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Orgasm Stories


Ann and date night

Ann enjoys the journey home.

We had been married for little over two years and had our first child. Ann would have been about twenty eight. Our sex life had not slowed, it had improved now she was able to again be the slut she was previously. A point in case, the midwife jokingly sug...


Ann fucks outdoors

I can't keep my hands to myself, as we sunbathe naked outdoors.

Ann loved to sunbathe naked, so one summers day we headed out in to the countryside to a car park that we were familiar with as it was one of our evening shagging locations. We found a spot away from and out of sight of the main carpark, spread our blanke...


We aren’t drinking the coffee

You pour two coffees knowing full well they’ll be started but won’t get finished, the thought that in the next ten minutes you and I will be in the bedroom is flooding your mind, you hand me mine, but don’t let go of it immediately, you lean in, plant a t...


My female sex buddy

When I fancied some fun I would message her

My story is short and sweet , as a professional woman , and a married one I was bi. I hid my lovers over the years , men and women , I like all types of ladies but over the last few years Susan was my quick fix , we were lack minded , we loved sex and she...

It was so naughty

Watching my naturist neighbors putting on a show for me

As Tom was fucking his wife I pleasured myself with my hand in my panties

To cut to the chase my neighbors are naturists Tom & Sheila , they are both in their early 60s. They highered their back garden fencing , but I could see in their garden and into their living room, my story is one day Tom was a bit frisky with Sheila and...

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Girls together

Was I missing out

Here kisses were so soft , I was getting wetter and wetter

Here is my story , the names have changed , this happened a few years a go , I have got a really good job so normally behave myself. I'm size 12 , 5ft7, 34C and shoulder length blonde hair and told attractive. I am separated because my ex couldn’t keep hi...

Dirty old Sam

older men, younger women

hot women asks for sex.

My wife suggested that we have fun with other people. So, now and again, she goes off to meet her boyfriend for a shag and I go to meet my fuck buddy. What she doesn’t know is (and this makes me laugh every time). I’m 59, she’s 55, her fuck buddy is 61 an...

She did it!

First time with other

For a while now I have been asking, almost begging her to meet another man and enjoy herself like we used to do together. I have been taking those tablets for 3 years now, and slowly my erections faded. The drive was still there: with a wife and a body li...

Sandi & Mick makes 2

The best orgasm ever

It’s all about the communication and sharing what gets you off

Hi everyone I’m Sandi , lIke most girls my early sexual awakenings was masturbation , female masturbation is a bit taboo , we all do it but you dont broadcast it , its private & personal and wether you use , toys , lotions , porn or your partner you have...