleasure of a big one after enjoying her big toys

After a girls night catch up Alexa returned home and plonked her self on the couch next to me, ready to spill the gossip of all the shenanigans that had been ongoing in and around her friends lives. Some interesting, some mundane and then the last bit whi...


My slide into cuckoldry gathers pace

A REAL CHEATING WIFE (Part 3) This is the third part of my introduction into becoming the cuckold I was and now am, my thoughts, the resulting issues and my part in them. Although this part is shorter than some of the others they all collate to the end re...


Victoria told me that if we didn't try swining she would find a bull

Victoria said that as Albert moved away some stranger plunged his cock in her pussy

I couldn’t believe that my wife Victoria nudged me to put my keys into the bowl. Yes, we were at our first swapping party. Victoria had bullied me into it. She had told me that unless I was prepared to spice up our sex lives with some swapping she would g...

Threesomes are so Much Fun

The night I tamed the man with the monster cock.

Olivia here to tell you about the exciting night I shared with my Hubby and a friend when I was back in the States in February. It all started with my meeting a young single guy on a website like this one. I found him interesting, and it looked like we co...

My first time

My first time at the sex club by Nettie

I knew my husband had lots of experience before I met him. He had been in open relationships in the past and being bisexual had experience of being with both men and women in sex clubs and saunas. My past was mainly long term monogamous relationships with...


We cuckolded my best mate.

It was another eight months before I got them sucking each other's pussies.

I met Melvin when we started secondary school. We were immediately best mates, all through school and even when we started work. I was best man when he married Hannah and he was my best man when I married Francis. We went out on double dates before we mar...

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What the bet led to

His cock was ten inches long and thick, with a bend to the left and upwards.

My wife Jenny and I had often swapped and had the occasional threesomes. We were on holiday in the west country and was enjoying a drink in a country pub when a disagreement turned into a bet. The bet was if I was right Jenny had to have a threesome with...