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Boobs Stories


My 70 year old boss and me

He paid for my boob job

My name is Jodie and this is something I’ve been wanting to share for a while but didn’t know where until I found this sight. My experience starts a few years back when I was 23, I had a part time job as a cleaner for an older couple they had a big 5 bedr...

Turns out I like spas, after all.

You go to a spa to either recharge your batteries or drain them dry. To the last drop.

This one is slightly simpler than than the previous one, but it does not lack steam - literally. It all happened, and it is one one of my go-to memories if I need a good wank. I was never a massive fan of baths or spas. There's something about them that m...

Jack T

How my wife has changed! - Part 2

And it is for the better

So in my first update I revealed my wife of thirty plus years had become hooked on sex parties thrown by her fellow director Tracey (they worked together) and her step daughter, Mandy (my wife) admitted she enjoyed the parties and the dirty sex with the y...

Wife and Terri

Lesbian night out

Susie has kept in touch with the wife of the guy who fucked her on New years eve and occasionally met up at Pilates etc. About 2 weeks ago she suggested they have a night out in Brighton and stay over. Susie thought that this was a rouse to get the husban...

My First Visit to The Naturist Spa

Having tried the nudist beach I was keen to experience a spa

Having been to Fairlight a few times now I had been interested in going to a naturist club or spa and experience what it was like to be closer to others. I love to be looked at and was really turned on at the thought of lots of men, and women looking at m...

lucky chap

First time dogging

did'nt think the wife would try it!

A little introduction about ourselves. We are a couple with my sexy hot wife T being 28 in the body of a hot lady as we have been told on various occasions, she is built like a model with the most perfectly formed legs, very sexy well-formed bum and slend...

Finally a Hotwife

How Becca started the journey to become a Hotwife

This is how my wife Becca became a Hotwife. It started in 2012. We have been married for 10 years and things were getting a little stale. I suggested swinging but she was set against it telling me that seeing me with other women made her feel jealous and...


Cider with Janey

Wife turned on by the thought of going in a guy's wank bank

After reading some great stories on here, I thought I would contribute one of my own. This is about a true experience from a couple of years ago. I hope you enjoy it. My wife and I were invited to a wedding in West Sussex. I suggested we stayed at a hotel...

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Ice age 3 my first time voyuer

My initiation into voyuerism.

so there I was watching this man eating out the widow who lived not far from the fallen tree which she was leaning back against, while I watched standing behind the roots and soil which stood nearly 10 ft round. As the very beautiful woman came down from...

Whore Cow

Lactating for husband.

My husband made me his whore cow.

My husband is a successful plastic surgeon. We met in college. He helped his income by moonlighting in a tattoo and hair removal establishment. I had seen him around campus, but the first time that I talked to him was when I went to get a tattoo. I wanted...

Bob the pensioner part 3

unfastened her bath robe slowly opening it to reveal Carol standing there in a black bikini [ two triangles that just about covered her heavy boobs]

Hello again , its been more than 7 months or more since i wrote about our adventure with Bob the pensioner so here is part 3. If you recall Carol was 40 , Bob was over 60 he lived in the flat below us and in the summer of 2000 he would look out of his win...

After the party

Being watched...

Thanks for the messages about my last story. As promised here’s another one... I was at a house party in March with a girl I’d fancied since I left school. We’d only been on a few dates before this evening but known each other for quite a few years. She h...

Suzie tries a stranger...

Following years of wishing and planning, my wife takes a stranger.

Let me start right at the beginning. This absolutely true account happened about 9 years ago, when my wife was 40 years old, and I was 42. Suzie (her real name) had married me in 1992 and we were very happy; we both worked hard in our demanding profession...