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Oral clensing Stories

oral clensing

The lodger's lot

I came home covered in spunk and the lodger licked me clean.

My names Tasha and I have never written anything before. I was twenty six and buying my own place. I had allowed Len to move in with me. At first he was just as a house mate to help with the bills. Slowly but surely, he weaselled his way into my panties a...

His first touch

Straight guy combats fear of accidentally touching a cock in straight mmf threesome

She really wanted a threesome with another guy and he agreed, but he was really worried about accidentally touching the other guy’s cock during play. It got to the point where he bailed out just before their first threesome. So, she took action and after...


Lover's Lane

My first amazing experience of dogging

It was a warm July evening and my husband, Tom, and I decided to drive out to a local lover’s lane not far from where we live. We were both feeling hot and horny so I decided to come dressed prepared. I wore a light summer dress, the kind that buttons up...


40 year old virgin

I didn’t know until I seduced her

This was some 12 years ago and I was running a big program with about 80 staff. Anyway I took on a new finance/general manager lady and we got on very well. We often had meetings away and stayed over for one or two nights with usually 3-4 people from our...

Meg n Paul

Used like a Spanish slut

Paul watched as one ofter another the Spanish men used me.

Hi, I'm Meg and my husband is Paul we met at a party my older brother threw while our parents were away on holiday back in 1966. I was seventeen and Paul was eighteen. It was the first time I had seen sex let alone have sex. I watched one of my brother's...