17 May 2019

My friend invited me as a guest to check out his new spa and swimming pool that he had just joined at a local hotel. It was lush and I was impressed. After a swim and sauna he had a call from his girlfriend and said he had to go but it was fine for me to stay and he would pick me up in an hour or so. There was not many members left so I decided to chill out on a bed. Next thing I knew I had fallen asleep and had a tap on my shoulder from a girl who told me that the spa is closing in 10 mins. I got my towel and went into the changing room to have a quick shower. As I was washing my hair, I heard a voice and looked down to see the girl from reception smiling as she said "Is it ok if I clean as I am getting picked up in 10 mins and my shift has finished?" I could not believe I was just standing there with my dick out as she was talking to me! I told her that she should not be in the mens changing room and she just smiled and said it was part of her job to clean them and not to be embarrassed while blatantly staring at my cock. By then I thought fuck it I don't care now and told her to carry on. As she started to clean I thought what a horny situation to be in and felt the urge for her to see me naked a bit more and started to get a semi hard on. I just walked out the shower holding my towel and felt so horny walking to my locker with my big dick swinging around knowing she could look if she wanted to. As she was cleaning the mirror I asked her how long she had been working there so she would answer me looking in the mirror and see my almost hard cock. She said that this was her first week and loved the perks of her job. Since then I have become a member and always am the last to leave. I have also added her on twitter and have shared some proper naughty pictures.

Tags: arousal, blonde, cfnm, curious, dressing