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A suprisingly enjoyable Eurovision Night

"Discovering the pleasure of a big one after enjoying her big toys"

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After a girls night catch up Alexa returned home and plonked her self on the couch next to me, ready to spill the gossip of all the shenanigans that had been ongoing in and around her friends lives. Some interesting, some mundane and then the last bit which caught me off guard was the discussion that one of her friends mate R has a huge cock. I enquired as to how her friend knew, cause she was married and it got my interest in the event her and her fella were into swinging as well for a potential foursome, but evidently they are went swimming and the outline couldn't be missed in his swimming shorts. General conversation carried on and we both went to bed, not thinking much more of it.

A couple of years later and Alexa and I get invited to her friends house for a party. I was keen and excited for a night out since recent house renovations have kept us indoors and counting the pennies of late. I enquired with Alexa who's birthday it was and then she dropped the bombshell of it being a euro vision night party. I rolled my eyes, 'really?' I didn't fancy it at this point and dreaded the thought of being cramped in a room watching the show whilst some people waved little union Jack flags. Alexa persuaded me, reminding me we hadn't been out for a night and would guarantee a good ending to the night as she is usually horny after a few drinks. I was sold on this and got ready, thinking of the pleasures that awaited me at the end of the night.

We got to her friend's house and it was surprisingly full for a euro vision night, with a good spread of food and drinks quickly being poured early on. I don't drink but was happy to start snacking away whilst catching up with some people and talking about the chaos of the house build of late.

The night went well, with very few obligations to watch Eurovision, although when I walked in to the main living room where it was on, I saw quite a few people regretting taking shots when an innuendo was made or indicated in the show. Honestly I think the group just had dirty minds and were taking any opportunity to smash a shot. Alexa had tried to participate, but due to a lack of drinking since Christmas she was soon tapping out and came to check up on me in the kitchen. Whilst chatting with a group about work, Alexa squeezed my hand and indicated to look over to my right. I saw two blokes with Alexa stating the one in the jeans was R. My face must have signalled my confusion, as Alexa rolled her eyes and then whispered in my ear, 'The guy with the huge cock.'

I laughed and looked back over at R, who was very unassuming. About 5ft 11, medium build, a typical middle aged body as he was about similar to my age in his late thirties to early forties, with short shaggy dark hair and clean shaven.

I thought nothing more of it and we all continued our conversation. About twenty minutes later, Alexa dragged me across the kitchen and talking into another group where R was. We all began the usual small talk with some odd jokes and then began chatting. Alexa got fed up as R and I began to hit it off talking about computer games but also reminiscing about some of the classic games and how many don't hold a patch to the original feeling of playing Halo for the first time.

We carried on talking and Alexa returned about an hour later to join in on our conversation with just the three of us left I the kitchen whilst everyone else had gone to watch the results. R stated he needed to set off soon and would need to call a taxi since he had to be up early in the morning. At this point Alexa chirped up and asked where was he going to and stated we could give him a lift home since we would be going soon to. I looked over at Alexa who just shot me a smile followed by her doe eye look. I agreed. Soon we were off having said our goodbyes with me driving, R in the front seat and Alexa in the back seat.

R lived just a bit further out than us, but to get to his we had to pass the main road our estate is off, with which Alexa jumped in whilst we got near to our house and stated it would be nice to pop for a quick night cap and we can show some of the building work we have done to the house. I kinda knew where this was going and thought Alexa would be curious to find out if the rumours about R is true. R initially was a bit taken aback but I think out of kindness agreed and we went to our house.

We all walked in, with Alexa giving the grand tour of everything done around the house before leading into the kitchen where she all poured us some drinks and carried on talking. The conversation flowed for a bit with a bit of cheeky banter and innuendos, then before long Alexa showed her stunning talent of bluntness by asking, 'so out of curiosity are the rumours true?' R looked confused as if he had walked into the wrong conversation and asked about what. Alexa looked over at me and then back at R, before peering over her glass and saying as she went to take a big gulp of her drink, 'that you have a big cock.'

R was a bit stunned, meanwhile I have been used to Alexa's sheer bluntness but even this was hit in the face obvious. R shrugged his shoulders and said he never had any complaints and began to enquire who had been talking about him when Alexa said prove it, 'let's see it then.' I could tell the drink was having its affect on Alexa as she usually gets really horny after a few drinks, one too many and she's fast asleep but now she had her eyes on her prey.

After a few jokes, and R looking over for approval, Alexa realised she had to show she meant business. 'To make it fair then...' and with that she began to untie her wrap dress. Showing off her black and beige lace push up bra and black thong. Pulling back the dress behind her hands, as she placed them on her hips as to reveal her whole body. She looked stunning. R stood there staring appreciating the sight of Alexa and commenting how amazing she is.
Alexa pointed out fair is fair and he needs to undo the pants.

R began fumbling his jeans unbuttoning his pants before pulling them down and his underwear at the same time.

'Fucking hell!' Alexa said. R smiled and I nearly dropped my drink. R clearly was sporting a good semi from seeing Alexa and was a good 7.5 to 8 inches long. About an inch bigger than mine, but what made his so impressive was the girth along the whole length of it. It was thick. Much thicker than mine and probably than most I have seen in porn.

Alexa stood staring at it, asking, 'so are you a show-er or a grower?' I was stood there thinking christ I hope it doesn't grow anymore or it will kill someone. R mumbled a bit before Alexa just dropped to her knees grabbing hold of R's cock and saying, 'there's one way to find out.' Her right hand's fingers couldn't meet as she wrapped them around R's cock as she began to stroke his cock, pulling his foreskin back. I knew she couldn't resist and began to place his cock in her mouth to start sucking at it. Her dress still open flapping around as she tried to get her mouth around his large thick cock. R looked over a me. I just nodded and told him to enjoy the moment. Alexa was slavouring around R's cock to try and lube it up as much as possible, taking the occasional look back at it to appreciate its size before attempting to suck on it again. It wasn't long before Alexa stood up and let the dress slide off her shoulders asking if she can get fucked by it. It sounded like she had forgotten about R and was purely focused on taking this big cock on having enjoyed the pleasure of her bigger toys previously.

Alexa pulled down her thong and turned her back to R, bending over the kitchen counter and told him to fuck her. I nodded my approval and he approached her sliding his fingers in to fully warm her up, but by the looks of the glistening reflection of his fingers in the light it was clear she was already turned on. He then grabbed his cock from the base and began to guide his 8 inch girthy cock into Alexa's pussy. As he got past the head of his cock he had to begin to slowly move it in and and as to lube it with her own juices and prepare her for it.

Then he began to slide it in properly, taking it dipper with each thrust. I was expecting Alexa to scream but she was silent, her eyes rolling in the back of her head, her breath taken away from her as he began pumping harder and deeper into her as she grabbed at the counter. His hands grabbed around the top of her hips so he can thrust himself harder and deeper into her. Alexa screamed eventually with a 'YES! Fuck me hard, ruin me you dirty bustard. Ruin me and treat me like your dirty whole.' These comments spurred R on who continued to slam his cock into with continual thrusts as her top half did its best to hold onto the counter, with her head raising up in waves as her eyes rolled back into her head as she began to achieve another orgasm.  I stood there watching, moving slightly closer and adjusting my angle to get glimpses of his thick girthy cock stretch Alexa's pussy. Ordinarily in any situation like this Alexa would be wanting to watch me stroke my cock or beg to be spit roasted but she was consumed with this cock that stretched her out and hit her deep.

As R rammed her he began to remark that he was going to cum, Alexa didn't say anything she just reached out behind herself in an attempt to stop him from pulling out as she was building up to yet another orgasm, at this point I wasn't even bothering counting how many times she came.

R thrusted and kept himself as deep as he could whilst he unleashed his load deep into her. Sliding out his thick cock, covered in both of their juices, as Alexa's legs buckled under here with the sensation, the kitchen counter being the only thing keeping her up. Her used pussy was already leaking out loads of his cum as she tried to compose himself. R was putting the beast away. Alexa staggered and remarked she needed a lie down and to take R home as she thanked him for the fuck. Alexa could see the raging tent pole in my pants but stated she was too sore for a second session so would have to thank me tomorrow.

R was taken home and dropped off, thanking me for an unforgettable night. I remarked he sure got that right, before going home to Alexa who was fast asleep.

Written by rodger_n_alexa

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