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Taking instructions from her husband. (He hated me)

"A photographers life."

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I know this is going to attract some criticism but I have to share with you one of the most erotic experiences of my career. I’m Josh, I’m a 36 year old photographer. I take photographs of everything from wedding, portraits to erotica. By erotica I don’t mean porn. The photographs I take are classy and tasteful, I have women coming in on their own for photographs for their husbands, boyfriends and so on or couples coming in for either couples shots or the husband bringing his wife / girlfriend/ partner in. A typical shoot can be women, naked but their bodies hidden behind sheer materiel, or they are just a shadow. Occasionally a woman agrees to go topless and show her breasts but hide her face behind a mask or some materiel or sometimes topless, but you can clearly see her face. On some occasions the husband directs the shoot or the woman will just run with it and touch herself, squeezing her breast and looking sensually at the camera. On even more rare occasions it goes further. On one of my first shoots since lockdown was lifted, I have a couple come in. They had booked and been rescheduled for the best part of the year. She seemed shy, had an ‘Ok’ body, large soft breasts, a plain but sort of attractive face if you know what I mean. Her husband asked me if they could pay for some ‘extras’. I’ve had this before but needed them to say exactly what they wanted. The shoot started and was going well. I took shots of her naked, kneeling on her knees, one hand placed between her legs to hide her pussy, the other hand on one of her breasts. Her husband told her how hot she looked, she giggled and looked at me. He asked her if she was ready for the ‘next bit’. She smiled and nodded. He told me that they were friends with a couple I took photos of a year before, I knew what he was going to ask before he said it because I had agreed to fuck his friend. He said that they wanted the same photos’. I set the camera to remote and took my clothes off. His wife started to breath heavily. Her husband made some silly comment about how big my dick was. She offered me one of her breast and asked me to touch her, I stood behind her and took it in my hand, my cock touching her cheek, I reached forward and took her ample, soft breast on my hand and caressed her nipple. The camera clicked and as it did she turned her face so my cock brushed against her lips. A little bit of pre cum rubbed onto her lip which she removed with her tongue. Her husband took over and told his wife to ‘put it in your mouth and suck it’. As the camera clicked, her lips slid over my shaft and my cock slid in to her mouth. I stood there making sure the camera caught everything as she moaned and gagged. I cock is long and thick and it filled her mouth. Her husband gave me instructions so I did as I was asked. I let her suck my cock, my balls before I lay her gently on her back, opened her legs and pushed my wet shaft into her pussy bending so as to be able to suck her breast hard. He called out ’are you enjoying babe’ adding that the shots will be amazing. She started to answer just as I pushed my cock in a deep as I could. She said ‘yes’ then cried out ‘fuck he’s big’. I looked at her husband, a weedy and needy guy, clearly dominating but not able to satisfy his wife and I fucked her hard making her climax over and over, bending her knees up to her cheek and I pounded the fuck out of her, her nice fat soft tits bouncing all over. She begged me not to stop, but her husband suggested that they had enough photo’s now. It wasn’t for him to tell us when we had finished. His wife was enjoying my cock inside her pussy so I pushed my tongue not her mouth before sucking hers and listened to her cry out and moan and shake. ‘He whimpered ‘ok’ followed by how he thought that we were done now. I lay flat on top of her, one tit in my hand, my mouth on her neck. She moaned that she was going to cum again, I whispered so am I. All I heard was ’in me’ over and over. I heard her husband bark an instruction for me not to cum in his wife. He had asked me to fuck her, and she had begged me to cum inside her so I did. I emptied myself into her pussy and she screamed out, arched her back and shook before crying out that ‘he’s cum inside me’ . He was upset and shouted, ‘man that’s not cool’. I shouted back that I had done it, then a gave another thrust and came again and a third time. Each time I came in his wife she squealed and trembled, and I told him, I’ve cum again. She lay there for, naked and wet for over 5 minutes trembling explaining to her husband that she had cum so hard that she couldn’t move. He looked pissed off so I explained that he shouldn’t ask another man to fuck his wife then expect him to stop. I was knackered, I sat there with my wet semi limp dick watching this woman trying to catch her breath, her nipples still erect, her tits heaving. She came back on her own a few days later and I had her over a chair and on her knees. She told me how her husband was upset, that he didn’t expect her to have an orgasm and that it would just be ‘pretend’ sex. She told me that he was pissed because I had made her cum and admitted that she had to fake it with him. She told me all this as I fucked her from behind on the floor, her tits swinging until I pumped my cum into her again. They paid for the photos, but I waived the ‘extra costs. I saw her once more for a quick brutal fuck but I suggested that she doesn’t come round again explaining that I don’t do affairs, that I just fuck now and again. She was gutted which I found horny. I’ve fucked women from skinny 19-year-olds to chubby women in their mid-50’s and its all amazing. Not every client of course, but just one in every 50 or so and only if they ask nicely.
Written by Josh 101

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