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Curious Stories

Anal gimp

Anal sex with my wife took another twist

Lisa was fucking my arse hole with her dildo I was so turned on

My story is a dilemma , here we go , I have been married for 8 years to Lisa , normal marriage with a sex life that has changed over the years , we were open to talking about our likes , dislikes , turn ons and fantasies. We like role play in bed , we lik...

Sally Ann

Sex club 3some with a blind fold

I lowered my head not to a dick but a pussy

This experience happened to me when I was married , my then husband and I liked to frequent private sex parties , talking to like minded adults we messaged a few couples , from the off there was never any pressure we wanted to go , watch and go with our e...

lucky chap

First time dogging

did'nt think the wife would try it!

A little introduction about ourselves. We are a couple with my sexy hot wife T being 28 in the body of a hot lady as we have been told on various occasions, she is built like a model with the most perfectly formed legs, very sexy well-formed bum and slend...

How does it begin?

She'd had enough of vanilla and searched for her fantasies.

How does any connection begin? By finding, and talking, or being in the right place, at the right time. I only go for quality; someone with a genuine desire to discover whether the reality of her dreams and curiosities, can actually exist. So I read profi...


From Virgin to sexual fulfillment

Rescued a young girl and turned her into a full sexual woman

I'd like to tell you about Caroline, how she has developed from a repressed timid girl into an outgoing bubbly beautiful woman. That also goes hand in hand with Toby who is a self centered prick. I first spotted Caroline when she came into the pub with To...

Not how I planned

Fantasies not how I planned

Seeing sian having sex with men and woman - and loving the attention -

This is my story with a difference, I am Tom been married to Sian for almost 20 years both successful in our professions , lovely house , cars , holidays the lot , we have a loyal group of friends , our sex life has changed over the years , we both go to...


The thrill of it all

Part 1 of 2 ( if of interest)

I could tell that J was bi-curious from the first time we met. The way her eyes lingered on my lips when I drank my tea, or when I spotted her looking down my blouse when she stood over my computer at work. I never said anything though as she was also mar...


Foursome fun

watching a french couple resulted in having a new girlfriend

I was on holiday in France and had found myself a nudist beach (Plage Naturel). The first day on the beach there was just loads or wrinklies and the only sight to mention was when a wild looking man with a huge bushy hair and long beard. bold walked down...

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Ste & Jim my hung neighbour

Jim made me a offer ......which has got me thinking

He showed me his big dick .....I am tempted

I was watching porn with my pants off , wanking and tweaking my nipples , I was in the zone when there was a knock on my window there to my horror was Jim my neighbor , there was no need to try and blah my way out of this , I needed a minute to compose my...

The chronicles of Alex

a young effeminate man realizes his sexuality and the sexiness of being a transvestite

At 18 years of age Alex made a life changing discovery that opened his eyes and emotions to the person he had been growing towards for a good number of years , it was a wet miserable Saturday and Mum and gone out for the afternoon , Alex lived alone with...

CFNM Changing room

Cleaner saw my dick!

My friend invited me as a guest to check out his new spa and swimming pool that he had just joined at a local hotel. It was lush and I was impressed. After a swim and sauna he had a call from his girlfriend and said he had to go but it was fine for me to...