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Vera got more than her photo taken

"My cock was rock hard while Vera told me how Jason teased and then used her body."

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Reading Ross’s story, I just had to write and tell you about my wife’s experience.  Vera was, and still is, a very attractive woman.  At the time this happened Vera was twenty five.  I wasn’t quite sure what fired Vera up but one night in bed she told me that before she lost her good looks, and sexy body, she wanted some professional pictures taken.  At first, I assumed that she meant like portraits or something like that.  Vera soon put me straight and told me that she wanted sexy shots in even sexier undies.  In short glamour shots.  That got me stirred up and we were soon fucking harder and longer than we had in a long while.


Well, I always thought that I was broad minded and the following morning I agreed that it would be good.  I told Vera that I would find us a suitable photographer and arrange something.  I was aware of a photographer that would probably suit our needs as he was in his sixties and probably beyond sex looking at the size and shape of him.  A few days later I dropped into the photographer’s studio on the back end of town.    I will call him Jim.  Jim asked what I wanted, and I told him a nice set of glamour photos of my wife.  We discussed exactly what I wanted and how much.  At this point the money was secondary to getting some nice sexy pics done.  We booked a time and date for the following week.  As Vera works only part time, I booked it on one of her days off and a day I was also off.


Well, I didn’t want some old man leering at my beautiful wife without me being there, did I.   That night I told Vera that it was all booked and told her the arrangements.  I also threw her some money and told her to buy some extra special undies for the occasion.  There was enough money for two or three sets of undies and stockings.  Almost immediately we were at each other again and then in bed fucking with extra gusto.


The week seemed to drag.   Then the evening before we were due to go to the photographers Vera posed in the three outfits she had bought.  They were even sexier than I had expected and showed a lot of her boobs and arse, a bit more than I had expected.  Vera had also had her hair done for the session.  Well as you can imagine we ended up in bed fucking again.


Next morning, it was almost seven when the phone rang.  It was a problem at work and my boss was insisting that I go in to sort it out.  I assure Vera that I would be back in time for the photographers thinking I knew what the problem was.  How wrong I was.  On getting into work, I realised that it was going to take a good part of the day and rang Vera to tell her that perhaps she had better ring ahead and postpone the session or book it for another day.   Skipping lunch, I finally got finished at three in the afternoon.  I assumed that Vera had done as I suggested and postponed the session, but when I got home, she wasn’t there.  I tried ringing her, but she didn’t answer her phone. 


I started dinner for when she got in and was just laying the table when the front door opened.  Vera staggered in carrying her overnight bag she takes when we go away.  The other thing that alarmed me was that her hair was dishevelled and looked nothing like the nicely groomed hair she had when I left for work.  Worrying that Vera had either been attacked or been in an accident I rushed to take her case and asked what happened.  Vera gasped that it was Jason that had happened.  I didn’t know anyone called Jason and asked Vera to sit down and tell me what happened.  As I handed Vera a glass of wine, she started to tell me the following events.


“I know you said to rearrange the photographer, but I thought as you had selected the photographer that it would be ok and to go ahead without you, so that was where I have been.  When I got there Jason told me that his father was out doing another booking and he was there to do my pictures for me.  Jason was a man in his early forties and looked very suave and even sexy,” Vera informed me.


On hearing that I was beginning to, just a little.  Then Vera continued, “He showed me through to the studio and where he had several cameras and lights already set up and suggested that I should go behind the screens and get myself ready while he finalised his settings.  I was very nervous as he would be the first man since we got married to see me in just underwear.  I was physically shaking as I came out from behind the screens.  I had put on the green set that seemed to get you worked up so much last night.  I could see that Jason seemed to like it as well as he suddenly had a slight lump in the front of his trousers.  He soon had me moving this way and that as he moved around and took photos.  I soon felt comfortable and safe with him as he seemed so professional and talked to me about how to stand and look and which parts of my body to move which way to get the best from me for the camera.”


On hearing what was happening the thought of this man looking at Vera in different poses had my cock growing in my trousers.


Vera continued, “Then Jason asked had I any further outfits that I wanted to wear, and I told him I had two other outfits.  Jason said it was a good time for me to go and change as he wanted to adjust some lighting.  I felt much more comfortable changing into the red outfit and then I was back in front of Jason and the cameras.  He had placed the lights much lower down and as I moved to his instructions.   I knew he was concentrating on my arse and pussy as he was also much lower down and often kneeling.  That was when he had me face him and with my legs a little apart and told me to bend forward.  I heard the camera lens snap twice and then he told me to lean further forward.  As I did, I felt my top malfunction and my tits spilled out of the bra top.  The camera rattled away as Jason took a number of photographs.”


Between the lump in my trousers and the excitement in me, I was also angry with myself for going into work and not standing up to the boss and just telling him no as it was my day off.  I was also worried about what vera might say next.


“I went to put my tits back in my top and refix the strap, but Jason told me that I looked great like that and instead of doing it up I should lower it further.  He had seen my tits so there seemed little point in hiding them now, so I reached around and undid the main strap and allowed the top to fall to the floor.  That just encouraged Jason to take many more snaps.  He was telling me what nice tits I had, and he only wished that his girlfriend had a pair half as good as mine.  That made me feel good so when he asked me to push them out towards the camera, I did. I could hear the camera rattling as Jason took further pictures.  Then he was moving closer, and he was almost having to look up at me.  I didn’t realise that I had started to get wet and there was a small wet spot on my bottoms until Jason pointed it out to me, but tat was after he had taken more photos,” Vera croaked.


She took another sip of her wine and then continued.  “Then Jason stood up and he was very close to me as he took closeups of my face before moving back a little.  He had me lift my arms which lifted my tits.  Jason had me turn this way and that before her had me put my arms behind my head and thrust my tits forward.  The camera rattled several times as I moved from left to right.  Then Jason suggested the I changed again.  I was going to go behind the screens, but Jason said there was little point in hiding as he had seen most of me anyway as had the camera.  He wasn’t wrong.  The only thing he hadn’t seen was my pussy.  I picked up the blue top and Jason said there was no need for them as my tits looked great just as they were.  I turned away and as I pulled my bottoms down, I heard the camera click.  Jason had taken a picture of me bent forward without anything on my arse.  I wondered just how much he had caught with the camera as I slipped the bottoms on.”


I was rock hard as Vera could see from the tent in my trousers.


“Then Jason was off again taking shot after shot as he had me pose in all sorts of positions.  Then he asked me to tuck my thumbs into the waist band of my bottoms and ease them down just a fraction, telling me that was always a very sexy provocative look.  Then he had me lean forward and suggested that I lowered the waistband an inch or so more.  I felt so sexy and wanted the best I could get for you to see so I did as he suggested.  Then he told me to pull them down another inch.  I knew that if I did my pubic hairs would start to show, but I did anyway.  Before I could say anything, he had a hand on mine and pulled the one side down a little further.  As the camera rattled again, I knew that it would look extremely sexy.  Then my bottoms were down to my knees as the camera started to rattle and I thought it would never stop.  All the while Jason was telling me how sexy I was and just how great I looked.  I just felt so sexy.  Then I thought that he was moving closer for a real closeup of my now naked pussy, but he wasn’t.  he moved the camera out the way and his tongue licked straight up my slit and hit my clitty.”


I know just how sensitive Vera’s clitty is and that she cannot resist once her clitty was played with. 


“My legs couldn’t hold me up and I collapsed forward on top of Jason.  His face was still between my legs and his moth was sucking at my clitty and all I could do was groan.  I know I should have pushed him away, but it felt so good, and I could feel an orgasm building.  The next thing I remember was Jason was on top and his cock was deep in my pussy, and he was thrusting in and out and I was going to come again.  As I came, I could feel Jason’s cock in me pulsing as he released his cum in my pussy.”


I groaned.  Vera apologised, but what she didn’t know was my groan was because I had often fantasised about seeing another man fucking Vera and coming in her pussy and not as she thought that I was upset.  I asked what happened afterwards.  Vera said Jason showed her where she could clean up and as she returned, Jason asked if she wanted to continue.  After a dozen or so photos with her totally naked Jason placed her on all fours.  He took several more photos, and the next thing was he was hard and slipping back into her pussy from behind.  Vera said that it felt so good, and she found herself pushing back at his cock and fucking herself as she groaned at the feelings building in her.  After a second load of cum in her pussy, Vera cleaned up again and this time dressed in her street clothes and came home.


Vera looked shocked when my hand was between her legs feeling her damp panties.  She looked even more shocked as I pulled them to one side and thrust my tongue into her wet pussy and slurped at the juices in her.  In seconds Vera was coming again and had no idea that my cock was now out of my trousers, and I was lining up to get sloppy seconds.  Her orgasms although small ones just kept coming as I fucked her for what felt like hours.  It was just fifteen minutes before I came in her already wet sloppy pussy.  No dinner that night as we ended up in bed and fucked half the night away between playing with each other. 


The next night we talked about what had happened and Vera was surprised when I confessed that it had been a fantasy of mine to see her fucked and then fuck her myself.  Vera confessed that although she had apologised for allowing Jason take advantage of her, she had often thought about being fucked by other men.  It turned out that we both wanted much the same thing.  I asked about the photos and Vera said that Jason would let her know when she could collect them.  I told Vera that I intended to be there especially if there was any chance that Jason wanted a rematch.





Written by Bob

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