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Studland 3

"We love summer"

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So we wake up and I make tea get back in bed and start to finger S,she's moaning I get a couple of fingers up her cunt and get her to just about cumming and remove my fingers and lick her juices from them, she's slowly wanking me I feel my juice raising she stops and licks the tip that's it I'm getting ready for the beach she gets up and heads for the shower block.after we both are showered and dressed we are in the car heading for the beach. We get our stuff together and start the long walk to the nudist part of the beach we find a area settle down and get undressed apply sun cream and lay down. It's hot and the beach is quite not many here yet but it's only 9.30 so will see how busy it is later. A couple of hours pass there's a few more here now, then we see the couple from yesterday walking towards us I nudge S she sits up and waves to them they settle down next to us we start talking about how hot it is as they undress the wife I'll call Jane is a bit overweight tits hanging down but they are big ,S is chatting to Gary I see she can't stop looking at his cock it's quite thick we talk about the young fella from yesterday S says I thought he was a bit creepy looking just staring at my pussy and licking his lips,Gary said I don't blame him it looks good enough to eat, oh ok you want to eat my pussy then S said, yes please he said and they put up there small pop up tent in the middle of us all ,he motioned for S to get in she looked me for approval I said if that's what you want but turn the tent this way so me and Jane can see in ,they moved it round asked if it's ok and got in, S lays down Gary moves so he's cock is up by her head and he's mouth is eating her out fuck this is going real quick I'm hard watching them S starts sucking on his cock ,she sucks cock so good plenty of practice I tell her she's slurping away like she hasn't had a cock in her mouth for years horny slut,Jane's watching saying to me she's really good at that ,I say the best I've ever had with that she moves over to me and puts her mouth over my cock, oh shit her mouth is hot I look around to check no one is watching and then I let her do her thing she is good , what women who as your cock in her mouth isn't, S is getting louder with the moaning Gary is now finger fucking her cunt and he's getting close to cumming going by his sounds saying to S suck that juice out you slut I'm getting there suck it out, and with that S went mad sucking his cock trying to swallow the whole thing then he groaned and shot his load down her throat ,she never missed a drop never does she hates wasting cum juice I'm exploding in Jane's mouth my fingers rubbing her pussy she spills some on her tit, I look at them in the tent and S is cleaning his cock with her tongue we all calm down and they come outside sit with us and there's smiles all around S sees cum on Jane's tit and wipes it off with her finger then licks it clean, I am still fingering Jane I lick my fingers clean, And head for the sea S says wait for me ,we get in the water and Wade out a bit I say fucking hell I can't believe we just done that I know she said I just sucked off a complete stranger like some slut but fuck it was good ,how about you fingering her and having her suck you off ,was she good of course I said my cock was stuck down her throat it was awesome not has good as you thou ,we spent the rest of the day chatting about all sorts, Jane said the young fella from yesterday was going to there hotel that night to fuck her in comfort .we had a couple more days down here before going home with the caravan .

Written by billybb_1

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