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Sharing my wife with strangers.

Some of our hottest experiences came by total surprise.

We'd been married for three years and had been swingers for most of that time. Lynn was an avid exhibitionist and exposed herself to my friends when we were at home, and everyone possible when we were out of town. We had gone to a convention out of town a...


Treated like a whore

Then he told Corina to get her arse home and get her legs apart ready for her next customer.

I met Corina just as I finished school. She was gorgeous and I asked her to marry me. We both knew that wasn’t possible at that time as neither of us had any money, but she knew what I meant. I wanted to be with her the rest of our lives. Another reason i...


Kelly wanted to lose her virginity in a hurry.

I discovered that I couldn't live without Kelly even if she did sleep with other men

I had just returned to university for my third year after the summer break. I had set myself up in the rooms I rented and decided to go to the students union bar for a few drinks before turning in. All the new comers had started along with most of the sec...

Mandy and Ben

The sex games room

On my return Mandy was tied firmly to one of the benches and Veronique was behind her fucking her with a strap on cock

About fifteen years ago my wife, Mandy, and I were in France looking at buying a chateau. It had twenty-eight bedrooms to give you some idea of the size. It was in pretty poor condition as it probably hadn’t been lived in for at least ten years. I was loo...

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Sharing my wife

My wife sleeps with David one night a week and we hav even had threesomes.

I gave my girlfriend the nickname Oliver after Oliver twist. She was always asking for more. I found very quickly that I wasn’t able to satisfy her on my own. It was a simple case of share her or lose her, and I wasn’t about to do that. I decided to have...


First time with a girl

First time with a girl made me want more xx

This is what my first bi experience was like. I would be interested to hear what you think. Aged 20 I lived in a house with 2 other girls. One crazy who was hardly ever with us. But the other girl and I were good pals. We developed a uni type addiction to...


Soft swing became hard core

I watched Brendon's arse going up and down as his cock plunged into my wife's pussy.

Alice and I had arranged our first, same room, soft swing with Iris and Brendon. We got to this position because we had both cheated on each other. I had caught Alice out when she had brought someone home from work and unbeknown to her my plans for the da...


Neighbors son was a Pekking Tom

We ended up with Shelley and Dot licking each others clits as Carl and I fucked them.

I was living in a quiet road with my forty six year old wife, who I love very much. Our kids had all fledged the nest and we had fairly recently moved to this bungalow. Then we found we were getting new neighbors across the road from us. The man that live...

Jack T

How my wife has changed!

And it is for the better

So, to justify this title I need to tell you what my wife used to be like and then I can tell you what is currently happening. My wife (Mandy, not real name) are mid fifties and been married for 30 + years, we never had kids because careers got in the way...


My first Girl Girl session

My husband Bob said it was ok as long as he could watch

Hi. My husband Bob, and just about everyone I know, call me Red. It's probably due to my long curly red locks or if your lucky enough to get the chance of see it my curly red bush. Bob and I have been swapping for longer than I care to remember. I have su...