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Wife watching Stories

wife watching
Jack Tar


starts as an hike through the woods to see historical sites, but then hubby has dirty thoughts.

We were on holiday in Yorkshire, Wensleydale to be precise. We'd hired a cottage and used it as our base to discover this lovely part of the country. After visiting a few ancient monuments and taking a whole day to see York we decided to take it easy this...


A dirty old neighbour has a big cock which sets his neighbours husband on course to be a cuckold.

I considered myself a lucky man. I had a nice job and a beautiful wife. I'm Jeff and my wife is named Jennifer me and our friends call her Jenn for short. We met in college I played football, nothing that impressive just good enough to get into school, An...


Helping out a friend

When a friend told me about his and his wife's slump our offer to help goes further than planned

On a night out with a good friend having a few drinks he'd explained to me about how he and his wife had really hit a slump although there are only married a year they've been together for 7 and after the excitement of the wedding and honeymoon wore off t...


Our trip to the strip club part 1

Sarah was only supposed to dance for me, but the night had gotten away from us

After sharing our previous story about Sarah's first instance being with 2 other women never mind her first time with someone not me we thought we would share another of our stories. That happened about 6 months after. While on holiday to Vegas on our on...


The first time, I couldn't believe my eyes

From an innocent accident to the craziest night of my life, I dont think this make me a cuck

I suppose I should give a bit about my wife Sarah and I before we start, we are both in our early 30's I'm 6'1 somewhere between average build and athletic, my wife is 5'9 with long blonde hair amazing with great tits and legs, she doesn't really work out...

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Movie night

During a night shift a colleague downloads a porn movie that got quite interesting

It was a warm night and I wasnt looking forward to another boring night shift. I'd been there several hours when Tom couldn't stop telling me about a porn movie he'd seen online recently. Tom was a perv and always watching dirty movies. The lady in it was...

Masked Party

A wife takes her husband to a masked party, who soon discovers that this was not what he expected.

It was 6pm, my wife Rachel and I were almost ready, we were heading to a themed masquerade party one of her friends had highly recommended. We had our masks, hers with fancy feathers and diamantes mine resembled more like the phantom of the opera. I had n...

An old friend and our life changes

How a couples life changes completely after an old friend enters there life

The evening had arrived when Dave's 2 friends were due to arrive. We were all sat in the living room, the TV was on but I was far to nervous to watch it, my mind was racing ten to the dozen, wondering what these two friends would be like and what my poor...

An old friend takes over my house and wife

A husbands fantasy is going pear shaped

Dave my old mate from the past, was actually becoming a regular visitor to our house. I admit that I owe him loads, if it wasn't for Dave, my sex life would have become quite mundane, since his last visit he really has opened our eyes with the introductio...


Cathy wanted a sex adventure

Tom made Cathy lick out the asian girl's pussy while he fucked her from behind.

My wife Cathy was always asking me about what I got up to at university. She hadn’t gone to Uni and loved hearing about all the naughty things I got up to at the parties as well as the girls I brought back to the house me and some mates rented. I guess sh...