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Betrayal Stories


Finally a Hotwife

How Becca started the journey to become a Hotwife

This is how my wife Becca became a Hotwife. It started in 2012. We have been married for 10 years and things were getting a little stale. I suggested swinging but she was set against it telling me that seeing me with other women made her feel jealous and...


House party fun

Sleepover after the house party turns into sneaky sex

This happened around 1998-99 when i was in my second year at college. A friend of mine lived in a block of flats that was normally used as holiday apartments during the summer season, but was rented out to students for the rest of the year. It was a fairl...

Janice's Last Blast

A photo shoot goes wrong for me - but ooh so right for her.

Sexually, I was a bit of a late developer being as I was painfully shy as a teenager and even at uni failed to find a girlfriend. I feel on my feet when I met Janice, though. She was 12 years older than me and was very sexually active and aware of her nee...


Sleep paralysis dream

Wife fucked by an old lover

Before I start this account a little background. Before we were married and we still lived with our parents my then girlfriend (now my wife) was having a long term affair with a guy she worked with. It was sorted out at the time and I’ve had details of wh...


The bet went all wrong

John not only fucked Lindy, but he had already fucked my wife.

I told Billie my girlfriend that I wanted her to fuck my mate John. John hadn't had any for some while since his wife left him. I will admit it was his own fault as he was fucking Misty's best mate when she walked in on them. Misty packed there and then a...

Dirty bird

Young co worker tells me weekend story

I think he fucked my wife ...

I work at a recycling center, I’ve been there for years am the old guy, in a young guys game, before the virus hit, I loved hearing the weekend stories of the young guys I work with , I guess I lived Vicariously through them now that am married with 3 kid...


I pushed her into it and now regret it.

She's pregnant and we don't know who the father is

This is regarding something that happened when the restrictions were lifted from the lockdown. My girlfriend and I are both 28 and like most men I've always had a weird urge for her sleep with other men either in a threesome scenario or one on one with me...

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Youth leader

Girlfriend enjoyed her punishment

Caught girlfriend with a mate and disciplined her, she liked it.

My girlfriend was a wild thing. She was fairly small at 5' 2" but that didn't stop being a big part of everyone's life that she touched. To say she was outgoing was an understatement, at twenty seven she had far more energy than what I had. I ran a youth...


Another confession

How many times has she done this?

I posted on the 10th June about how we’d introduced some spice into our sex life, when my wife confessed to a double fuck while we were courting. We’ve been married nearly 40 years and she has always maintained she’s been faithful for all that time. The t...

Arthur M

Broken promise

I promised not to hit on one tennant and instead hit on all three.

This account started when I was nineteen, I am now fifty three, but the memories are sweet. I was drowning my sorrows in the pub. In a few days time I was either going to be homeless or having to move back in with my olds. A mate and I had rented a two be...

Wierd Phone |Sex

Discovering she loves other men

Me and my Wife have been on the swinging scene for a long time but we are not intensive swingers. We usually go to big organised parties and clubs in and around London, we have played with a few couples outside the party scene and also done a couple of nu...

Bitch :(

My sister is a flirt and made a play for my best mates husband

She went missing I tracked her phone and she was being fucked

Late last summer my sister came to visit , it was great to see her ( paula ) is divorced , her Achilles heel Is alcohol when she’s on it she becomes very flirty, sometime well over the top . No drink and she is a great sister , my best friend ( Francis /...

Nicola L

wife with a secret life 2

from wife to a slut

First of all, thank you for all your messages of support, they do make me feel a little better about what I did. I have however decided that my life with my husband cannot go on, partly because of my next story and partly because, well, I just have no res...

Nicola L

Wife with a secret life

From quiet to slut

I’m a 29-year-old married woman who’s married to a great guy who’s 37. I need to keep my details secret for obvious reasons but I need to share my secret life. The first time I had sex with another man was totally out of the blue. To this day I have no id...