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Control Stories


Who Is Winding Who Up?

One night. A bar. Myself & Jen. It's not true, but it's reality. Part two will be published if Jen is a good girl. Let's hope she's a good girl.

I know you want me. I can tell, just by looking at you and how you look at me. The striking thing for me is, the look never goes away. It's on, 24/7 and I don't understand how. But I accept it. Like right now, in a crowded bar. Everytime you look at me, i...

My Sister’s Ex PT3 - My Bed, My Submission

Sophia’s adventures continue as my sister’s bully ex takes total control.

So here I am, standing in my sister's living room, wearing no underwear and having received a heavy pounding from her bully ex-boyfriend. I was in total shock and panic that my sister was upstairs, upset at what she had most definitely heard from me and R...

Baby Tom

Please don’t judge me …..

My nanny feeds me and changes my soiled nappies

Please don’t judge me ! I would value some honest feedback … goes I am a senior manager to a advertisement company , I am divorced , the buck stops with me , I am the voice and I always deliver , I am fair but assertive, I am surrounded by a team th...


Oh boy I drive to the train station am I really doing this, I get my ticket and sit on the train. I feel my clit throbbing with excitement , my phone pings. Red taxi waiting for you at the station tell them your Belle. (his name for me) he meets he outsid...


The Voyeurs Consequences Part One

Caught spying on a neighbour has consequences for Trevor

Trevor’s journey was, according to his sat nav, another 20 miles. He had already had enough time to reflect on the previous evening and to think about what that might mean for him over the 2 hours ahead. Looking back just heightened his embarrassment. He...

Cuckhold Dave

From cuckold to stud

Me, the wife, Lisa and Grham

My wife is tall, just over 6’ and a size 18 with nice DD breasts. We are both 43 and have been married for 20 years. Our swinging lifestyle started out of necessity. We had a very active sex life until I became ill and wasn’t able to get a hard on. We eve...

Andrew W

young wife , old man

keeping control in the bedroom

My story is a sort of warning to everyone considering going down the swinging path. When my wife Amanda and I got married two years ago she was 22 and I was 26. I knew that she was way out of my league because it was obvious, and everyone would remind me...

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Lion tamer

Lion turned pussy cat

Selected by a lion for her prey and turned her into a pussy cat.

This happened in the 1980's. I was a union official and was attending the annual conference. The days were long and sometimes the debates were boring, then there might be ten minutes of exciting debate, then back to more boring stuff. The evenings were go...

James is in control

My sluttish behaviour - is such a turn on

He sent me a box with a set of love eggs and butt plugs

I am having a sluttish affair with a married man , i am in my mid 30s and so is my lover . He excites me so much he has really tuned into our sexual well being . I will try most things to get me panting for more . One time we were in a hotel in Manchester...


game gets out of hand

My wife and I play a game that

My wife and I have played a game of forfeits for over three years. Basically if you loose the first part of the game, then you get a forfeit. If you fail to do the forfeit then there is an overall forfeit that we have both agreed on as the ultimate forfei...


Control & Denial

A Master Dom, controls and denies his sub orgasms until...

It had been so long since Master had let her cum, she was now laying on his bed, bound, and waiting. Her wrists were firmly attached to the posts of the bed. There was not enough slack to allow her to touch herself at all. Her legs were bound, bent at the...

Master Colin Part Two

Mistress plays her slave

The chat continued and Master Colin, became a big part of our online life, we both looked forward to chatting with him at the end of the day, and this went on for nearly year before Mistress deceided to test the water. One evening when we were chatting al...


Another Dark Night

The Return of Hanna76

Thanks for the comments on my previous post and to answer one yes we did meet again and here’s the story. OH I love wanking and I don’t think it’s dirty or wrong but equally, I love to be humiliated. About four weeks after I met Hanna76 a message popped u...