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Hotel CFNM or more?

What are you guys looking for???

We’re chatting to lovely people on this site, getting used to the level of contact and how we wish to come across. However, people keep asking us “so what are you looking for?” What a difficult question… we don’t want to start graphically describing all t...


The Voyeurs Consequences Part One

Caught spying on a neighbour has consequences for Trevor

Trevor’s journey was, according to his sat nav, another 20 miles. He had already had enough time to reflect on the previous evening and to think about what that might mean for him over the 2 hours ahead. Looking back just heightened his embarrassment. He...

Questionnaire fun

I am interviewed in my home by a woman whilst wearing just my dressing gown.

Last year I was at home and bored. Nothing new there, not even the fact I was horny is new either. It was about two in the afternoon and I decided I would have some fun with myself. I went upstairs and got the laptop out, put on some porn and got naked. I...


Holiday Fun

An unexpected turn on holiday

The holiday was going great, the apartment was fantastic, the food was good and we hadn't seen a cloud in the sky for the three days that we had been here. We spent all day relaxing round the pool and drinking. At about 5ish we would go back up to our apa...

Career change part 1

Zoe rediscovers job satisfaction!

Zoe and Adam had discussed the possibility many times, and eventually her disillusionment with working for the health service became too much and she left. In spite of all that she felt was wrong with the system it was still with a heavy heart that Zoe ga...

CFNM Changing room

Cleaner saw my dick!

My friend invited me as a guest to check out his new spa and swimming pool that he had just joined at a local hotel. It was lush and I was impressed. After a swim and sauna he had a call from his girlfriend and said he had to go but it was fine for me to...