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Biting Stories


Insane Sue Part 2

Further adventures

After my rather wild afternoon/evening I was exhausted and the drive home was an effort. I was also more than slightly ashamed of how filthy I had been and the risks I had taken. It wasn’t going to change my playing around, nor my efforts to fully satisfy...


Insane Sue Part 1

Filthy public sex in London

Insane Sue If you have read my previous story Pounding the Passionate Pensioner, I mentioned that certain meetings stick very firmly in the mind. Carol was the most fantastic one-off meet I ever had. This is the tale of a different nature, one which is al...

Bob the pensioner part 3

unfastened her bath robe slowly opening it to reveal Carol standing there in a black bikini [ two triangles that just about covered her heavy boobs]

Hello again , its been more than 7 months or more since i wrote about our adventure with Bob the pensioner so here is part 3. If you recall Carol was 40 , Bob was over 60 he lived in the flat below us and in the summer of 2000 he would look out of his win...

Lion tamer

Lion turned pussy cat

Selected by a lion for her prey and turned her into a pussy cat.

This happened in the 1980's. I was a union official and was attending the annual conference. The days were long and sometimes the debates were boring, then there might be ten minutes of exciting debate, then back to more boring stuff. The evenings were go...


Part two. Tradesmans on the job stories, some of this is true, some is slightly made up. Well I couldn’t get that horny Sheena out my head what a great job, I was gutted I had to cancel the Wednesday night due to some family drama going on with my ex and...

Bob and his extra care

then she walked into his room my 40 year old Mrs with big 34gg boobs only wearing a black g string and a smile into the arms of a 70 year old man.

Hello reading a few adventures on here reminded me of a time some 20 plus years ago when Carol used to do our neighbours shopping so I thought I would share the store with you all. Back then we lived in a block of flats on the second floor we were both 40...