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Housewife Stories


A shared passion for photography

I love giving and receiving oral sex so I moved right in and stuck my tongue straight into her honey pot.

As a keen photographer I always love the stories that involve photography. What I am about to tell you all took place before the internet or Aids were around. I had got into photography in my early teens and had thought about it as a career. At first it w...


Meeting Mrs C

Housewife Craves Anal

Hi all I enjoy reading some of the true stories on here and dislike the obvious dreamers that try to write a convincing story, mine are all true and I have so many to tell I am seriously thinking of writing a book. This happened a few years ago and if it...

Indian wife in a sex shop

Young indian wife has fun with guys in a sex shop

This is a story how my wife and I visited and played in a sex shop many years ago, we hope you enjoy. The story happened about 20 years ago when my then GF was in her early twenties. She is a sexy Indian girl 5’4” with amazing tits with big long nipples a...

The Welsh bull

one guys stories.

Some weird stuff goes on out there.

Some of you make comments about how some of the stories are bullshit but I can tell you, there are some weird people out there and they want to do weird things so some of the weirdest stories are probably true and I can tell you that because I’m asked to...

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First wife fuck

First wife fuck

It was approx year 2000 and I was at uni in a computer cabin with friends, as we were talking one of them was talking about a site called swinging Heaven, I was very intrigued but silent during the explanation, the guy even showed us the site on his compu...


More than I wanted

He brutally fucked my poor wife and treated her like a whore

My wife Toni loves to dance and I love to watch especially when she rubs herself on other men and they touch her back. She had never been unfaithful to my knowledge. I had suggested to her lots of times that I would love to see her making love with anothe...


Window cleaners lucky day.

Naughty fun with a much older man.

I have great sex with my husband but not often enough so he lets me see other guys. I’m 29 and I use a few sites like this to find men and women who just want no strings attached sex. I am quite picky though sorry boys and girls and only go for much old g...


cuckold by phone

Bill hears his wife used over the phone

"Hello, is that Bill..... Bil xxxx," I asked. "Yes speaking," he replied. "Good. You don't know me , but you will know the next voice you hear." I told him as I put the phone in hands free mode. I very slowly slipped my cock into Victoria's sweet pussy. "...


Christmas Present

Mate gives me his wife fo a Christmas present

I was in the pub with Gerry, and we had about 6 rounds when I plucked up the courage. "How long have we been mates Gerry," I asked. "About eight years," he responded. "Don't get offended, but I want to tell you something. Your missus is some piece of arse...


After the wife left the dance floor we stood at the bar and she told me how quickly he felt her arse and they started to snog, I then suggested we tried Coyote Ugly and she jumped at the chance it was busy but not packed and as normal the bar staff wanted...