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black cock

Martin calls part four and final part

The continuation of Martin my black bull

This is part four and last of Martin calls So Martin told my husband to leave the hotel and go home wait for Martin to call him the next day to pick me up from the hotel. My husband begrudgingly left me with Martin leaving the hotel, he told me after he p...

Martín calls part three

Meeting Martin part three

Please read parts ons and two first. As I bent over the bottom of the bed , Martin told my husband to strip and show him his little white cock and why I needed Martin’s black cock . Martin then told My husband to take his black cock and guide it between m...


Probably six months after she met with her ex-boyfriend, Richard, and the revealing of her sexual past, and all its’ filthiness, I asked if she would like to meet him again. She replied that she would like to, but it would have to be the last time as she...