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If you have read any of my stories you will know that my wife is "very easy" and likes to be treated, and spoken to, like a slut turns her on.

2 friends invited me to join them in the pub at quiz night. One of them, Sean, has had my wife lots of time over the years, individually and as 3 & 4 somes.

The other friend, Dennis, has never met her, but knew about her "reputation" and would like to have her. Whilst telling him about her Sean said Dennis could have his dick in her mouth within 2 minutes of meeting her, if he followed these instructions. When meeting her, go to kiss her cheek, as you do, but turn it into a full on deep tongue kiss whilst groping her boobs. Keep kissing her and start rubbing her crutch over her skirt, them lifting it and get hand into her knickers. All that within the first minute max. During this she would probably rub his dick through his trousers and try to undo his fly zip. To save time we told him to undo his zip and get his dick out, whilst she is rubbing it push her head down so she has to kneel, she will then start to suck him. We went home and put the plan into action.

All went to plan in about 1 min 35 seconds his dick was in her mouth.
He came in her mouth well within 5 minutes. Good going we thought, proving she is a slut wife.

After swallowing she looked at us and said, laughing, that she had been set up.

Dennis and her sat on the sofa and she took a drink of her wine. Dennis asked me if I was ok with what had happened, I said of course not it was fun to watch. I told him to get her boobs and have a play, which he did and got his other hand between her legs. After a few minutes fingering her, got down to eat her, lifting her legs up high to head to get access.

After a few minutes he asked if it was ok to fuck her but he didn't have a condom, I told him no problem he could cum inside her as she has had her bits removed. He gave her a good pumping then got her to kneel over the sofa whilst he took her from behind, pumping her even harder and deeper, whilst tugging on her boobs. She had a orgasm trying to stifle her moans, he finished inside about a minute later and fingered her hard a bit more.

Then he thanked her and said I was lucky to have a wife like her.

Sean and I decided watching was enough fun and as it was getting late so we didn't fuck her, but Sean did have a deep rough fingering for a few minutes before they left while Dennis used the time squeezing her boobs again. ( she has nice size firm boobs )

Sean wiped his wet fingers over face and put them in her mouth, looked at me and said she loves it doesn't she.

I expect Dennis will be back for more anytime soon.

Written by swest

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