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licking pussies

Thursday morning

Part 4 -last-

I look at your photo gallery again, your shapely butt is beautifully flexed, in the next photo you expose your belly, I look down and I see a beautiful pussy. She is very shapely, her lips close beautifully, I imagine you are in front of me, your legs are...


Shower 🚿 51

Putting it about again

Now Anna is pregnant we can go to the club, that is what we did last night. "It's Anna, yes? I'm Frank?" Frank said. "Are you sure Frank?" Anna asked as she turn to look at the man. "Yes" he replied, puzzled. "Sorry, we are looking for a couple." Anna rel...

Lonely Lady Biker And Her Friends

We meet her friends in their motorhome

Sarah and I woke early and quickly showered and got ready to leave. Her friend Tammy had already text her and said that she was now in Koblenz for the next couple of days. Sarah asked if I could take her to Koblenz, she’d already cleared it with Tammy tha...

Studland 3

We love summer

So we wake up and I make tea get back in bed and start to finger S,she's moaning I get a couple of fingers up her cunt and get her to just about cumming and remove my fingers and lick her juices from them, she's slowly wanking me I feel my juice raising s...


My first Girl Girl session

My husband Bob said it was ok as long as he could watch

Hi. My husband Bob, and just about everyone I know, call me Red. It's probably due to my long curly red locks or if your lucky enough to get the chance of see it my curly red bush. Bob and I have been swapping for longer than I care to remember. I have su...