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Cum eating Stories

cum eating

Beautiful Cock

A real pleasure to make cum

Back to my cruising spot this lunchtime to see if anyone on their lunch break was looking for a good blowjob. As I arrived to park my car there was a man in his 40s and in overalls walking through the gate and down toward a possible 'sucking site'. I quic...

How I met a mother

A story of a sexually charge encounter with a school mum

Mandy was one of the mums I knew from the school run. Long brown hair, dark brown eyes, about 5ft 5 and the perfect hour glass figure, her smile would light up the play ground gates. I had always fancied her and we always had friendly chats at the beginni...

First creampie experience

Double cream surprise

I had often wondered what it would be like to eat out a pussy that was full of another guy’s cum. It was something that I was very curious about. I remember when I was young I had a girlfriend who used to like it when I went down on her after I had cum in...



or how we fucked and swapped

I first met Lynne a few years ago online. Her husband Paul had set up a couples account and persuaded her to chat. I chatted with her in the rooms then exchanged a few messages. After a few months we met for lunch, later she invited me to her house and be...


I came home from work and entered our house and found baby being obedient as usual (she's a good girl), kneeling on the floor , collar on and naked, 'how was your day Daddy' she asked, 'Very good, have you been a good girl while daddy was at work' I repli...

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You always find it when you're not looking

Years of wanting to suck a cock and it happens out of the blue

Ever since I was 16 or 17 I've had regular periods of a strong desire to suck a cock. In recent years the desire also spread to being fucked, and it's getting atronger. I've kept this desire to myself, with nerves and the fear of disease always standing i...

Studland 6

We love summer

Gary moves over to S, he's on his knees in front of her, she opens her legs wider he's head buried between them, he's finger fucking her cunt and lapping her juice up, she's loving it dirty slut. Jane moves over to me and grabs my cock and puts it in her...

Studland 5

We love summer

So Phil, says might see you tomorrow, maybe I say and off he goes. I ask Gary and Jane if they want to come back to our caravan for a drink. OK yes we'll follow you, so we set off for the car park. In the cars and away we go,we get to the site and I tell...

Studland 4

We love summer

So we're back on the beach settled in a nice area,wind breakers from the van put up to give a bit of privacy,Jane and Gary turn up and I ask did he turn up last night the younger fella ,Jane said oh yes he did stayed till 2 am fucked me every which way he...