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Thursday morning

"Part 2"

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Author's Notes

"Let me know if my story made you wet/cum."

One is big, the other is small and twisted, it's important that a guy knows how to use it, mine is ordinary, even average, I would say, that's why I always focused on decent and long foreplay, with an emphasis on good and deep pussy licking, I've always liked it even more than giving a classic blowjob, simply licking pussy always gave me more pleasure and I was sure that my agile tongue would give your pussy more pleasure than my penis in your mouth, although it is very nice and pleasant to end in an exquisite woman's mouth.

I'm just watching a couple having fun, she's moaning loudly, calling harder, faster, fuck me ahhhh... But the guy's in good shape, I thought, he's probably giving it his all or even more, they often changed positions, sometimes he took her from behind and once he took her in a classic, pretty way she has a pussy, I thought, perfect for this hard penis, I must admit that I was rooting for him and wondering where the guy would shoot, I didn't have to wait long, no wonder with such a hot partner, I don't know if I could keep up with him and his condition, in fact I haven't been with any woman for a long time so I would probably shoot at the sight of the visible effects.

I continued watching the finale with curiosity, as if in some theater, waiting for the climax.

Give it to me, give it to me, the woman screamed in spasms of ecstasy, I want to feel your pussy and sticky sperm on me, don't you dare cum without my permission. She said, moaning loudly and clearly not in the pussy, she screamed. This man's partner suddenly pushed him away, sat down on the edge of the bed, his cock jumped out of her wet pink pussy, the sticky nectar of her juices was clearly visible on it, but wet I thought, just as I like it, and then I waited impatiently for the finale like a child waiting for candy. He was standing in front of her with a big hard dick, she was sitting on the edge of the bed, I'm crazy but they're having fun, I thought. She grabbed his erect cock in her right hand and fondled her clit with her left. Hmm, yes, give it to me, she repeated every now and then, sometimes moving her hand around his hard penis, sometimes putting only its red tip into her mouth. Are you ready to spank me, are you ready my stud, she kept playing with her pussy and sucking his hard dick, hmm the man was moaning louder and louder. He's about to shoot at her, I thought, hmm, yes, yes, he moaned, moving rhythmically in her mouth, now he growled through pursed lips, ahhh ehhh she removed the member from her mouth, moved twice more and a large white sperm covered her face, eyes, mouth, lips she was obviously satisfied, she put him in her mouth for a moment, as if she wanted to drink every drop of his white sperm which covered almost her entire face and flowed from the corners of her mouth, she licked her lips and said thank you, that's what I needed, she placed a kiss on the head his flaccid penis. His cum was everywhere, dripping from her chin onto her erect nipples and small breasts. It was good, I thought even better than fake porn, by the way I was wondering where this guy had enough sperm in him to fill her almost halfway, like they do... I don't know.

I must admit that watching this crazy couple had an effect on me, in my boxers my little friend was already making his presence felt. I stuck my hand into his boxers, damn how hard he's become, he's probably missing a wet pink pussy. Thinking about it didn't give me peace of mind, I ran my thumb over my protruding penis head, hmmm, there were already light wet drops on the very tip of it and now what, I won't leave it standing like that, it's not healthy, I thought. I pulled my boxers down to my ankles just to get rid of them completely, even though I feel more comfortable this way. The couple finished and I hadn't started yet, they turned me on terribly, I must admit, my penis didn't fall down and made itself felt, damn it got hard.

I started browsing the content of this website, delving deeper and admiring the beauty of the female body. Let's check who visited me, maybe a webcam will be available (I always wanted to try what it's like on a webcam, to participate and not just watch)

Written by rado_shot

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