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Photographs Stories


Thursday morning

Part 4 -last-

I look at your photo gallery again, your shapely butt is beautifully flexed, in the next photo you expose your belly, I look down and I see a beautiful pussy. She is very shapely, her lips close beautifully, I imagine you are in front of me, your legs are...

Marie n Todd

A wild woman.

She was biting and scratching and it was hurting.

My wife enjoyed Charles and I taking photos of her as she sexily stripped for us. We had met him through an advert he had posted saying he liked to take photos and as I was of the same mind we had him come to us. His advert hinted that was as far as he we...


Vera got more than her photo taken

My cock was rock hard while Vera told me how Jason teased and then used her body.

Reading Ross’s story, I just had to write and tell you about my wife’s experience. Vera was, and still is, a very attractive woman. At the time this happened Vera was twenty five. I wasn’t quite sure what fired Vera up but one night in bed she told me tha...


Donna had competition

In the film Donna was fucked by three lads half her age.

It was the day before my twenty first birthday when I married Donna. She was and still is the most beautiful woman that I know. Sex with Donna is still as fantastic as the first time we slept together. So now at thirty eight I was devastated when she star...

Mandy and Ben

The sex games room

On my return Mandy was tied firmly to one of the benches and Veronique was behind her fucking her with a strap on cock

About fifteen years ago my wife, Mandy, and I were in France looking at buying a chateau. It had twenty-eight bedrooms to give you some idea of the size. It was in pretty poor condition as it probably hadn’t been lived in for at least ten years. I was loo...


Surprises in New York

Interrupted by my wife

It was my second Saturday in New York, I was missing Anna, but Luna and I were getting on like teenagers rushing into each other's arms as soon as we could after work. It was after our swim and an afternoon of fun that my phone pinged. "Luv u" Anna was as...


How we started swinging.

The photos showed Angie being shagged, but not by her husband.

Jerry asked me to take a look at his wife’s PC as it had stopped working and had what he called the blue screen of death. I had been mates with Jerry and Angie for years and of course said I would take a look. Jerry dropped it in the following evening. I...

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A shared passion for photography

I love giving and receiving oral sex so I moved right in and stuck my tongue straight into her honey pot.

As a keen photographer I always love the stories that involve photography. What I am about to tell you all took place before the internet or Aids were around. I had got into photography in my early teens and had thought about it as a career. At first it w...


After the photo session

As Dave's cock slipped out I slipped mine into his wife's pussy.

As a teenager I had taken some nude photos of several of my girlfriends, so when I met Sally I persuaded her to pose for me. Then Sally went from being my girlfriend to my wife. She had seen the collection of photos, and I had not made any secret about ha...


Cheating with an old MP

Her hand dropped to my crutch, my own hand slipped under the hem of her dress to find she was panty-less and very wet.

I have been an amateur photographer for many years, and I was out in the wild countryside setting up to take some photos when I saw movement further down an overgrown field. I wondered if it was a deer or something like a boar and grabbed my handheld and...


From Wife to Porn Star - Part 2

Wife goes further for the photographer

Part 2 My wife Jayne had recently had some topless pictures taken by a local photographer. We had both found the experience a turn on and the whole experience exhilarating. Jayne because she was becoming more and more of an exhibitionist and me, because I...


Caught in a gangbang

Caught a neighbor on my camera getting gangbanged and had some fun myself.

I had driven down to the harbor to try to photograph the closing moments of the yacht race. I had fitted my new long range lens and was setting up the tripod to mount it. Then the first glimpse of the lead yacht. I pointed the camera and zoomed in and too...


Caught sister-in-law sunbathing nude

Took the opportunity to to photo grah SIL in the nude and more.

This happened four years ago. I had just bought a new camera. I had spent far more than I should have, but the specifications and the price made it a bargain. the camera had 3 lenses and twelve filters a sun shield, tripod and a separate flash that also w...

Mandy n Sam

What happens on holiday

taken photographs ended in wife swaps.

My wife and I were in France about seven years ago. We were staying on a camp site that is pre-pitched for the users. We had been on several nude beaches and were amazed at the different types of people that went naked. I tried several times to get Mandy...