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Teased Stories


One thing led to another

I could see the back of Ellie's head bobbing up and down as she gave our boss a blow job.

I had just gone through a rather bitter divorce with my ex-wife Olivia. I barely managed to hang on to my house as my wife strolled away with a load of my money and one of my best mates. To make things worse I was also getting a pretty rough ride at work....


The lodger's lot

I came home covered in spunk and the lodger licked me clean.

My names Tasha and I have never written anything before. I was twenty six and buying my own place. I had allowed Len to move in with me. At first he was just as a house mate to help with the bills. Slowly but surely, he weaselled his way into my panties a...

Richard H.

No tiddlers here

She had a glint in her eyes when she asked me did I have a whopper

This was well before Covid. I had just taken early release from work at just fifty two it was very early, but the package they offered me was far too good to ignore. I have several hobbies, but the one I had forsaken the most was fishing. I decided to go...


Teaser gets caught out.

teasing wife gets gang anged

My wife Daisy and I would play this game, we would enter a pub, bar or club separately and I would sit in a corner and watch her tease the men and flirt with them and then at the end of the night when they had fed Daisy with alcohol I would step up and cl...


Holiday friend gets closer back home

Holiday friend shares my flat with me

I was on a camping holiday with my wife and two sons in France. The boys spent most of their time kicking a ball around with a bunch of older boys. Then a few days later a Dutch couple and their three year old boy moved into the tent next to ours. The cou...