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My first Girl Girl session

"My husband Bob said it was ok as long as he could watch"

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Hi. My husband Bob, and just about everyone I know, call me Red. It's probably due to my long curly red locks or if your lucky enough to get the chance of see it my curly red bush. Bob and I have been swapping for longer than I care to remember. I have sucked and fucked every size and shape cock you can imagine. Bob hasn't done so bad with pussies either. It was after our latest swap with Mick and Roz when Bob was claiming his sloppy seconds that I told him that I was missing something. Bob, being a man naturally assumed that I wanted more cocks. Whilst I had dreamed a few times about having a small gang bang that wasn't it. Bob seemed almost hurt when I told him that I had a yearning, that was getting stronger, to try some pussy myself. There was no chance that I was turning into a lesbian, I like cock too much, but I was Bi curious. I didn't know it, but Bob informed me that another couple we had swapped with a while back, the woman was Bi. Bob suggested that we contact them. I pointed out that it would be my choice of pussy and not just the first one that was willing. I had to remind Bob that just because he fancied a bit of pussy it doesn't mean that I would also fancy it. Bob said he was ok with it as long as he could watch. Then he was quick to say that if she were part of a couple he wasn't having anything to do with the husband. It was a few weeks later at a party where I was given a good fucking from Simon. As we rested afterwards Bob and Alley, Simon's wife, came and found us. Bob was excited when he told me that Alley was also Bi curious. I must admit I did fancy the prospect of my first venture for the other team would be with someone like Alley. She also seemed keen. A few days later I talked to Alley on the phone and agreed that we both fancied a try with each other. We also agreed that the men were a problem as we didn't want them getting excited and joining in. I suggested a hotel room just for the two of us. Bob, and I also gathered Simon, were pissed that they weren't invited and wouldn't get to see our first session. We had booked our hotel room for the Friday night and then were going to spend the following day shopping together. When Bob complained to me saying what did I expect him to do, I told him he had better find himself some pussy for the night. Then I was in my car and on the way to the hotel. Alley had got there first and had registered us and was waiting in the room for me. It was just late afternoon and too early to jump into bed, so after a sexy kiss we went out to look around the town. Somehow things felt right with Alley. Eventually we decided on a restaurant for some food. During the evening, and after the meal, we went to the bar for a few drinks to loosen up for what was to come. In a fairly short time we had both been chatted up several times and could have each bedded three or four men. Instead, suitably lubricated, we walked back to the hotel arm in arm. We had several looks from passing people and had a few remarks, one being, " shame they're lesbians, what a waste." Back in the hotel room, I was terribly nervous almost as nervous as the night I lost my virginity. I was pretty sure that Alley was just as nervous. When we kissed any nervousness just melted away. As we kissed we both stroked each others tits. Then we were undressing each other. I was ok stroking her pussy, but the nervousness was back when Alley turned around and we were both looking at each others pussy. It was one thing to look at it and stroke it, but another to lick it. I needn't have worried as Alley took the lead and I jumped as her tongue licked my pussy for the first time. She was so gentle and soft the way she licked me, and knew just where and when to lick, that I was quickly returning the favor. We both came fairly quickly. Alley had brought some toys with her. The vibrators were nice, but nothing that I didn't have at home already. Then she brought out the double ended dildo. Man was that good. We started with Alley on top and after a mutual orgasm we swapped with me on top. After further orgasms we settled down for the night. We lay kissing each other and stroking or kissing each others boobs. I cannot describe it but sex with another woman is so different to that with a man. No I said different, not better. I could never forego cock for just pussy, but a mixture of both is great. The following day I woke first and woke Alley by liking her pussy. We were soon in a sixty nine position pleasuring each others pussies. Afterwards we had a fabulous day shopping and then returned to our husbands. Bob had me tell him all about it and I hadn't got to far into it when I was bent over and being fucked as I relayed our night. As much as I had enjoyed my first pussy it reminded me why I couldn't give up cocks. Two weeks later I was again with Alley kissing and licking each other. The boys watched as long as they could before taking over the session and fucking the daylights out of the two of us. Afterwards we had another girly session when the lads were shagged out. Both Alley and I agree that neither of us could give up cock, but pussy is a great top up. Since then I have had two more pussies and as every cock is different so is every pussy and it's owner. If any of you ladies out there are curious, all I can say is go for it. It hasn't detracted from my relationship with Bob, if anything it has supplemented it and added to it. I think most men's fantasy is to see two women together before joining in. Now all I need to try is that gangbang.
Written by Red

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