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A wild woman.

"She was biting and scratching and it was hurting."

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My wife enjoyed Charles and I taking photos of her as she sexily stripped for us.  We had met him through an advert he had posted saying he liked to take photos and as I was of the same mind we had him come to us.  His advert hinted that was as far as he went, and photography was just his thing.   As things heated up Charles had me pose with my wife and the inevitable happened, I got excited and fucked my wife.  Charles photographed as I fucked Marie making sure to catch just about every angle.  Then when I came and Marie lay there panting, Charles seized his opportunity and took out what was almost ten inches of cock and gave Marie the fucking of her life. 


 It was just after that threesome with Charles that he told us of a party that was down In Newport.  His words were that it was always an exciting and unusual party.  Up until then we had only had a few threesomes and swapped with two other couples.  I think Charles’s long cock spurred Marie on to wanting to try other things.  It was Marie that was pushing for us to travel the forty five miles to this party.  I was actually happy with what we had done and how far we had gone so far, but Marie insisted that she wanted to go not only to the party but also further in our adventures.


Marie was a little disappointed when Charles told her that he was unable to attend that party but hoped to see us at future ones.  On arriving we were greeted by a couple at the door.  Their names were Jon and Noel.  Noel was in her mid-twenties like us, but Jon looked quite a bit older.  We were taken through to a large lounge where eight other couples were sat.  With us and our hosts there was now ten couples.


I looked around the room and was more than a little disappointed as nearly all the rest of the couples were mid to late thirties.  Jon was pouring Marie and I drinks when there were other people arriving.  Now things were looking up.  Noel was a nurse and two other nurses she worked with arrived along with a rather tall lad barely in his twenties.  Once everyone had drinks Jon said that he had a game that was an ice breaker. 


It was a bit of a silly game but allowed you to steer yourself towards someone you fancied.  For me, there was just Noel and the two nurses that took my fancy.  I found it strange that the best looking of the three of them didn’t seem to be having men queueing up to get to her.  As the game went on Marie ended up with two men and after a while she disappeared with them.  Slowly everyone seemed to be sorted one way or another and I ended up with the prettiest of the two nurses, not that there seemed much competition as I have already said.


Carrie suggested that we find a bedroom before they were all taken.  I thought that was a good idea and was quickly led upstairs to a small bedroom.  It contained just a single bed and a wardrobe.  As I wasn’t there to sleep the single bed seemed fine and we were soon kissing and helping each other out of our clothes.  I was impressed with her body and that she had nipple rings and one in her pussy lips as well as a tattoo just above her pussy. 


I was soon playing with all three rings before licking and sucking her pussy.  As I did Carrie was sucking my cock.  As she started to get excited, which I could tell from her groaning, she started to dig her fingernails in.  It was only now that I discovered that she had fingernails almost an inch long and they were sharp.  Then she started to get a little rough with her sucking and her teeth did a bit more than graze my cock head a few times.


I decided that perhaps it was a good time to fuck her before she bit my cock off.  Carrie was more than happy for me to climb on top and slowly slip my cock past that pussy ring and into her tight pussy.  We had soon established a steady rhythm and Carrie was beginning to dig her nails into my back.  I don’t mind a little discomfort to get to the higher pleasures but this was beginning to get a bit beyond that and I was glad when Carrie wanted to roll over with her on top.  I thought that at least my back would get some relief.


Now on top Carrie again established a good rhythm and as she almost lay on top of me she was licking my ears and neck.  Then it happened.  She was like a wild animal biting at my neck and ears and scratching me with her talons.  This was more than just a bit of fun it was actually hurting.  The noises coming from Carrie was just like an animal devouring its prey.  The pain was getting worse and I was now struggling to get her off of me, and in doing so, as I rolled her over my elbow collided with her nose.  In seconds blood was pouring down on me.  Carrie stopped struggling just long enough for me to roll her over and I was now on top.


I couldn’t understand why my cock felt so hard and I was desperate to cum.  Carrie had started to scratch and dig her talons in again and I ended up grabbing her hands and holding them out to the sides as she tried to bite my hands.  Unable to reach my hands she was trying to lift herself and bite at my face.  I needed to control her and let go and suffered her talons just long enough to basically fold her in two with her feet on my shoulders and then catch her hands and hold them out to the sides again.


Carrie was hissing like and animal and almost snarling at me.  It reminded me of creatures that ate their partners when the procreation was completed.  Talking of procreation my cock was screaming to finish what it had started.  With a bit of movement, I managed to locate her pussy and slip back in side.  At least I wasn’t getting bitten but her nails were long enough that they were still digging in my hands a bit.  In retaliation I started to slam into her pussy.


Carrie’s hisses were more like growls now as I slammed at her pussy and then she went a little limp as I guessed that she may have come.  I took no chances and just held her there as I finished what I started and sprayed her insides with my cum.  It felt so good.  The pain seemed worth the effort to get to the climax.  Then stupidly as she lay quiet I let go of her.


In an instant her nails were in my back and her teeth in my throat.  I screamed loudly in pain.  In seconds we were joined by several men and they were prizing her off of me.  One produced like mittens that he put on her hands and tied with knots saying that should slow her up.  Then they were forcing a gag into her mouth and fastening it behind her head.  


Carrie was still bleeding from her nose and I was bleeding from my neck as well as from my back.  Besides the mittens one of the men produced nylon straps and strapped her hands together before saying it was safe now.  Noel had joined us and told me to follow her.  I was quickly in a bedroom with her and then into an Ensuite bathroom where she was tended to the bite marks on my neck and applied creams and then a large plaster.  Then she had me lie on the bed while she straddled my legs and tended the scrapes in my back and arse.  The ointment stung as she administered it.


As I lay there with a naked woman straddling me.   I found my cock beginning to rise again.  Noel told me to roll over so she could tend the ones on my chest.  As she moved to allow me to roll over she saw my erection and as she straddled me she lowered herself down onto my hard cock.  I now had a mixture of pleasure and pain.  Pleasure of her pussy rising and falling on my cock and pain from my back and neck along with the stinging as she applied ointment to my chest.   Although Noel was far from the sexiest woman that I had ever fucked, the climax I had while she rode me to her own climax far exceeded anything I had felt before.


We lay quiet for a while and then I was asking Noel about Carrie.  It turned out that this was not the first time that she had gone way over the top, But it was the first time she had inflicted wounds quite as bad mine.  Noel said that she had always been a bit of a scratcher and biter and had to be restrained a few times but was sorry that she had gone so overboard tonight.


A while later I dressed and went looking for Marie.  I found her sandwiched between two men and she complained when I had her get up so we could travel back home.  I later learnt that one of the men had still got his cock in her before she pulled away to get up.  Marie was shocked at the injuries I had sustained. 


It was several weeks later when we got a call from Charles who wanted another photographic session with Marie and probably another shag.  I know Marie was looking forward to his long cock.  When he arrived, I was still bruised and battered from my session with Carrie.  Charles had heard all about it and was shocked just how badly she had bitten me.  Most of the scratches were well on their way to healing up.  He had also heard that Marie had enjoyed two men. 


After the photos were taken, Charles again screwed Marie.  I took photo.  Afterwards we sat looking at the photos he took the previous time.  That prompted me to screw Marie, followed by Charles having a second go with her.   Before Charles left he said that there was to be another party in Newport and he rather doubted that Carrie would be there.


After my first time in Newport, I wasn’t keen to go again, but Marie was.  She had got into the excitement of parties and that she had slept with two men and neither was me.  I got a call from Noel asking us to go and telling me that Carrie would be nowhere near me as they had banned her.  Reluctantly as Marie wanted to go I eventually agreed to go.


When we got there much the same faces were there, but also a few more nurses.  I couldn’t see Carrie to my relief.  Noel steered the game and made sure that I ended up with one of the nurses.  I didn’t see what happened to Marie as she had already disappeared.  I suggested to Linda that I knew where there was a bedroom and we should go grab it whilst we could. 


As we went up the stairs I was shocked to see Carrie there.  She was strapped to the banister rail with her arms spread fairly wide apart.  Her feet had a spreader bar attached to them and also to the banister rails and to top it off a ball gag in her mouth.  As we made our way to the single bedroom one of the men coming up the stairs stopped and slammed his cock into Carrie who was still managing to growl even with the gag in her mouth.


This time I had a great time with Linda.  The sex was fun and great.  I was relieved that unlike Carrie, Linda liked a more gentle loving time.  As we lay resting afterwards Noel joined us and I was treated to a girl on girl performance.  As I got hard again just watching them playing with each other, Noel suggested that I should go and give Carrie some of my cock, but to keep some for her.  Noel said it was Carrie’s punishment for what happened last time I was there.  Anyone could use her and she had no control or ability to hurt anyone. 


I did go and slam my cock into Carrie a few times, and slap her arse as I enjoyed her in safety.  Then I returned to Noel and Linda.  I was treated to Linda riding my face while Noel rode my cock.  It was one heck of a ride and I was sad that it ended, but my poor cock couldn’t take anymore.


The next thing was I was being shaken by Marie telling me it was time to go.  I really didn’t want to get out of bed.  It was so warm and comfortable even if it was cramped with three in a single bed, and I had a great time with the two women.  Reluctantly I dressed and as I got to the landing Carrie was still strapped up and someone had stuffed each end of a double ended rubber dildo into her.  One end was in her pussy and the other end in her arse.  As I passed I patted it forcing it that little bit further into each hole.  Carrie sort of growled even with her gag.  The sound was frightening and I was happy to leave.


On the ride home I asked what had Marie been up to and she reminded me of the tall thin lad and then asked had I seen Charles there.  I confessed that I hadn’t.  Marie said that she had spent her evening with the young lad and Charles.  She said that they had very similar cocks.  Both had very long but thin cocks.  Marie told me that Charles had lubed her arse well, and it was the first time she had ever had a double penetration.  Both Charles and the lad took turns in both holes.  Marie told me that she enjoyed it and said she was glad that neither of them had a thick cock as she wasn’t sure she would have coped with that.


It was almost six months before we saw Charles again.  He said things had got out of hand later after we left the party.  One of the men was fucking Carrie while she was restrained.  Then stupidly he undid her restraints.  She savaged the poor man to the point that the police and ambulance was called and the man was hospitalised and Carrie was sectioned as they thought she was totally mad.  Everyone at the part was interviewed, but no action was taken by the police against anyone there as they were all considered consenting adults.  As we weren’t there and nobody gave our names we were lucky to escape the humiliation of being interrogated about the party.


After our threesome with Charles, he told us that Carrie was now in a psychiatric ward.  After our night with Charles, we were moving home and it seemed a good time to sever all connections with Charles and the group.  I still wonder what caused Carrie to flip and should she have ever been allowed to join their group as they knew she was a bit wild.  Fortunately, it didn’t stop our desire to explore further.  We continued to play with others until we wanted to start a family. 

Written by Marie n Todd

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