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Swallowing Stories


Second Visit to Swinging Club

I hard to pass the audition first

Here is the next instalment from reading through my old diaries. These events took place a few years after the last story. This I met Natalie (name changed) through an adults website. She was in her early fifties but married to a guy in his seventies and...

Unexpected blow job

American lady shows a special relationship between our two countries does exist

The next of my diary tales relates to Lesley – an American woman who I met online and like me was looking for some non exclusive NSA meet ups. As always the events truly happened. Unusually for me she was not blonde and a slightly more rubenesque figure –...

Another First-Timer!

Late night cab-driver gets his first bj

I'd been parked at Smiley's for about an hour, with no-one around, and was about to go when a big people mover with a cab sign on top pulled in and parked right next to me, facing the same way. He turned off the engine and lights, and got out. I couldn’t...


Fun with older gentleman

Getting filled with good cream

Well what can I say, this one was a very nice surprise me and Justin had hit the town (Manchester) for a night out and we went to a club as we hadn't been to one for a while, we got some drinks and sat at a table chatting, Justin could see loads of guys a...

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Just for Charity

My wife was in the stocks and being fucked at both ends.

Diana and I were in our late thirties and enjoying life. Diana couldn’t have children and I was never fussed about having any. Not to say that we didn’t like kids. On the contrary we both loved playing with other’s kids. We had been into swapping and prog...


Well we had our usual xmas festivities , we both visited our parents and had lots of food and drink, so once that was done and dusted we held a very small gathering for 2 of my regulars, Simon and Carl to come over for a few snacks drink and dessert (me o...


Well I'd thought I'd share a little story when I was on our holiday in France , not far from a nudist beach. Me and Justin had spent the day soaking up the sun and both of us stark bollock naked on the beach, so we decided to go back to the hotel and spen...


Birthday Treat

1st Gangbang

Well me and Justin have been together for a while now and we have an open relationship, so It was my birthday and we went out for a nice meal and few drinks, we finished our drinks and called a taxi, Justin said to me, 'go upstairs and undress, and put on...

You are never to old

He loved young cock

He was on his knees sucking me full length from bell end to shaft

One of our local neighbors Norman wanted a hand painting / varnish his garden shed and a few other jobs , norman was in his late 60s a bit of a ladies man my nan told me. I popped around to his house for a look at the job and to see what extra materials h...