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Age Stories

John Boucher

The Authors som

Gets a look in

Don’t forget I’m out tonight she said. Oh ok, I had, where you off too on a Wednesday night? It’s Jenny’s book launch in town. Who’s Jenny? Oh - do you ever listen to a word I say, she’s that author I’ve been organising this for for 6 months that’s all. O...

Old chaps

Charity shop flash

Wife flashes then gets creampied by stranger

07:03After reading a story on this forum about flashing reminded me of what my wife did. Like the previous story. My wife went into a charity shop Changing room to try on a dress. We had set this up and we knew that she'd be getting watched. Shes choose a...

Ice Age no Two

From Magazines to being a proper Voyuer.

So in 1963 I had discovered the world of what was known as dirty mags. But things got better, becouse two weeks later there was another paper bag in the lay-by hedge. A much bigger bag and heavier, for it contained two magazines that were A4 size and abou...

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Sir Arthur Cumalot

Lust Story

Taking my wife's cherry

LUST STORY Even after all this time, we're still mad for each other and deeply in love. With no distraction of kids, I think a lot of our mutual attraction is down to our age difference of a good few years.  I met Ellen a few weeks before her 21st birthda...

Debbie Loves Old Cocks

Hi, my name is Debbie and I’m a twenty-seven-year-old blonde, with a 36-inch bust, a curvy figure, and I make a good living from fucking older men

Even old, ugly men need to fuck, and when they do they can be very grateful. Hi, my name is Debbie and I’m a twenty-seven-year-old blonde, with a 36-inch bust, a curvy figure, and I make a good living from fucking older men. I advertise on the net and in...


Naughty curvy MILF seems some older entertainment.

Fucking an OAP when hubby decides to take a break from swinging.

My husband and I had an open relationship for a few years to spice things up but he took a break from swinging in 2018, I still seemed to have sex on the mind constantly. He’s not on Fab etc any more but I liked to keep my hand in. With a curvy body (size...

Bob the pensioner part 3

unfastened her bath robe slowly opening it to reveal Carol standing there in a black bikini [ two triangles that just about covered her heavy boobs]

Hello again , its been more than 7 months or more since i wrote about our adventure with Bob the pensioner so here is part 3. If you recall Carol was 40 , Bob was over 60 he lived in the flat below us and in the summer of 2000 he would look out of his win...

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Dirty bird

Young co worker tells me weekend story

I think he fucked my wife ...

I work at a recycling center, I’ve been there for years am the old guy, in a young guys game, before the virus hit, I loved hearing the weekend stories of the young guys I work with , I guess I lived Vicariously through them now that am married with 3 kid...

Teen stud

The wedding reception

Teen gets the wife of family friend

This is a story that happened to me many years ago . Am 47 now ,my name Kurt but this happened to me when I was 18 and a senior in high school. Before this happened I was sexually active, I had banged about 7 girls, but never a milf before the night of th...

Ste & Ken

Ken was old but he loved young cock

He sucked my dick like a trooper

Last summer Kenny one of my neighbors wanted a hand painting his garden shed and a few other bits & bobs , ken was in his late 60s a bit of a ladies man my nan told me. I popped around to his house for a look at the job and to see what materials he needed...

How did it begin 12?

Wild was fastened in the door frame.

You might have wondered why I didn't just get in there, and totally maul Wild, whilst she was held by both wrists and ankles in the door frame. I could have done, so easily. Which 60 year old male wouldn't have wanted to be in my boots with a nubile 23 ye...

How did it begin? 11

Wild decided that she was now feeling brave enough to really meet the reality.

Right back at the beginning, if you've been following from there, a young 23 year old had dared herself to uncover a little of what she'd been wanting to discover for quite some time. You'll also remember the partner, the crap bf that she put up with; she...

How did it begin? 9

Wild goes out clubbing.

Sunday morning's are always slow starters, It's not a work day for me and the offspring has bounded off early to do charity work with a couple of friends from school days. So, after leisurely eating a light breakfast, the dog walk gets under way. So many...