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Bedroom Stories



My slide into cuckoldry gathers pace

A REAL CHEATING WIFE (Part 3) This is the third part of my introduction into becoming the cuckold I was and now am, my thoughts, the resulting issues and my part in them. Although this part is shorter than some of the others they all collate to the end re...

Wife and Terri

Lesbian night out

Susie has kept in touch with the wife of the guy who fucked her on New years eve and occasionally met up at Pilates etc. About 2 weeks ago she suggested they have a night out in Brighton and stay over. Susie thought that this was a rouse to get the husban...

Man potato

A replay of wife’s affair part 3

The wife says good bye to a neighbor

A little info , Am 41 now, I was 36 when this started , this part of the story I was 38, I got a transfer at my job, and had to move to another part of the country, I live in the USA , we moved from the mid west to the west coast, I was in my first week a...

Man potato

A replay of wife’s affair part 2

She does it again with my permission

After we left the hotel, the next day I installed camera in our bedroom, and we agreed that if she wanted to fuck Someone she had to do it here where I could see it. She agreed and the story am about to tell happened about 6 months after the cameras were...

Bob the pensioner part 3

unfastened her bath robe slowly opening it to reveal Carol standing there in a black bikini [ two triangles that just about covered her heavy boobs]

Hello again , its been more than 7 months or more since i wrote about our adventure with Bob the pensioner so here is part 3. If you recall Carol was 40 , Bob was over 60 he lived in the flat below us and in the summer of 2000 he would look out of his win...


Wifes one night stand in her own words Prt 2

Wife had a one night stand that turned into a second and third meet

Following on from the wife's one night stand, Dianna asked me if she could meet up with Steve again. I said yes not a problem, the evening was arranged as they had swapped numbers on there previous meet. On the evening Dianna was getting ready she had alr...

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Tony T

cuckhold revenge

How I got revenge on a skinny arrogant guy who thought it was ok to fuck my wife.

Like some of your stories, I’m not sure if this counts as swinging but I’ll tell it anyway. I’m married to a fantastic woman, attractive with a great figure and an amazing attitude to life who is very open when it comes to sex and by that, I mean she will...

Ma and my wife love Liverpool as a city full of fun places and bars so we visited every other weekend before the lockdown and stayed in hotels. The event I am describing occurred on weekend in 2019 when we stayed at the Mercure near the Docks. My wife Kel...


Just by chance

One phone call to great meeting

One of the best meetings I ever encountered, now quite a few years ago, was by pure accident, I had by joining SH met a few couples and indeed had some good times. Being a single man and wishing to make up a "threesome" is not the easiest thing to do, how...


Being hired out for gardening

Little did I know a good turn would have fantastic benefits

So my wife (T) had lots of friends who were a bit older than her, T is 55, most of her friends were 60+, they all enjoyed a good social life, lunches out, dance classes, days out. I didn't know much about too many of them other than their names and a litt...

Nigel and Tina

The wife's dream cum true

A brutal weekend of shagging

So that my wife Tina could live out her fantasy I took her to a nice hotel. She knew roughly what I was going to do but didn’t have the details. We had decided long before our special afternoon that we needed to spice things up and she had told me several...