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The last throws of the dice, but will be the outcome?

HORNMANJI: The last throws of the dice - Part 5. The finale. So here we are. After delay and delay and endless struggle you mucky pups finally get an end to this five-part filth-fest. May you enjoy the salacious and saucy goings-on as this journey complet...

Honesty was the best policy

Revealing our bisexuality

Not all my encounters were of a bisexual nature and I enjoyed liaisons with both sexes. I always managed to use my mouth to good effect no matter what gender they were. I was equally at home sucking cock as well as licking pussy and burying my face betwee...


🚿 79

Will was used and abused

We asked Maddie and Will to our house. It was the first time he had met Anna and Sally, but we did not tell him that his wife had been to bed with us all. “Come in, would you like a drink? Fria, introduce our playmates.” “Playmates?” Will asked. “You don'...


Lesson 10

The club

“Good morning everyone. We don't have anything scheduled for this morning , so relax. We do have something for this afternoon you will get a full brief at lunch. My advice is mostly for the men not too much fucking. After lunch we briefed the class. “We a...


Steven and I become lovers, however a meeting with friends was about to change all that with a surprise revelation from one of them.

The first few months after we went our separate ways was, for me, the most difficult. I'd lost my confidence, my ED raised its ugly head, then the sale of the house fell through so we were still financially connected as we rented it out with at least a st...

PC Plod

A man in a phone box

A woman in swing

I got invited to a join a modern commune, but the story starts long before I joined. I have changed every name including any user names on here. Dan purchased an old hotel intending to open it as a club. He started work on it just before covid hit so his...

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Lesson 7

Two into One

“This is day three. Are you enjoying the course?” I asked. There were sounds of agreement around the breakfast room. “Let's start with some irrigation, sluts you know how, show the cocks.” Eve instructed. “Pay attention men, you're next.” Di continued. Gr...


“This morning we saw the sluts learning to eat cunt. You guys never had any fun. Sluts pick a cock. Cocks I want those cunts full. One is not enough, so when you are done pick another slut and fuck her.” I closed the lunch break. Back in the bedroom women...


Lesson 3

Another guys cum

It was after dinner, small portions that lesson 3 started. “I hope you have been enjoying. Sit down time for some more TV.” I started the DVD. The movie was about how to please a pussy. “Sluts, pick a man, starfish on their bed. Men that's not your spunk...


Probably six months after she met with her ex-boyfriend, Richard, and the revealing of her sexual past, and all its’ filthiness, I asked if she would like to meet him again. She replied that she would like to, but it would have to be the last time as she...

Fun in the Sun - part 5

Time To Broaden My Horizons

We had a light lunch at the hotel and then popped up to the room to collect a few things for the beach. I decided to put on my own bikini bottoms as I knew I would want to go for a swim lol As I put them on Annie rolled her eyes and jokingly shook her hea...

Marine 1-2 part 2

Wife introduces me to her new friends

Still reeling from my shock discovery, it would be several more months before my wife finally brought the disk out, a bedtime treat she called it. She knew what could revive my ED cursed cock back to some kind of resemblance of a hard on. We both had a ki...