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The lodger's lot

"I came home covered in spunk and the lodger licked me clean."

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My names Tasha and I have never written anything before.  I was twenty six and buying my own place.  I had allowed Len to move in with me.  At first he was just as a house mate to help with the bills.  Slowly but surely, he weaselled his way into my panties and my bed.  He was after all a pretty handsome guy and at first the sex was very good.  He was very attentive with lots of foreplay before we screwed.


Four months in and things had changed.  The foreplay was now a finger or two thrust up my pussy, usually for a minute or two if I was lucky, and then his cock replaced them.  Whilst I still managed to get myself off with my fingers while he fucked me, I wanted the attentive man he used to be.  I kept telling him that I wanted more from him, but he either failed to hear me, or was only interested in a quick fuck with me.  Either way I was getting to the end of my tether.  I was looking around to see if I could find a girl to join me as a house mate, and kick Len into touch.


That was when I went to a party with several of my girlfriends.  One of them knew the birthday boy and dragged us with her.  As the party went on the booze flowed freely and I had had a few but was still pretty much under control.  Then the games started.  You know the ones.  Spin the bottle and cards.  All games led to losing clothes.  Being well oiled I was happy to go along with it, but I did see quite a number of girls grab their friends and leave.  Several other lads dragged their girls away, probably knowing what was to come.


We were down to just three of us girls and about a dozen boys.  Then one of the girls passed out and she was taken away leaving Vicky and myself playing confessions with a dozen lads.  I had just confessed that my current boyfriend wasn’t doing it for me.  After great laughter I was asked what I needed and I answered a man that gives good oral sex before trying to fuck me.  That created much more laughter.


Both Vicky and I were sat on the floor in just bra and panties and most of the lads were in just boxers or Y fronts.  Before it got to Vicky’s turn she decided that she needed the toilet and I noticed that two of the lads went off with her, one of them being birthday boy.  Birthday boy went to show her where it was, and I wasn’t sure what the other one was up to, but I could guess.  That left me alone with a lot of sexed up lads.


I lost the next game and one of the lads said they needed to see the pussy that needed so much licking.  I still had bra and panties and could have taken my bra off but decided to let the lads have a peek at my pussy.  I managed to slip my panties off without showing much.  The lads groaned telling me that they needed a proper look.  I felt very slutty as I opened my legs wide and gave the lads a quick flash before closing my legs again.


I heard one of the lads say that given the chance he would suck my fanny for me for an hour or more.  Another one agreed with him.  It was the other one that lost the next game and he took his boxers off and had a pretty impressive cock on him.  Several games later and I had four naked cocks around me and what I needed was a good licking and an even better fucking.


Then the first lad to say he would lick me lost.  I said that instead of taking his pants off, he could lick me out.  I couldn’t believe I had just said that in front of ten a group of lads, but before I could retract it or say that I meant in a separate room, he had me on my back and my legs wrapped around his head.  God it felt so good having him lick and suck my pussy.  It also felt so slutty.  I had never done anything quite as bad as this before.  The most adventurous I had been, was a couple of threesomes.  One with two lads, that was great fun, and a second one with a couple.  I had enjoyed the other girl more than her husband.


As the lad licked and sucked I had a great orgasm and the lad just kept on sucking.  As I came down from the orgasm I found two cocks trying to get into my mouth.  I just sucked the first one as deep as I was prepared to take it and started to wank the second one.  I couldn’t take my hand off the first cock or the owner tried trusting it down my throat which causing me to gag.  Some of the lads thought that was funny, but I didn’t.  I also had hands on one tit and a mouth on the other.  I couldn’t remember when or how my bra had been taken off.


I have no idea how we went from me sucking one lad and wanking another while being sucked out, to being fucked and wanking two lads while sucking a fourth lad.  Worse still I remember several more lads taking turns with my pussy.  I say several, but I guess pretty much all of them fucked me.  By the time I couldn’t take any more and they seemed to have run out of cum and energy, I was covered in cum from head to toe.  That didn’t include the loads in my poor well fucked pussy.  I don’t remember getting dressed but I was being driven home.


It struck me that Len would make a fuss and it was probably a good time to tell him to leave.  After all he was just a lodger.  The lad who drove me home helped me to the front door and after a quick grope and kiss left me to make my own way indoors.  Although it was almost four in the morning Len was still up.  I thought here it comes.


Instead, Len ran to help me in and onto the sofa.  Me must have been able to smell the cum on me as I could.  Then before he even said a word he was under my skirt licking my worn out pussy.   Oooh the thought of that even now get’s my pussy juices flowing.  It suddenly dawned on me that he hadn’t needed to remove any panties.  One of the dirty sods probably kept them to wank into.


As Len sucked his hands were undoing and removing my wrap around skirt and my blouse.  Huh no bra either.  Then when he had cleaned my pussy, Len started to lick me all over cleaning off the spunk on me.  Between the pussy licking and Len cleaning the rest of me I found myself coming yet again even without a tongue or a cock at my pussy.  Len wanted to fuck me, but I was far to sore by then and had to tell him no.  I did however give him a blow job before he helped me into bed.


Next morning, I woke to Len already lapping away at my pussy which led to a great orgasm to start the day.  Len asked could he fuck me.  I was a bit worried that I might still be too sore, but it wasn’t that bad and Len was quite quick in coming before he cleaned his own cum out of my pussy again.  Afterwards Len wanted to know all the ins and outs of what I had been up to, or more to the point who had been up me.  He got very excited and came a second time all over my legs.  I insisted he clean it up which he was more than happy to do.


That night and morning taught me several things.  First off I’m a dirty slut and I love the attention of several men at the same time, and secondly, Len loves to clean me up when I have been well used.  Talk about the best of both worlds.  I moved Len back into his own room and reminded him that he is my lodger and he only has my body when I want him to pleasure me.   Len is far more attentive again now we have good boundaries.  When I take men home to pleasure me Len waits outside of my room waiting to be called in when I want him to clean me up and if he’s lucky get a final fuck of the night.


As for Vicky she spent the night with her two lads, and after I left, several of the other lads recovered and also took turns with her.  On a few occasions I have had Vicky around, along with a load of lads, and afterwards Len has had two pussies to clean up.  One evening Vicky and I had Len coming as we licked each other out.  He hadn’t had either of us touch him or even touch himself.  I did relent and let him fuck me after Vicky had her fill of my pussy.


I think, at least for now, Len can stay.

Written by Tasha

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