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group sex

One last time

Wife finally succumbed to a younger bull

After receiving a very attractive offer for our two hotels, Peter, my wife and I moved back to the UK and into a very nice farmhouse in Cheshire. Peter was only half an hour's drive away and Helen a frequent visitor not that much further so weekend stays...


Lewis starts to understand that being himself might be better than being others.

THERE’S A LOT OF ME ABOUT - Part 4 So, how will Lewis cope now his relationship with Kate is over before it began? What escapades will he stumble into next? What was the last film to win all five major awards at the Oscars? All of these questions and more...


We drove Sue to her first party. We arrived early as planned. Fay gave Sue her bag. “Put all your clothes in there and hang it on the numbers peg.” Carol explained. Carol pulled her top off. Sue shrugged and pulled everything off. “Is it just us?” Sue ask...


Lewis feels the repercussions of impersonating others

So here we are again with another instalment of this short series (probably another 5-parter. They seem to be my thing). Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is precisely the point of this story…Duh! TRICK OR TREAT? TREAT AND TRICK. There at my door w...


New pussy for our group

but will she make it?

We had already spoken to Sue and talked about our party group. This evening was by way of an interview. Sue was sat between Fay and Carol. Donald was still in hospital. I was on the other sofa sat with Jane and Kevin. "You said you wanted to join our litt...


Lewis learns that the many ‘hims’ have good and bad lives

So last time (like the movie serials of old) we left our hero in a tight spot…but, would he be able to get out of the howdy-doody car in time? Let’s find out shall we? THE REAL KATE AND THE FAKE LEWIS. “You aren’t Lewis,” Kate stated arms folded. “Er…I bl...

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A club night

Lots of fun

I had spent the night with Cherry. It was not my first plan. My first plan was to pick her up and go directly to the club. Plan B was to see a second woman who surprised me by inviting me to her house. I left her suddenly when her husband came home. I wen...

I met Cherry at a club

We had a funking good time

I first met Cherry at a club. It was her first club I had just arrived, stripped off and wrapped a towel around me and taken a walk around. I was sat on a sofa looking for hints from a couple that had just arrived. The woman took her coat off. She had wha...


The Sergeant unravels whilst Mel experiences group therapy

Here we go as we near the end of this EPIC tale of carnal desires and country life. This is the penultimate episode with the last part dropping on next week. I hope you enjoy this one as it’s a bit shorter than the last. Cheers. Day 5a The Fraying of the...


For the new sergeant things explode in Forston, literally and sexually

So here we are part 4 of HOT AND FUZZY. I’ve got to say in honesty this is the biggest part, it has the most sex and was arguably the most fun to write. There is some male-on-male sex featured so if you don’t want to read that then we will see you in the...


Things get better for the sergeant with a surprise and a fantasy

So, if you’ve reached this far you’re at the mid-point of the story. I hope you’re enjoying reading it as much as I enjoyed creating this fantasy version of HOT FUZZ. Day 2 Meet and Greet I woke up as my alarm beeped me awake. I reached out and knocked it...

A couples perspective of the 1st time we had a meeting mfm

My wife always fancied my mate Martin, we've known each other for about 6 years

My wife always fancied my mate Martin, we've known each other for about 6 years. We would often talk about him joining us while we were having sex. When we meet him as a third person Mandy would have mind blowing orgasms. We decided that I should mention...